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Copyhackers – Badass Landing Pages

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Next week, I’m leading you through a brand-new live training session.

It’s all about how to write badass copy…

…using old-school copywriting techniques.

The more I test copy, the more I see the copywriting “rules” of the 1920, 40s, 60s apply way better for modern audiences than anyone’s given them credit for.

So let’s bring back old-school copywriting.

For new audiences.

Let’s combine what we know about usability, social, search and mobile… with what the badass copywriters that made marketing knew about moving people to act.

Join me next Tuesday for How to Write Badass Landing Pages.

And leave the session pumped to write any landing page thanks to:

The circa-1920s rule that will guide your copywriting from now on
A simple map to organize your messages so they keep attention + convert it
Techniques to reduce bounce and amplify your awesomeness

Description after the end:

You officially have the following badass copywriting process – based on the best of what old-school copywriters taught us – at your fingertips, now and forever:

Identify the One Reader you’re writing the page to convince
Identify the awareness level of your One Reader when they land on the page
Identify the awareness level your copy needs to get your One Reader to by the end of the page
Craft One Offer (or goal) to match the ultimate bottom-of-page awareness level
Craft a surprising take on the convo happening in their head to develop your One Big Idea
Support your One Big Idea with a skin-in-the-game One Promise
Very, very cool.

So what happens next?

Do you go write a new landing page with this email (and that process) open on one screen… and a Google Doc on the other?

Or do you take the headstart you’ve been given… and use it to conquer conversion copywriting using the 40+ lessons, worksheets and live training in 10x Landing Pages…

along with the BONUS long-form sales page template I told you about…

and the BONUS recording of how I wrote that page?

Your call, of course.

But here’s the thing I hope you keep in mind as you make the right call for YOU: Like no one else, you’re now empowered to take the next step, and the next step is 10x Landing Pages.

You’ve proven that writing to convert is important to you.

You’ve agreed: guessing at this stuff is for hacks, not for you.

You’ve taken Step 1 in your copywriting training.

Don’t stop at the first step.

That’s no way to get to the top. At least, I’ve never heard of anyone getting to the top by stopping at the first step.

Do as the badass people of the marketing world do, and double down on the growth techniques that interest you most. Like conversion copywriting.

You’ll get all the bonuses I mentioned in today’s training – plus instant access to 10x Landing Pages – by registering now.

Go here to check out what it is that’s gonna make 10x Landing Pages so great for you

And join us inside 10x Landing Pages.

You’ve got until 9pm Pacific this Wednesday (that is, tomorrow) to register and get the bonuses.

See you inside,


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