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Craig Valentine – Secrets Of Storytelling (Compressed )

Craig Valentine – Secrets of Storytelling – Compressed
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This is a compressed version of Craig Valentine – Secrets Of Storytelling

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Craig Valentine – Secrets Of Storytelling:
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In this brand new video program featuring two World Champions of Public Speaking, you’ll receive more than…

– 15 hours of storytelling training via video
– A 103-page Super Storytelling Guide
– A proven 9-part Storytelling Model
– 101 additional Storytelling Secrets
– 6 Extra Storytelling Toolkit Interactive Handouts
– The Interactive Handouts include My Story Builder, My Skeletal Story, My Story File, My – – – Foundational Phrase File, My Character Diagram, and My Storytelling Compass)

In this video program, Craig Valentine and Darren LaCroix pull back the curtain so you can SEE exactly how to…

– Develop top-notch stories that get you paid top-notch dollars using the 9 Cs and the 101 storytelling secrets
– Implement my never-before-shared idea on how and where to find your best stories
– Master the spaces and faces between the lines, which is where the story really lives
– Uncover humor instead of making the unforgivable mistake of adding it
– Give your audience an emotionally fulfilling experience that they won’t forget
– Master the storytelling delivery skills that bring your audience into your story and make them feel like they were there
– Master the combination of narration and dialogue that really breathes life into your story
– Make your audience TALL (Think, Act, Laugh, and Learn) by being entertaining and profound
– Use the “Bounce Method” for resuscitating your older stories and making them fresh again
– Deliver unexpected twists and turns (visually and verbally) to keep your audience leaning in on your every word
– Avoid the all-too-common mistakes that will put your story on life-support with your audience wanting to pull the plug
– Develop enough stories so you won’t have to force-feed the right story to the wrong audience
– Tug on the heartstrings of your audience members so they FEEL the experience
– Become such a natural storyteller that all evidence of techniques disappears
– Hook your audience in from your very first word through to your very last
– Use personal stories to make professional points
– Make your audience laugh even in the midst of a serious story
– Really connect fully and deeply with your audience for the entire story and beyond
– Deliver a story and not a report
– BE YOURSELF and deliver your story in YOUR own natural heartfelt way
– Give your audience “Ah Ha” instead of the “Uh Oh” moments that too many speakers have
– Bring your characters to life so your audience relates to them and connects to your message
– Tell captivating stories that deliver unforgettable points
– Avoid boring your audience by knowing what to keep in and what to keep out of your stories
– Leave a lasting impression so people will be affected long after you’ve left the stage
– Sneak in and out of your stories so you can keep your audience guessing
– Relive rather than retell your story so your audience members feel like they are there
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