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Dan Kennedy- Area Exclusive Program

Dan Kennedy – Area Exclusive Program
[7 CDs (MP3) + Manuals (PDF)]

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This one may be a long shot – but I’ll take a stab at organizing it.

This program is by Dan Kennedy and called his “Area Exclusive” program.

I didn’t get what it was at first since “area exclusive” meant nothing to me. Once I understood what it was,  it made alot of sense.

Basically, it’s how Dan and all his clients take a system that works in their business and license it as an “area exclusive” to other people.

So if you have a real estate system, or dental client acquisition program, etc etc and it works…this program can show you how to take that process and sell it as an “Area Exclusive” (meaning ‘only so many will be sold to real estate agents or dentists’ – in this case – in a specific area…) …THUS, you make $15K and up for every “area exclusive” program you sell…because there are only so many areas in the world and thus the owner of that area gets an “exclusive” to be the only one in that area using it.

This is how Dan and his clients make big money. Clients using this sell these area exclusive programs for anywhere between $10K – $100K.

In any case, all the information can be found at the salesletter located here:

Here’s a quick snippet:

Here are a few DETAILS about what’s included in this Package – please read carefully…

 1. The SIX EXCLUSIVITY FORMATS – you’ll choose one or a hybrid for your Programs.
 2. The Chinese Menu Method of building your Program.
 3. The ONE THING layered on top that sends price sky-high.
 4. In-Depth Look At: The Non-Franchise Franchise.
 5. In-Depth Look At: CoachingPlus (with done for them services).
 6. Giant Income Breakthrough: How To Legally And Ethically Sell The Same Area More Than Once.
 7. The Insider Secret Of: When Is An Exclusive Area Not Exclusive? – How To Avoid Franchising And Territory Enforcement.
 8. Exact script/Contract Language governing what is being provided similar to (but not actually a) geographic exclusive. (Page 19).
 9. The Dan Kennedy Discovery Meeting Method Of Sale. (10) The Seminar Method Of Sale.
10. The Host/Parasite/JV Method Of Sale.
11. The ‘Road Show’ Method Of Sale.
12. The One-On-One Method Of Sale.
13. Pros/Cons, Reasons For/Against The Different Methods Of Sale.
14. “The Challenges Of Selling Turf”/Commonly Made, Costly Mistakes NOT To Make.
15. How To Create Maximum Urgency To Buy Now. (A Big Secret’s On Page 30.)
16. An Unexpected Discovery We Made That Can Turn A Million Dollar Business Into A Ten-Million Dollar Business. (Page 33).
17. To Actually Franchise Or Not To Franchise? – 12 Reasons For, 5 Against; What You Need To Know To Make The Right Choices.
18. NINE Major Marketing Mistakes & Acts Of Self-Sabotage To Avoid.
19. Price Decisions.
20. Financing Options.
21. How To Pre-Qualify Prospects And Make Them Sell You On Letting Them In.
22. How One Client Went From Zero To One-Hundred In A New Coaching Program Almost Overnight.
23. How To Put Done-For-Them Services ‘Behind A Wall’ And Create Enormous Pain Of Disconnect.
24. Scott Tucker’s ‘Big Box’ Promotion. (Page 206).
25. Cost Of Sale: What To Expect, How To Think About The Numbers.
26. A Major Secret For Properly Positioning Your Program As An Irresistible Opportunity. (Page 222).
27. The Four Hurdles Of Skepticism And How To Overcome Them. What Are Prospects Really Afraid Of (It’s Not What You Think).
28. 12 Elements Of Sales Copy That Sells Opportunity.
29. The One Thing You Need To ‘Fine Tune’ To Sell Big Ticket Programs. (Page 252).
30. The Secret Reason Howard Hughes Stayed In The Movie Business After Losing 9-Million Dollars (& Why Knowing This Will Alter The Way You Sell Forever).
31. How To Push A Prospect Past “Think It Over’ Or ‘Talk It Over With Others’ (Page 268).
32. How To Design, Structure, Price And Present Your Program.
33. COMPLETE & ACTUAL EXAMPLES Of Lead Generation Letters, Sales Letters, ‘What’s Included’ Lists And Other Documents.
34. Transcript & Overheads Of My ‘Opportunity Presentation.’
35. Copywriting… Group Sales Presentation… One On One Presentation Strategies.
36. A revealing of ACTUAL behind—scenes, insider strategies producing incredible results more frank, candid and complete than anybody ever gives about their business!
37. Summary of Dan’s 30 years’ helping clients sell multi-millions of dollars of many different kind of programs – with his “opportunity pitches”.

This was a Group Buy about a year ago, that disappeared somehow.

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