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Dan Kennedy – Area Exclusive

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[1 pdf – my notes]

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Here are my notes for the Dan Kennedy Area Exclusive program.  It’s a fairly small PDF, but it’s got most of the notes I took out of it while listening.  Basically, the condensed version of the program, all substance, no fluff.  If you’re unfamiliar with my notes, check the forums for other great examples; you’ll see that I make them as long or short as they need to be (some programs 50+ pages, some just 5… This one is just over 8 pages]


The “greener pastures” pitch: in other words, do something completely new or different
than your current line of business will almost always out sell the “improve your business”
pitch. Obviously each one has its positives and negatives. The positives for the “improve
your business” pitch are that you don’t have to make any radical changes, you’re already
95% of the way there; we will just show you the best way to do it. The positives for the
“greener pastures” pitch is that it’s sexier; it’s far more appealing to the adventurous spirit
to do something completely new.

In a “greener pasture” pitch, it’s easier to sell them using their dissatisfaction and
discontentment with the way things are for them in their current business. When you’re
selling them a business improvement pitch, then it’s harder to use that; you have to walk a
tightrope in a activating their pain, because if you stir up too much pain, they won’t want
anything to do with their current business.

PS:  Hey, did you all notice the ratio transfer thing is working again?!?!


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