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Craig Valentine – Secrets Of Storytelling

Craig Valentine – Secrets of Storytelling
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Hi guys, you gotta check this out. I believe it is the best storytelling product out there.

For anyone who wants to control life, perhaps be more likable, earn trust (of people and clients), build a business, and impress people along the way? Then this storytelling course is your secret weapon. (Keep this only between us).

Quick story: As we are on BizLearning, perhaps you have downloaded a bunch of products around storytelling. Maybe you have an idea. You know how storytelling works. I felt the same recently.

But then I joined Toastmasters two weeks ago.

Last week, an area-level contest was held with 7 of them competing. I watched them rock the stage. One by one. In fact, each one of them pulled me in… emotionally and left me speechless.

In just 7 minutes, they told a story. Made a point. And walked away.

ALL of us watched them like kids and clapped like retarded seals. :lol:

Such a fantastic feeling you see.

Meanwhile, I came back to BizLearning and I downloaded 100k presentation product. Russel Brunson dropped some golden nuggets – and showed how he took a company from 20 million to 100 million in just six months.

What did he do? Yeah! He told stories!

Basically, he removed the “techno” stuff from the pitch and introduced storytelling. He said it is the key to his business now.

That made me go back and look at storytelling once again. This is how I found out Craig Valentine. You will love him because he is not your guru or Internet marketer.

Not an info-marketer either.

This dude is an unknown legend. He actually started his journey as a Toastmaster speaker. Then within two years he won the world championship (kinda insane) and turned himself into a popular speaker.

Here he is:

From one of his old stories, I discovered he did 160+ speaking engagement in one year. Imagine that. And in this course, he breaks it all down. He gives you the formula. The structure. And shows you how it is *actually* done.

That is why, even though it is 19 GB, this is gold. I started by listening a single audio file where he reveals the 9Cs of storytelling. I got sucked into it and downloaded the videos as well.

Because deep down I realized the price of not getting it… will cost me years of learning.

This is why, quite honestly, I recommend you to get this course. As mentioned in the first line, this is the best storytelling product for you.

Plus, you will see another Toastmaster champion joining him in this journey.

You will see both of them are teaching VIP and normal members about storytelling. I don’t know how much they paid. But the skill they took home is valuable for life.

The best part? We can gain access to these skills too – for $497.

But, as BizLearning members, we can gain them for a small ratio of 19 GB. Now how cool is that? :-)

I have said it enough and I hope you guys like this contribution… OPEN FOR ALL!

Grab it now! :wink:

Description as follows:

In this brand new video program featuring two World Champions of Public Speaking, you’ll receive more than…

– 15 hours of storytelling training via video
– A 103-page Super Storytelling Guide
– A proven 9-part Storytelling Model
– 101 additional Storytelling Secrets
– 6 Extra Storytelling Toolkit Interactive Handouts
– The Interactive Handouts include My Story Builder, My Skeletal Story, My Story File, My – – – Foundational Phrase File, My Character Diagram, and My Storytelling Compass)

In this video program, Craig Valentine and Darren LaCroix pull back the curtain so you can SEE exactly how to…

– Develop top-notch stories that get you paid top-notch dollars using the 9 Cs and the 101 storytelling secrets
– Implement my never-before-shared idea on how and where to find your best stories
– Master the spaces and faces between the lines, which is where the story really lives
– Uncover humor instead of making the unforgivable mistake of adding it
– Give your audience an emotionally fulfilling experience that they won’t forget
– Master the storytelling delivery skills that bring your audience into your story and make them feel like they were there
– Master the combination of narration and dialogue that really breathes life into your story
– Make your audience TALL (Think, Act, Laugh, and Learn) by being entertaining and profound
– Use the “Bounce Method” for resuscitating your older stories and making them fresh again
– Deliver unexpected twists and turns (visually and verbally) to keep your audience leaning in on your every word
– Avoid the all-too-common mistakes that will put your story on life-support with your audience wanting to pull the plug
– Develop enough stories so you won’t have to force-feed the right story to the wrong audience
– Tug on the heartstrings of your audience members so they FEEL the experience
– Become such a natural storyteller that all evidence of techniques disappears
– Hook your audience in from your very first word through to your very last
– Use personal stories to make professional points
– Make your audience laugh even in the midst of a serious story
– Really connect fully and deeply with your audience for the entire story and beyond
– Deliver a story and not a report
– BE YOURSELF and deliver your story in YOUR own natural heartfelt way
– Give your audience “Ah Ha” instead of the “Uh Oh” moments that too many speakers have
– Bring your characters to life so your audience relates to them and connects to your message
– Tell captivating stories that deliver unforgettable points
– Avoid boring your audience by knowing what to keep in and what to keep out of your stories
– Leave a lasting impression so people will be affected long after you’ve left the stage
– Sneak in and out of your stories so you can keep your audience guessing
– Relive rather than retell your story so your audience members feel like they are there
Get re-hired time and time again



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