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D Bnonn Tennant – The Little Red Book of Writing Secrets

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This secret skill acts like a “master key” to
unlock doors wherever you please

Top entrepreneurs rely on it for their success—
yet few people even recognize its existence,
let alone teach you how to master it

Simply put, the skill is communication. But not merely communication…written communication.

In today’s world you can get by without speaking to anyone directly. But every opportunity you make or discover will require you to write—

Emails to potential partners to persuade them to work with you
Articles, ebooks or whitepapers to lucidly demonstrate your expertise
Website copy to engage visitors and convert them into customers
…and even if you end up having to speak, you’ll usually write out what you’re going to talk about beforehand!
Now, communicating effectively and persuasively via writing does take some know-how and practice…

…but once you know how to do it,
it is not nearly as hard as most people believe

In fact, in my time as a writing coach, I’ve found that every single one of my students has tripped up on just seven main aspects of writing.

Learn to traverse these, and the rest falls into place naturally.

So while the ability to write powerfully is itself a “Master Key” to success…

There are also 7 Master Keys to success at writing

These are the most basic, fundamental principles I turn to whenever I begin coaching someone.

They are simple. Once you master them, they are easy, and become second nature. Yet they form the basis for all great writing—they separate the men from the boys, the amateurs from the professionals.

I would like to offer you the 7 secrets of my writing success in this exclusive little book

The Little Red Book of Writing Secrets
It’s called The Little Red Book of Writing Secrets. I created it specifically for my coaching clients. Since they pay me over $150 per hour, I wanted them to have the most valuable information I can offer right at their fingertips, all the time—even well into the future.

I wanted it formatted into an attractive, printable resource they could keep referring back to long after we had parted ways.

Each Master Key is clearly articulated, with detailed examples.

And as with any good piece of work, there are no wasted words—which means no wasted time.

What you will learn…

A succinct definition of what writing is—page 2. How can you even begin to master writing without knowing what it is? Yet you won’t find this accurately taught by even one in a thousand websites or courses
A surprising demonstration of just how many words you shouldn’t use in your writing—which you’re probably using all the time (page 15)
An astoundingly effective way to make your writing much more engaging and easier to follow, by treating it as a “theater performance”—page 11
A natural ability we all have, but which you must hone far more than the average Joe if you’re ever going to achieve lasting success—page 2

Writer’s block cured with a single sentence on page 21
An activity that comprises the lion’s share of writing—and most writers don’t do (page 2). You can leap ahead of 90% of other writers just by knowing this and putting it into practice
A fundamental principle for structuring any piece of writing, along with a simple technique that will make it orders of magnitude easier to avoid the frustration of “topic bloat”—page 3
The writing process clarified into three words that will change your understanding of the art forever—page 5
Some more concepts not taught in other writing books:

Why the European longsword was superior to the Japanese katana—and how it will help your writing (page 8)
What Mozart can teach you about writing (he was a genius after all)—page 23
You need more than just words to keep readers on the page. Find out what else you can use on page 9
Increase the human interest and authority of your piece with a practice most writers completely overlook—page 18
And mixing in some life lessons that will also improve your writing…

What you must know before you can even think about your “voice” or “style”—page 2
Why the Roman Empire has a lot to answer for, and how thinking like a Viking will keep your readers glued to your prose—page 12
Why writers must be monogamous if they’re going to succeed—page 24
A technique for approaching writing…that will stand you in good stead for pretty much anything in life (page 7)
As well as:

The reason most writing is deadly dull—and two incredibly simple tricks for making yours instantly twice as interesting—page 10 & 11
A mistake most writers make that annoys readers all to hell, and how to avoid it—page 14
Two little words that constantly trip up even experienced writers, and make reading their work a chore—page 16
Why you should write drunk—and what to do afterwards! Page 21
Plus some counterintuitive, anti-establishment advice:

Why to avoid the beginning-middle-end structure—and what to use instead (page 9)
A cunning trick, which involves almost no work on your part at all, for making a piece flow better and spying out the spots you’re most likely to lose your readers—page 23
A simple 5-step formula for ensuring your piece gets read by more people than average—page 20
Which line of your piece is the most important—and where you’ll usually find it (in the wrong place)—page 22
And some final surprising facts:

Why writing is not a creative process—and what it actually is instead (page 2)
A simple way of phrasing we use all the time…that can send your reader to sleep—avoid it by checking out page 13 (no, it’s not the passive voice)
The one and only element of your piece—that most writers have no idea about—that will make it totally flop if you do it wrong…page 19
My No-Horseplay, “10-Minute Lifetime Guarantee”

The Little Red Book of Writing Secrets is backed by my No-Horseplay 10-Minute Lifetime Guarantee
This is an exclusive little book. The only other way you could normally get it is by purchasing my high-end conversion optimization course, Attention-Thievery 101, for $997 You can’t currently get it any other way unless you pay me $150+ per hour for coaching.

But you don’t have to pay that today. Today I’d like to offer you the chance to invest in your future as a writer for just $29.

And you can do it without any risk whatsoever. Download it now. Open it immediately and spend just 10 minutes checking it out.

If after 10 minutes you’re not firmly convinced that the information in it is worth at least ten times to you what you paid for it—please, email me right away, and I will return your money. Calmly, quietly, without question.

But if you do believe, after those 10 minutes, that you got a good deal…you are still covered by my guarantee…forever.

As long as I’m still kicking, you can get in touch with me at any time to ask for your money back, and I’ll send you a refund without hesitation. (If I happen to die before you do, then sorry, all bets are off!) So you truly have everything to gain. Why not get it now?

3 bonuses when you buy now

If you choose to get hold of this report right now, you’ll also get three bonuses:

How to Get More Readers Without Changing Your Words—this 11-page special report covers all the best practices for presenting your content to promote readership. If you’re writing for the web, then you are making at least 2 of 5 critical mistakes with your presentation—I guarantee it. Learn what they are, and how to avoid them, in this special report.

The Four Masteries of Writing—in my experience, there are four distinct elements or approaches to writing that you must grapple with and overcome to become a truly great writer. These are not immediately obvious—and mastering them is far easier once you’ve clearly identified them and understood their demands. Usually, you can only do that after you’ve already gotten to grips with them. But with this 8-page guide you can short-circuit that—instantly becoming a better writer.
Exclusive discounts on further training material—including my upcoming blueprint and coaching program, How to be a Real Web Writer. Details inside!

Do you think learning these Master Keys would help you?

Bnonn, I want to learn the Master Keys of writing. Please send me your exclusive Little Red Book of Writing Secrets. I understand that I’ll get it, along with two rare bonus reports, plus discounts on other writing training, for the bargain price of $29—and that if I ever feel this wasn’t worth it, I can ask you for my money back—no questions and no nonsense.

Here’s to your improved writing skill and increased income,

D Bnonn Tennant
Freelance Writer & Coach…

PS. If you’re still wondering, “Should I buy this?” the answer is simple. Just ask yourself: what is your ability as a writer worth to you? To me, it is worth $150-$450 per hour. For someone on a job bidding site like eLance, it’s worth…what? $5 an hour? Less? The difference between us begins with these 7 Master Keys, these 7 secrets. Only you can decide which end of that spectrum you’ll be on.


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