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GB Thread:

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“Here’s a question I’ve been getting a lot since we wrote to you yesterday:

“How is The Copy Link different from the Conversion Copywriting Course?”

For starters: it’s a totally new course that replaces the CCC.

      We won’t be offering the CCC again.

Because The Copy Link is better and is only going to improve over time.

Let’s compare the content:

The Copy Link will get you set to write anything better

The CCC was based on optimizing a home page

And compare the structure:

They’re both self-paced forever-access courses, but…

The Copy Link lets you pick and choose the videos you wanna watch – and it also lets us add new training anytime!

The CCC had you watch videos in a pre-set “3 phase” order

And the videos:

The Copy Link is made of a growing library of 50+ bite-sized videos

The CCC was made of a fixed library of just 10 loooong videos

And the extras:

The Copy Link has bonus interviews

The Copy Link includes a teardown of YOUR page

The Copy Link will include a library of ALL the teardowns we do

The CCC had a teardown of your page

There’s virtually no overlap between the content of The Copy Link and of the Conversion Copywriting Course.

That said, both courses – and our ebooks – start out the same way: with finding your message. Because that’s kinduvabigdeal.


The Copy Link spends only 2 short lessons on message finding.

Why so little?

Because – as you’ll see when you go to Copy Hackers from this point onward – we’re now giving away our top-selling, much-favorited first ebook: Where Stellar Messages Come From.

So you can read up on a whole schwack of message-finding techniques for free…

…and then use The Copy Link to make your found messages stick.”

With so much promise of massive “growth hacking” results floating around the interwebs, why the Helsinki aren’t more of your efforts paying off?

Let’s say your next growth campaign is this: You’re going to host free demos of your product every Wednesday. Let’s say.

Okay, so, people who attend the demo will then get:

1. Followed with retargeting ads that drive to a targeted landing page, and
2. Nurtured as leads with an email drip campaign.

Great. Now that you’ve got the idea in place… how do you execute it?

Suddenly there are all of these questions…

What do you write on the demo sign-up page?

How about the sign-up confirmation email?

And the “starting in 15 mins” email?

What do you write for the retargeting ads?

What do those retargeted prospects need to see in the landing page headline?

What will compel them to start a trial or activate their account?

Do you say the same thing on the landing page as you do in the drip campaign?

What goes in the drip campaign???

What do I do in inclement weather?!! (okay, this one’s all Will Ferrell)

Just like that, three rather standard tactics in a rather standard marketing campaign bring up all these hard-to-answer questions about the same thing: the copy.

The message.

The words.

Every single thing you do to grow your business online – no matter what you do – requires copy.

If you want your marketing to work, then it requires great copy.

Your words are the only tools at your disposal that can instantly connect you to your prospects and turn those prospects into happy, paying, referring customers.

I know. I’m Joanna Wiebe, a conversion copywriter who’s been hired by Crazy Egg, metaLab, Shopify, Indochino, Tesco and Get Response to increase revenue using words and words alone. I work in words. That’s all I do. So I’ve learned how to do it well. So well, in fact, that I’ve turned down crazy-amazing job offers from companies I won’t name because it’s, like, not nice to name the names of those you’ve said “no” to – but, oh, how I want you to know who’s tried to hire me…

Because then everything I’m about to tell you about the power of seriously good copy would land stronger and harder with you.

Because you’d realize that the very tech companies you want to be when you grow up take what I teach about copywriting, run with it and plead for more.

Why do they care so much about something as seemingly obvious and basic as writing?

The truth: they don’t care about copywriting. Neither do you.

They don’t care about marketing, either. Just like you.

We all care about this and only this: results. Growth. Hockey-sticks on charts. And so we should! Who has time to invest in any business activity that doesn’t bring in results??

I mean consider all the tactics you use to grow your business:

Cold emails to influencers to ask them to share your content

Drip campaigns for new sign-ups and trial users

Retargeting ads, Facebook ads, AdWords ads…

Landing pages for consultations, ebooks, free trials…

Sales emails (and their landing pages)

scripts for demos and video sales letters (VSLs)

Support emails and customer-service responses

Pitches for fundraising, for PR mentions, for job quoting opportunities…

There is not even ONE thing you do in a day to grow your business that doesn’t require you to use your words. And, naturally, you need to use those words well.

Which means all of your growth hacking and marketing success comes down to what you say and how you say it.

You can have the next greatest marketing idea… but it’ll tank without equally great copy.

Your copy IS the link between you and your biggest dreams – the ones of not only making enviable “piles of cash” but also of finding yourself in a position to give back, to help your family, to save for your kids’ education, to take a vacation or two and to put your business in a great position to:

a) Make VCs want to invest in your and/or
b) Make the big guys salivate to acquire you

I mean, let’s be real: you’re marketing to grow your business. That’s the ONLY reason to do any marketing at all.

To grow.

One way or another.  

SO! If copy is the link between your marketing tactics and your prospects, I have to ask you: is it possible that your link is broken?

How to fix the most important
broken link on your site…

Psst… the link is also broken in your emails, your ads, your tweets –
everywhere you try to connect with would-be customers…

Your words are broken.

They’re supposed to connect your prospects with your product.

But they’re not doing that.

Your copy links are broken.

……..But, unlike if you knew an actual hyperlink was broken on your site, you haven’t panicked to fix your words. Fixing them has actually been your lowest priority. You check Twitter more than you read your own copy. You’d fix the hyperlink for your home page CTA if you knew it was 404ing, but you wouldn’t try (and haven’t tried) to fix the copy for that same CTA.

Why is that?

Because you’re really, really unsure of what your visitors need to see.

And – frighteningly – because words are free and extremely easy to change and the kind of thing you just guess at. If you find time to work on them, you’ll sit down, guess at some better ways to say X, type that in, fiddle with it a bit, lean back, nod, and hit publish. It’s not like design or code. You don’t have to pay for special word-y software to write copy. And you don’t have to take expensive programs at Stanford to write copy.

Barrier to entry: non-existent.  

But here’s the tricky thing about words: they only appear to be free.

Words are free… until you hit “publish.”

After that, words either make you money or cost you money.  

What are your words costing you?

It’s with that question in mind that we at Copy Hackers totally threw out our classic course “The Conversion Copywriting Course” and replaced it with this brand new video training series that is going to help you fix your broken copy, dammit!!

I’m oh so pleased to introduce The Copy Link.

The Copy Link is what’s missing from your marketing and growth hacking.

It’s what you need if you have AT LEAST these things in place:

> A website
> An email address (used for one-on-one emails)
> A Facebook page or Twitter page for your business
> A mailing list – big, small or in-between

So basically: if you’re an online business.

If you’re an online business, you are marketing, whether you realize it or not. And if you’re an online business, you need to make your marketing work for you – with dramatically better copy.

Now, to be clear, The Copy Link isn’t here to teach you how to write, say, a tweet or a Facebook post. Yes, there’s an entire module on proven shortcuts to better headlines, bullet lists, etc – but here’s why you don’t need me to teach you how to write a tweet specifically: because the best-performing copy is all based on the same principle.

And there just so happens to be a module in The Copy Link dedicated to that principle.

It’s Module 2, and it is the linchpin… the core… the magic inside The Copy Link.

Module 2 is what will change the way you write forever.

It will give you a firm starting point to ground you – and remove that vague, shadowy, strange mystique around writing from scratch – no matter what you write or when you write it.

In the first two videos of Module 2, you’ll be given an exercise that you’ll do with a “copy buddy” – which is another student I’m going to match you up with. Do that exercise, and you’ll immediately move from Rookie Copywriter to It’s-Like-You’re-In-My-Brain Copywriter.

Seriously, the first 2 videos in Module 2 – and the exercise that goes with them – will create an extended A-HA moment for you. You’ll want other people in your office to watch the videos and do the exercise because you’ll need everyone to KNOW (at last!) how to think of writing copy… so they can write better marketing communications (with investors, customers, leads, etc)… and so they won’t give you BS feedback when it comes time to review your copy.

The Copy Link starts on Monday, Oct 12. But it’s totally self-directed, so you can take it whenever you’d like. That said, your copy buddy is going to be depending on you – so you can’t put this course off like you might have done with others…!


The Copy Link won’t just put you on the right footing to start writing. It will ALSO show you sweet copy shortcuts and strategies like:

Two killer techniques to write with a “voice” – one of which I learned from a Steve Carrell movie (Module 1)

The 7 mantras of high-performing copywriters (see this in the very first video!)

That INXS was right: every single one of us has the devil inside… and you can use that “evil” for good in your copy

The #facepalm way-too-easy way to reposition your money-back guarantee or cancellation policy so it sounds as impressive as it actually is

Why UX gurus are usually totally wrong about the way your copy needs to appear on the page (check this out in Module 4!)

The clarity exercise that will make you… hungry for popcorn?

Why you should ignore 80% of your traffic to stand a chance of converting like crazy

The exact – step by step – approach to writing copy… without writing a word

Benefits vs features: why that age-old debate needs to be buried for good, and what you really need to make sure your visitors understand when they read your copy

Persuasion principles to apply to combat the Big 5 Anti-conversion Forces


You get an idea to write a lead-gen page, and you immediately know how to start the job… and to write copy that 1) performs well and 2) you just dig

Copywriting seems like such a huge subject…

…but it’s really not more than this: knowing where you’re prospect’s at, and talking to them based on that alone. It’s not about you; it’s about them. That’s why The Copy Link trains you to stop writing whatever pops into your head… and, instead, to:

1. Meet your prospect based on their FKW (we dive deep on that in Module 2),
2. Listen to their words,
3. Mirror their words back to them, and
4. Apply copywriting and persuasion shortcuts to push every message that little bit further.

You’ll learn about more than 30 conversion copywriting concepts and principles. That includes mega-helpful “quick tip” videos on the tested better practices for writing:

> Headlines
> Pricing tables
> Crossheads
> Buttons or calls to action (CTAs)
> Bullet lists – with a bonus audio file on “fascinations” by a fascinating DR copywriter (!)

I walk you through every concept in an HD video you can pause, rewind and return to later. Even if you sign in on another device, you’ll be able to pick up from where you paused the video. Plus, you’ll get transcripts for all HD videos – so you can print ’em off, if you’d like, and highlight notes.

Here’s an example of what the videos look like – so you can see they’re clear and professionally recorded and edited (nothing like those glorified slide-deck webinars I see sooooo many people selling as actual courses!!):

PLUS! I support the concepts that call for some clear examples and real-life copywriting with exactly that: clear examples and real-life copywriting. You’ll find that in my over-the-shoulder tutorial videos, which are included for you with more than 20 HD concept videos.
Here’s an example of what you’ll see in an over-the-shoulder tutorial:

But it’s not just pre-recorded video training.
Here’s what we’ve cooked up for you…

​I’ll personally do a teardown of any landing page or home page you write.

Yup, you send us your landing page starting Monday, October 12… and I’ll not only start doing teardowns of all the pages I get… but I’ll also begin creating a library of these teardowns right in the membership area.

So you can learn not only from the teardown of your page.

But also from all the teardowns I do.

Let me just clarify what a “teardown” means. One, I’m not mean – I’m honest, but not in that “don’t hate me because I’m honest” way. I’ll seriously just be honest with my critique of your page. Which brings me to two: it’s a critique, so it’s fed by actual data you’ll need to share with me about how the page is performing and who’s being driven to it. Three, I tend to also do “rebuilding” instead of just tearing down. So your page isn’t bombed until it’s a pile of rubble I then abandon, leaving you to make sense of what’s left. Instead, the bad parts of it are pulled off, the good parts are left standing, and better pieces are added over it.

I’ve done teardowns with other courses, and they’ve gone over super-well. Except here’s the problem I’ve seen in the past: everyone gets excited to submit their page… only to chicken out or get distracted. So this is the rule: you MUST submit you page to me before the end of October. If you do not, there will be blood. …No, I’m kidding. If you do not, I’ll get my assistant to annoy you until you do send us your page, and by then I’ll be so annoyed with the bother of it all that I’ll be really, really mean with my critique. #KiddingNotKidding

And here’s the other problem: you’re scared to let others see your page critiqued and tweaked live. You shouldn’t be. Everyone’s going through it. If you think your boss might be choked that your company’s page is critiqued live, you can always submit your competitor’s page and try to learn from their mistakes. But hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

So you’ll get all these teardowns. Plus all the videos and transcripts. Oh, and worksheets – I forgot to mention those. So let’s see what that looks like for you:

If You Do The Training In The Copy Link,

We Promise You This:


Copy Hackers training is always extremely actionable. That’s why you can be sure you’re going to take this course, watch the videos, do the exercises… and end up with better copy than you could have possibly written without it.

The course is structured to allow you to pick and choose what you’d like to work on most first. So you can dive in wherever you’d like.

But it’s also perfect to move from Module 1 through Module 4, in order. In fact, we’re going to email you each week to help you through each video in the order it’s presented in the membership area.

Why are these emails going to rock your socks off? Because they’ll coach you toward the goal I have for you and you have for you: to write better copy with greater confidence… again and again and again.

Here’s how the course breaks down:

MODULE 1: Get ready to write
You’ve been taught some bad shit. Your English teachers meant well; scammy people with their “6 ways to X” blog posts did not. We need to undo your bad habits and reset your mind so you can write copy that converts.

MODULE 2: Your new starting point whenever you write
This module is based on the FKW Approach, which is dead simple and which you’re going to love immediately and adore the more you use it. You’ll walk away from this module ready to lay out messages on a page.

MODULE 3: Quick-hit tips to attack each block of copy on a page
Your first draft is never your best draft. So take what you’ve learned in Module 2, and up your game with these quick tips for writing any line of copy better.

MODULE 4: Copywriting shortcuts for stickier copy
What do we conversion copywriters do to edit the awesome into our copy? In this ever-growing module, I will teach you my favorite tricks and shortcuts to rewrite decent copy into copy worth envying.

All of this is going to be available to the general public as of Tuesday, Oct 6 at 9am Pacific and will close to everyone at 6pm on Friday, Oct 9. That means it’s available for barely 4 days (!!!).

It’s available to a very small group – of which you’re a part – for just 24 hours: between 6pm on Sunday, Oct 4 and 6pm on Monday, Oct 5.

You’ve got early bird enrollment access for The Copy Link… along with savings of $100 with this coupon code: FLASHTCL100

IMPORTANT: We will not be offering any coupon code or money savings when we open registration to the general public. This is your one and only chance to enroll in The Copy Link and save.

Register and save today – then start the course when everyone else does: on Monday, Oct 12.

You’ll get:

Unlimited online access to The Copy Link for the rest of Copy Hackers’s existence (and, BTW, we’re certainly not planning on going anywhere). The course starts on Oct 12, but it’s totally self-paced… so you don’t have to start that exact day!

30+ HD videos in which I – Joanna Wiebe, the original conversion copywriter – walk you through message-finding and copywriting concepts. Plus, transcripts for every single concept video!

30+ weekly emails to help guide you through the course, which is kinduv amazing if being “self paced” tends to mean “never taking the course” for you

20+ “over the shoulder” tutorials: it’s just me talking through and then revising a page or block of copy based on a concept you’ve just learned about

[One recorded 20-min teardown of your landing page, sales page or home page

Access to all the recorded teardowns I do for The Copy Link students over the course of the next six months or so

Pairing with a “copy buddy” – that’s another student in the course with whom you’ll exchange an assignment in Module 2

A “fully and completely” 30-Day We’re Nice Canadians Money Back Guarantee… because if you don’t look good, we don’t look good (or something like that fantastic old slogan)

PLUS! Choose the “Plus” option, and you’ll get all 7 Copy Hackers ebooks – which sell individually for $119 – for another fifty bucks

Bonus videos, bonus interviews and new video training lessons as we add to the course! You get in now at this low introductory price… and you get all the goods that new students (paying more next year and the year after) will get

Take the entire course.

Then decide if you want to keep it.

You could watch all 50+ videos in The Copy Link in less than 30 days, get an entire conversion copywriting education and then ask for your money back. And we’d grant it. Not because we’re totally insane over at Copy Hackers. But because we know how much you stand to learn in this course. We know you’re going to want to watch the videos over and over again. We know you’ll want access to new videos and teardowns as we add them. And we know you’re going to love binge-watching the stockpile of short video teardowns I’m a-gonna do.

That’s why we invite you to take the whole course… and then ask for your money back if it doesn’t teach you enough to help you earn at least 2x the price you paid.

(We say that number conservatively. Learning to write copy well will bring you business for the life of your business.)

No promise, express or implied, of results, financial gain, business acquisition or other is being made. All education and training programs are only as good as the student is willing and able.

Elite/VIP: 2 weeks
Power Users (PU): 7 weeks
Users: Never (get your account up to PU to gain access)


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