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Dan Kennedy – 4X Customer Value Accelerator (What Would Walt Do?)

Dan Kennedy – 4X Customer Value Accelerator
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Dan Kennedy – 4X Customer Value Accelerator

This looks like its Dan’s “seminar-within-a-seminar” for the 2014 InfoSummit:

Dan Kennedy
What Would Walt Do?


What WOULD Walt Do – with your info-biz? WALT DISNEY and the Disney companies have created and have sustained a world all their own, with generations of legions of fiercely loyal fans and customers, utilizing every media – online, offline and physical – in interlocking closed loops of incredibly sophisticated and effective marketing. As a devoted, very serious student and observer of ‘everything Disney,’ past and present, DAN KENNEDY has identified 17 WWWD Success Principles of profound and vital import to info-marketers… relevant to attraction and acquisition of customers, use of media, membership concept marketing, ascension, price elasticity and achieving maximum customer value, merging of information and entertainment, seminar and event marketing, and more.

In a world increasingly awash in free and cheap entertainment content, Disney excels at profiting from content in every media. The company’s financial results have ignored the recession and amazed Wall Street. From what goes at the parks to the strategic, behind the scenes thinking, Disney is a model for everybody in the content business – and that’s every info-marketer. There’s probably no one other than Dan Kennedy who has so consciously and deliberately incorporated “Disney Magic” into countless info-marketing businesses – without, until now, in this Seminar – enunciating the principles he has identified and adapted.

The question WHAT WOULD WALT DO – WITH YOUR INFO BIZ? couldn’t be answered better by anybody else, as nobody has the breadth and depth of info-marketing success that Dan has, spanning more than 40 years, and continuing today coupled with as serious a study of Disney. Info-marketers fortunate enough to be in Dan’s Titanium Mastermind Group or in private client relationships, who get to spend days working with him, know that special magic happens when you get Dan “going” on something he has enormous enthusiasm for – and Disney is one of his greatest interests.

You’ll depart this Seminar-Within-Summit with new insights and creative ideas, new opportunities to strengthen and improve your business, and having had one helluva good time! Don’t miss this look at Disney through Dan’s eyes or this advice from Walt & Friends for making YOUR info-biz The Most Profitable Place On Earth!

Module #1: The Powerful Influence of Disney and Key Principles

Module #2: Applying the Disney Lessons to Your Business

Module #3: 10 Keys to a Great Show and Applications to Info-Marketing

Module #4: Creating the Customer Experience

Enjoy! :-)

Note: Open to all!


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