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Dan Kennedy- Copywriting Mastery and Sales Thinking Boot Camp (MP3s no PDFs)

Dan Kennedy – Copywriting And Sales BootCamp

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I talked to Marketing1, and he said there was a copy of this in the exclusive section but the quality is pretty bad. Hopefully this one is better. Let me know. I’m trying to get a hold of the manuals, I bought this with a friend. I’ll scan and post when I get them.



How To Master

THE Most Valuable

And Profitable Skill,

Dramatically Improve Your Earning Power,

And Make All The Money You Like

With Less Stress And Strain


I have achieved total and complete financial liberty. And if you isolated THE ONE THING that has put me here, above anything and everything else, it is my ability to write copy that sells, for ads and sales letters and other media. And this is NOT out of your reach, anymore than it was beyond mine.

The “X-Factor” Hardly Anybody Talks About

Because So Few Understand It

As a young pup, the first person talking about ‘how to succeed’ I discovered was Earl Nightingale. Immensely useful to me at the time, because his words made me realize I wasn’t a freak and a fool for thinking as I was thinking, so differently from everyone around me.

Not long after that, I became immersed in “motivation” and “self-improvement”, and benefited greatly. But there were missing links. For example, I gradually realized that, in selling, the world’s greatest attitude was no better than the world’s worst attitude if you didn’t have a qualified prospect in front of you, who could give you money, to “shine it on.” That shifted my interest to marketing. And I’ve used that as “speech fodder” for years.

But there’s a far more valuable, missing “x-factor” that hardly anybody ever talks about, me included.

I remember getting my hands on an 18-cassette product called “The X Factor Of Success.” It had tapes from 18 different speakers. Zig Ziglar was one of them. I forget who else. But I listened diligently, accepting the premise that hidden in there somewhere was the missing, most important “x-factor.”

I heard all the usual. Persistence, determination, desire, goal setting, yada yada yada.

But the discovery and direction that changed my life and has made me financially independent isn’t any of those things. All those other things have been useful.


….has been cultivating the ability to put words on paper that compel people to give me money.

I became obsessed with this, and the obsession has paid off handsomely.

For example, in 1998, I realized that being at the absolute pinnacle of success as a professional speaker was actually going to put me in a very early grave. Since then I’ve gone from 70 to under 6 speaking dates a year, and walked away from ‘the biggest show on earth’ in that field with zero drop in earnings. Why? Because I can get money by sending out letters instead of sending out me.

One of the things I’ve noted about so many of the clients I charge gigantic fees to, to write sales copy for, is that they can do just about everything in their businesses a million times better than I can, and they often have more education, professional experience and specialized know-how than I do, yet they lack the one key ability that turns all that into cash — my ability to craft a compelling sales message. So they must pay me. Interesting huh?

Anyway, it turns out that THE ONE THING that I can attribute my success to, more than any other, is this ability to craft a sales message and put it into words and formats, on paper.

This is the exact same one thing that sets Bill Glazer apart from other menswear retailers, has allowed his stores to prosper while his neighbors closed their doors, quite literally made him a wealthy man. This is the same one thing that has Chauncey Hutter’s tax preparation offices flourish, even literally drive H.R. Block out of a market area he dominates. This is the same one thing that has made such a profound difference for so many of the business owners you read about in my testimonials, such as those in the “lifetime of amazing results” book. ONE THING others in their industries or fields, in their market areas do not have. This is your opportunity to possess a power no one else you compete with has – sort of

Image like being the only kid in Smallville bullets bounce off of and who can zip from place to place so fast he’s invisible.

I have become absolutely convinced that it is more important for you to focus your attention on this one thing, than on anything else, regardless of the business you’re in.
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”


If you will master this skill, you will then hold in your hand the key to open virtually any vault you like…remove as much from it as you like…..create any life you want.

Conversely, NOT getting good at this imprisons you in many different ways. It may enslave you to never-ending, never diminishing manual labor that restricts your income and makes you old before your time. It may prohibit your business’ expansion. It may leave you increasingly vulnerable to new competition, unable to do ‘guerilla warfare’ successfully but also unable to compete dollar for dollar with big spenders on traditional advertising. It may keep you ankle-chained to one physical location.

You can actually get better at many other aspects of your business, many other skills, yet wind up no farther ahead as a result. Better, yet the same.

This is the most liberating of all skills.

There are few other skills of comparable economic value. Cardiac or brain surgery, for example, may pay as well, but is not universally applicable to any business. It also requires over eight years of education, internship, massive financial investment, enormous patience. And not getting nauseous at the sight of blood. Chances are, this is not a viable career option for you.

Becoming a masterfully adept copywriter can occur much faster, much easier, and yield lucrative monetary rewards immediately. Whether you use this mastery for your present business; your own products or services; to expand or diversify; to launch a new venture, even as a freelancer, writing for others, this IS the most powerful and rapid means of creating exceptional income.

At one of my, specialized boot camps before retirement – I revealed every trick I know, to skyrocket your skill at writing and using sales copy. I promise you will hear things on the CDs of this Boot Camp you will hear nowhere else.

Image I also want to quickly point out this is NOT just about writing copy. In fact, I have re-named this “The Copywriting Mastery And Sales-Thinking Boot Camp”, because it has just as much to do with successful thinking as writing. You see, most of the opportunity is in the “sales thinking” that goes on before the actual writing of copy. Like thinking through the likely objections of the prospect or finding the right benefit to focus on or crafting “the story” or building the right offer.

In the next pages of this letter, I will give you details that I covered at the Boot Camp, but I will also give you some very valuable insights into the entire process of thinking, of strategy, to, in turn, put words on paper that will magnetically attract maximum response. (In any business. For any product or service.)

A Legitimate Reason You Might NOT Choose To Invest,

Or Even Bother Reading Further. “In the land of the blind,

The one-eyed man is king.”
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”

Sometimes, you are doing business in an environment where your prospects and customers rarely see good sales copy and your competitors are clueless. In that arena, you can usually get more than satisfactory results even as a rank beginner, with rudimentary understanding of direct-response, with just a few tools, like the Magnetic Marketing System and my Ultimate Sales Letter book. If that describes your circumstances, and you’re happy with that, then the CDs and manuals of this Boot Camp are NOT for you, and you might as well stop reading here. It’s okay. It’s not for everybody.

If, however, you have a growing fascination with the psychology, art, science and craft of persuading, selling and motivating via the printed word, as well as with direct-response media like ads, sales letters, postcards, web sites, etc., and you can see opportunity in elevating your skills, then this is the money-creating information for you.

If you are an “amateur”, doing a good job of writing copy for your own business, this is the quantum leap to the highest levels of effectiveness, ease and speed. I have many Members in diverse businesses who, in just a few years, have gone from ‘competent’ to ‘extraordinary’ in writing their own copy, for their own businesses.

Dr. Nielsen, who has actually been ‘my student’ for over 17 years, has gotten so good he rivals top freelancers like me. Paul Johnston, the Shed Shop guy, comes instantly to mind. There are many, many others. I could pull together at least 50 who could go head to head with me, Carlton, Halbert, Bencivinga, and other high-priced pros. If you write ads, flyers, brochures, sales letters, etc. for your own business, you NEED to get this information in order to, to get to their level of capability.

If you fear you can’t write, I have a few things to say specifically to you. (If you have no such fear, skip the next six paragraphs.)

(1) – Becoming a good direct-response copywriter is not like becoming a “real” writer, like writing a bestselling novel and winding up on Oprah. That’s a lot tougher. Arguably requires talent. I’ve been working on a novel for years and I’m not even close to having one chapter right, but I can whip up a sales letter that’ll rake in $100,000.00 in a weekend. Truthfully, the relative ease of doing the latter has interfered with serious commitment to the former. Anyway, when you write for publication, you must satisfy the publisher’s editors and they are a whole lot fussier than the public. Your ads and sales letter need to pass critics’ muster; they only need to persuade buyers to act.

(2) – There’s the competition bar. If you want to write say, a mystery novel, you’re up against John Grisham and Elmore Leonard and Robert Parker and many, many others who are all really, really, really good. But if you’re writing an ad to run in your local newspaper or industry trade journal, you’ll be up against a bunch of mental midgets when it comes to direct-response. You can win big with even a slight edge. If you’ll apply the insider information from this Boot Camp, you can absolutely slaughter any such competitors.

(3) – A “real writer” can’t cheat much at all. Swipe somebody else’s plot and you will get sued. But writing sales copy is all about stealing. No, not outright, word for word. No. But there are very reliable, much-repeated structures (kind of like plots), headlines, all sorts of copy elements you can swipe and use with impunity. There are recipes to follow. You can borrow, cut, paste and smooth out the rough edges.

(4) – We’re not trying to be Hemingway, or even make a grammar teacher happy. Nor are we doing “advertising” in the Madison Avenue sense. I doubt I could even get a job at a big ad agency. And those asking about my qualifications are sadly disappointed. They expect to hear that I went to NYU and spent years at J. Walter Thompson or Batton, Barton, Durstin & Stupid, or something like that. I am a high school graduate, nary a day in a college classroom (except to lecture a couple times). I never worked in an ad agency (except my own). I never had a mentor from the advertising world. I did direct sales as a kid. I’ve been selling my whole life. If you know how or will bother to learn how to sell, you can handle direct response strategy and you can write copy. Even if your high school English teacher gave you F’s, and your wife cringes at anything you write now.
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”

Of course, there are different levels of skill, and of results, and I’m not suggesting, I can make you into me. Twenty-five years of experience, a highly trained subconscious mind that searches all that experience for each new assignment, even sales skills more sharply honed than yours all matter. I’ve worked on this long enough and constantly enough that “skill” has metamorphosed into “talent.” But I certainly can quickly equip anybody who’s good with a bigger, better bag of tricks, and I certainly can take a relative novice and bring him up to competence almost instantly. There are several reasons why I can slash the skill development term that I explained at the Boot Camp.

Bottom-line: if you are intimidated by “writing copy”, you won’t be after you listen to the CDs and read the Manuals from this Boot Camp. If you stare at a blank page and can’t get started, you will never have that problem again. If you’re good but slow as mud flowing uphill, you’ll be faster than greased lightning after listening and reading the materials.

I Want To Give This To Those Who Are Searching For Me,

Before It’s Too Late

The superhuman ability to make money at will, by putting words on paper, is ultimate power, freedom and security.

You can do just about anything you want with it. Enrich yourself, enrich others, or both. Raise money for charitable, religious or political causes – I and many of my Members have done so, and continue to do so. Make up for lost time financially with giant income surges, if you need to. Work less, make more, as I have.

I have amassed a considerable, arguably unmatched bank of well-organized, practical know-how, information and even tools related to this superhuman skill.

Each day that passes while you operate without all my sales weapons at your disposal, is a day you work harder than necessary, bank less than you could. That adds up. Time passing without maximum income achieved robs you of a lot of enjoyments of life, and enjoyment delayed is too often enjoyment lost. Working harder than need be to make your business successful takes a toll. If you’re not doing well enough in your business now to extract and create real wealth, what makes you think you’ll see that change without some new weapons in your arsenal? “The great wealth accelerator” is the ability to churn out strong sales copy. So when I say that I want to give you this before it’s too late, I’m really thinking about your clock, not mine, your life, not mine.
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”

How The Awesome Power Of Copywriting

Can Be A Liberating Life-Force

A few years back, I spent three days consulting with the owner of a pretty successful business, fueled in large part by direct-response advertising and direct-mail. He made about $400,000.00 pre-tax net from the business in 1999 – yet he was miserable.

He had seven employees in one office, two in another, and they were driving him crazy. One was riotously overpaid, wanted more, and he feared she was indispensable. The others were jealous. They all had him convinced that the company’s sales would plummet unless four of them did nothing but take customer service calls all day.

I led him through some careful analysis. His business was based on about 9,000 customers. So, in reality, he had one employee per 1,000 customers. But the 80/20 rule was in play, so 20% of the customers, or 1,800 of the customers accounted for 80% of the activity and profits, so he had one employee per 200 very active customers. If 10% of his very active customers called everyday (!), that’d be 2.2 phone calls per employee, or 5 for each of the 4 employees supposedly dedicated exclusively to this. I theorized that he could worsen that ratio by two with little damage. One per 400. He decided to cut four of the nine employees, and consolidate to one office, and to limit customer access. The four employees cut would have cost nearly $150,000.00 to keep, so to support them the business had to generate $500,00.00 in gross sales – so the business could drop by $500,000.00 and he’d be in the same place, with less headaches and ulcers. But here’s the kicker….

He figured he was averaging an hour everyday, five hours every week doing nothing but solving problems and disputes involving these employees, meeting with these employees, watching over these employees, not to mention his other productivity lost while being distracted thinking about them. I said: replacing $500,000.00 in revenue lost due to the absence of these employees – if it occurs – requires only getting an extra $550.00 from each customer or an extra $278.00 from each very active customer. Given an extra 260 hours a year to focus on this, do you think you could come up with an extra offer, a great sales letter or even find a joint venture to do that?

260 hours is a lot. Even if it took you 13 hours to write a good ad or mailing, you could do 20 of them. I suggested that getting 20 more offers in front of the customers during the year would be more valuable than supervising four employees. Just as I insist to you, diverting time and energy to writing stronger sales copy and getting more of it out there will be the highest and best of use of your time, too.

It turned out sales did not drop by $500,000.00. It turned out employees had multiplied unnecessarily. He did, however, reorganize his life to devote one day a week totally to creating or improving offers, writing copy, and increasing the frequency of sales letters mailed. Now, his net hit $600,000.00, up $200,000.00, he took three more weeks of vacation during the year, and is now negotiating to sell his company. Oh, and he’s down to two employees.

Given that he was living well on the $400,000.00, all $200,000.00 extra can go directly into investments. Even with conservative interest compounding, he’s a cash millionaire from that alone in 3 years.
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”

Image There are a number of ways to think about this situation. You might say that making $400,000.00 a year, you should just shut up, stop griping and deal with whatever hassles come along with it. But another idea is to change the way the money is made. For most business owners, being able to write winning sales copy gives them more options.

Gary Halbert once said that there is no problem to

which a great sales letter isn’t the answer.

Another client, several years ago, had a manufacturing company buried in about a million dollars of debt, under assault from three directions simultaneously: loss of major account to a price-cutting competitor; change of management at his bank, so his accounts receivables were being audited and he expected his line of credit to be cut; and a need to “divorce” his partner, requiring about $250,000.00 in cash. He had already spent a month distracted from his business, running around meeting with bankers, investors and venture capitalists. With wisdom I lacked twenty years ago, I said:

“Screw the bankers. Let’s write a sales letter.”

We devised an entirely new “program” of bundled benefits for key accounts, wrote a sales letter, and delivered 100 of them by FedEx to handpicked accounts and prospective accounts. Eighteen bought the $30,000.00 program, each paying $15,000.00 down.
How this skill = Financial Security

Total: $270,000.00 cash, in under

ten days.

Not that you shouldn’t try, and not that I’m not trying very hard, but truth is, it’s hard to create real financial security with money. Consider everything that’s happened to the stock market a few years back. There are recessions. Enron-type messes. crash type disasters. There was a time when Texas real estate values crashed. In Arizona, where I have an office, the FAA has just re-routed four flight paths from the Phoenix Airport right over top of a community a good 45 miles north of the city, over top of what – until a day ago – were million dollar homes. Whatever bucket you put money in can spring a leak. People have short memories about these things, but the reality is, it’s a real challenge to buy security.

An early associate of mine taught that the only real security is your ability to produce.

But that’s far too broad a truism to be useful. After all, manual labor is production. Working at McDonalds is production.
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”


What has become apparent to me is that the ultimate real security is the ability to do alchemy. In the medieval times, alchemists supposedly turned worthless metals, even stone into gold. Modern day alchemy has the advantage of being real, and doable. It is the conversion of an idea and the printed word into income at will. To be able to take a worthwhile product, service or business, creatively re-engineer it, peel back its layers to uncover its most appealing benefits, write persuasive sales copy about it, deliver that copy via the right media to valid prospects and – bingo – produce whatever money you might need or want, literally on demand.

I’d like to welcome you to the Dan Kennedy Society of Modern-Day Alchemists. It’s something of a “secret society” – after all, most of the businesspeople you and I know, associate with, your peers in your industry, are all clueless about what we’re talking about. We might as well be spinning rope into gold; what we do with offers, words, paper ’n ink is just as mystical to most of the business world. But the mystery is illusion. There is “formula.”

This is the ultimate security because it does not necessarily require you to own or operate the business, manufacture the product or deliver the service, nor does it require you to be invested in doing so. It does not require youth, ideal health, or fitness. It can be done from any location, beach, mountain, even a basement. It can furnish full-time income from spare time or even sporadic effort. It can be done on any schedule you choose.

To paraphrase Gary Halbert, there’s definitely no financial problem that can’t be solved with a great sales letter, nor is there any opportunity that cannot be enhanced by a great sales letter. Or ad or web site or what have you. You cannot make such a statement about any other skill.

It’s always been true that no skillful salesman need ever miss a meal. In the very depths of the Great Depression, W. Clement Stone hired all the salespeople he could find and directed and motivated them to build the largest independent insurance sales organization the industry had ever seen. You can read about it in Stone’s book “The Success System That Never Failed.” But considering everything we know today about selling via copy and media instead of grinding manual labor, Stone’s approach was as primitive as an Afghanistan Laundromat; a stream and a rock.

I can assure you of this: no person who can do sound ‘sales thinking’ and write good sales copy need ever miss a really good meal.

Thus, if you can or choose to invest in only one copywriting product of any kind, you will not find one offering greater payoff potential.
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”

A Confession…

…Top Pro Copywriters Like Me

Literally Hold A Gun Against A Client’s Head

And Demand Any Amount Of Money We Choose.

(You Do NOT Want To Go Through The Rest Of Your

Business Life At The Wrong End Of This Gun)

I’ve never explained this as coldly and bluntly as I will here. Doing so is somewhat like biting the hand that feeds me. Only Mike “Cannibal” Tyson is that dumb. But here I go, right off the deep end.

Last year, a friend of mine, another top copywriter, was paid $85,000.00 by his client for a sales letter it took him about six hours to write. The $85,000.00 represented one-half of the client’s profit from a particular promotion. Why on earth would anybody give up 50% of their profits to an outsider, with no stake in the business? Who would sign that deal? This client did because this copywriter demanded it. Frankly, I think it’s a bit over the top, a bit unfair. But the fact was that the client could do everything himself to create the $170,000.00 in income except create the sales letter.

Several years ago, the CEO of a large company told me I’d been paid more for a copywriting job I did for them (fee plus royalties) than he, the CEO, was paid for three months at the helm. He estimated that I made 500% more per hour than he did. Why? Because he could run the company, get the products made, get the employees to work, handle the board of directors, do everything else required to make the business tick except write the mail piece so desperately needed to pump up its sagging sales. So he paid what I demanded.

I could fill a thick book with similar examples.

In many cases, I could point the gun, cock the trigger, demand and get even more money than I do. They have no choice. They’re defenseless.

But YOU do NOT have to be in that position.

In fact, it’s important to get yourself at the right end of this gun. I am perfectly willing to teach you everything I know, give you the tools I use, hand you shortcuts, and equip you to do a solid, successful job at writing your own copy, except in the most extreme scenarios where the competition is super-formidable, or the magnitude of the opportunity is so great paying somebody like me a king’s ransom to maximize results still makes sense. But for the most part, for most purposes, you can and should be your own direct-response copywriter.

And if you are going to accept that job, you ought to do it to the very best of your ability. Which mandates investing in the CDs and Manuals from this Boot Camp.
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”

How To Think, To Grow Rich

I want to again emphasize that this is not just about “writing.” It is more about “sales thinking.” In this comprehensive program, I will take you inside my entire thinking process. Exactly how I tackle a project. How I find an end of a thread and pull on it to gradually unravel the ball of thread, to find “the pitch” hidden inside.

John Carlton, who was a speaker at this Boot Camp, talked about his process of “circling the desk.”

Laying out all the “raw material” on the desk and going around and around and around it, like a dog goes in circles before lying down. John circles, looking, poking, thinking, simultaneously probing the information on the desk and his own subconscious, in search of “the hook”, the “big idea.”

For both of us, and most pros, the actual writing is “to formula.” John has pat ways he likes to start a letter, present price, and so forth, whether selling precious metals, Ninja fighting videos, a better sex manual or a Hawaiian cruise. We can both write fast when we must. But just knowing what “raw material” you ought to pile up on the table, how to poke in it, what to look for, what the “big idea” looks like when you do see it – that’s the part of all this that really matters. That you can improve dramatically by having this information.

This “finding of the thing” can make all the difference in the world. When Ted Nicholas latched onto “what will you do when all your assets are seized”, he had a whole new way to sell a dull, mundane book of corporate forms at a premium price. When I came up with “$4,000.00 a day, sitting at home, at the kitchen table, in your underwear”, writing the ad was easy. When Carlton unearthed the “one-legged golfer story” that the client thought was irrelevant, writing the ad was a snap. One of the biggest benefits of the information you will receive from listening to this Boot Camp will be the sharpened, strengthened ability to get to “the thing” quicker.

This is just one of many aspects of the “how to think” that top copywriters rely on, that can help you make a great deal more money, day in, day out.

Actually, what is often brought to me as a “copywriting job” is not that at all. Instead, what’s required is re-engineering the offer, re-positioning the product, picking an entirely different feature to emphasize, finding a new premium. You have to do copywriting in context, considering all these factors. I’m going to take you through this critical thinking in as close to “checklist style” as possible. As you can see, though, this isn’t really about writing. When this is done well, ads and letters nearly write themselves.

Personally, this is why I never take a copywriting assignment without a day of consulting with the client in person, first. I need that opportunity to “fish”, to probe beneath what the client believes, to look for ways the product can be transformed into something more than it is. To find that “hook.” To find the “story.”

There’s another reason to get the CDs and Manuals of the Boot Camp. Arguably THE reason that makes whatever fee I choose to charge trivial vs. your real opportunity for gain. If you understand this opportunity, you will decide right now to invest, no matter the price.

I once shopped in a men’s clothing store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I’ve never been one to waste money, but you gotta try everything once. Here, none of the clothes had price tags. You weren’t supposed to care. I toyed with that; telling you that you had to fill out the form and send it without knowing the fee, and we’d just charge your credit card. Wonder how many would have the smarts and cajones to do that? If you grasp this point, you might.

Image The job of writing copy, done right, often produces unintended breakthroughs. The task of writing copy to sell a “factory tour/field trip” leads to the creation of a seminar all about selling certain services to the affluent. The job of writing copy for nutrition products leads to the invention of an extraordinary contest that results in millions of dollars of publicity. The job of writing copy for a car dealer leads to a credit rehab business, fueled by its own 30-minute BizLearning infomercial. Writing copy for a spot remover reinvents the product packaged like a fire extinguisher. An exciting and enormously profitable new breakthrough in your business may be waiting to be unearthed through the thinking process that precedes copywriting.

Once you finish listening to the CDs and studying the Manuals of this Boot Camp you will AUTOMATICALLY become a better, faster, more adept thinker. An inventive sales-thinker. A finder of breakthrough ideas. An engineer of irresistible offers. Equipped to make-over your business to be more profitable and valuable than ever before.
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”

The Copywriting Secret Behind

The Most Legendary How-To-Succeed Book

Ever Published

Image I’m sure you know that THINK AND GROW RICH is the most enduring, bestselling book on ‘how to succeed’ ever published (arguably with the exception of The Bible). There’s a secret reason for this book’s remarkable longevity and enduring fame. I will go ahead and reveal that secret right here. It is that the book is a sales letter. It doesn’t just present its ideas, it sells them throughout the book.

What many people don’t know is that Napoleon Hill supported himself as an advertising copywriter and as a sales trainer for direct sales companies while writing the book and after its publication. He wrote many high-performing ads and sales letters for the LaSalle Extension School, the grand-daddy of today’s private and technical schools, such as International Correspondence Schools, now owned by Harcourt. Hill was an exceptionally skillful copywriter and salesman. That transferred into his books. Beginning with the “tease” of the “hidden secret” right through to the end of the book, Hill was selling, and selling hard. Hill even used a “Blackie story”* built around his relationship with Andrew Carnegie.

*If you don’t know what a Blackie story is, you need to listen to the CDs of the Boot Camp.

Hill’s ads, incidentally, made far more money than his book, and he’d have been a far richer man paid royalties from his ads than from his books!

There are profound lessons here for authors, but that’s not my point. There’s much to be learned from this and a few similar examples; books concealing sales copy throughout seem to live on forever, while most books disappear in a matter of months. Do you know, there are ads and sales letters so good they enjoy lives of 10, 20 even 30 years? I wrote one sales letter a client used with zero change for eight years, mailing over a million of them, making himself independently wealthy by doing so. (It doubled his sales instantly. And it brought in over $10.00 per letter mailed.) Another client has been running the same full-page ad I wrote for her every month for five years. I believe that I have produced more lasting “controls” – ads, letters, etc. that have long lasting value – than any other copywriter. There’s reason for that, which I’ll share with you in the CD’s of this Boot Camp.

By the way, hardly anybody who reads ‘Think And Grow Rich’ ever dissects and analyzes it as sales copy, to extract models and strategies to use in writing ads and letters, yet that is its greatest hidden value.

Imagine creating and owning an asset like these, ads or sales letters that just “keep ticking”, keeps bringing in money day after day, month after month, year after year. I would rather have such an asset than a building or equipment or any other business asset. And I’d rather have the skill to create this, than any other skill. To paraphrase Andrew Carnegie: you can take away my products, services, equipment, buildings, people, etc., but leave me my ability to write copy that sells and I’ll have it all back in short order. (At this stage of my life I devoutly hope I never have to prove that, and I’m grateful daily for not having to. But I could.)

Imagine the feelings of confidence and peace of mind, knowing you not only possess such an asset but that you can make another one out of thin air.
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”

With These Boot Camp CD’s You Can Assign Yourself

The Highest – Paid Job In America

Every morning, every entrepreneur, every business owner, gets up, reports to work, and assigns himself a job or, usually, several jobs. Regrettably, too often, he assigns himself low wage positions! He is like the hard-hat worker sitting on the beam next to another worker; he opens his lunch-box and curses aloud at finding yet another cheese sandwich. His co-workers asks “Why don’t you ask the missus to make you a different kind?” The unhappy fellow answers: “Because I pack my own lunch.”

The other night I watched an episode of the ‘The West Wing’ on BizLearning, where they secretly smuggle a psychiatrist into the White House, to talk with the President about his insomnia. The President grumbles about the doc’s $375.00 an hour fee. I thought: there’s not a good copywriter anywhere who’d settle for such a low wage. Trying to get me to work for a measly $375.00 an hour’d be like trying to move Ted Kennedy out of his comfy leather booth at the bar by poking him with a cocktail stirrer.

Being able to put words on paper that compel people to respond is the highest paid

skill I know of. It removes all barriers from your earning power.

It doesn’t matter what your business is – the skill that will be of greatest value to you

is copywriting.

It makes you “Super-human” compared to other mere mortal entrepreneurs and sales people.

It makes you competition and recession Bullet-Proof.

With it, you can leap over hierarchies of distribution, entire mountains of personnel, even entrenched competitors in a single bound.

Would you cheerfully and eagerly pay a higher fee for the information that I revealed at the Boot Camp if it was re-named “The How-To-Eliminate-All-Barriers-

From-Your-Moneymaking-Power Boot Camp”? If so, feel free to change the title.

That’s what it is.
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”

My Gold+VIP Member Darin Garman had his best year ever as a commercial real estate broker – because he can write copy. His ads and sales letters work so well he’s created a second business, selling them to other brokers, at $800.00 a box. He even gets clients who buy apartment buildings from him to also pay to attend his seminars. His first question for me for 2002 was whether he should “turn down” his marketing because he has more leads, clients, deals, etc. flowing in than he and his staff of three can handle. He is not super successful because of his ideal market area (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) nor because he lacks competition (there’s plenty) or thanks to a booming economy. He can write copy that sells.

Mike Storms has one of the top karate schools in the country because he can write copy. Gold Member Dr. Gregg Nielsen has an exceptionally profitable practice, and has more fun than any doctor, because he can write copy. Gold+ VIP Member Larry McEntire DOUBLED HIS PRICES – average sale up from $2,000.00 to $4,000.00 – with no drop in response. How? He writes great copy. Gold+ VIP Member B. Shawn Warren dominates the fraternal marketplace as a custom lapel pin manufacturer. Are his pins better than his competitors? Probably not. Are his prices cheaper? No. But while others send out ordinary price quotes, he sends out strong sales letters, premium driven offers. He can write copy. January 2002 was THE best January he’s ever had. Gold+ VIP Member Rel Luttrell has devised a direct-mail campaign producing orders at an astounding 50% response rate – frankly not so much due to copywriting as sold sales-thinking.

I could fill 20 more pages. People in every imaginable business prospering far beyond their industry norms because they can write sales copy.

If this does not mandate you getting the CDs and Manuals of the Boot Camp, I’m at a loss as to what would.
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”

A Partial “Peek” At Some Of The Specifics I Covered

At This Boot Camp

I know, you want specifics. Here they are:

1. How to write a good “2nd notice” follow-up sales letter in 60 Minutes or less, if you must – 3 choices.

2. How to say more, spend less: alternative formats to the classic 8-page letter, insert, order form in envelope. New and different formats my clients are using. Vendors for each piece. You will learn exciting new options for direct-mail, and you’ll probably save money on printing and postage. If you mail much at all, you might save the whole investment fee of the CDs and Manuals of the Boot Camp!

3. How to get copy written faster. I have a lot of tricks. Here’s one: write by quantity goal, against the clock, with a big, fat, ticking clock right in front of you. For example, you say: “I’m going to get my guarantee written in 19 minutes or less. Ready, set, go.” Another is to write at the same time, for the same length of time everyday. This trains and conditions your subconscious mind to “shift” into writing mode. You’ll get a dozen more of these output boosters.

4. Five Formulas for opening paragraphs that grab the reader by the throat and won’t let go. The openings of letters are, ironically, often their weakest links. An ad or sales letter is half done.

5. Why, where and how long copy stalls – and how to prevent it. A sneaky little trick I use all the time to help the reader along through long copy, to have permission to use a lot more copy, that hardly any other copywriter has taken note of and copied. I explained this trick at the Boot Camp for the first time.

6. How to find The Big Idea, even when there doesn’t seem to be any.

7. How to eliminate “writer’s block”.

8. How to build Momentum into sales copy.

9. Clever solutions to the six most common ad or sales letter copy problems. Quick fixes for “tired” ads.

10. How to present Price. This is an extremely sensitive and critical part of the ad, letter, etc. outright asking for the sale. You need to properly build value, make your value case believable, create comparisons advantageous to you, minimize price. With the right strategies, you make any price a bargain.

11. How to make gigantic discounts believable. How to deeply discount without undermining the believability of the rest of your sales story.

12. How to deal with The-Elephant-In-The-Room: what to do when you actually have a profound competitive disadvantage, product flaw or other substantial problem.

13. How to do “cut-and-paste copywriting” without getting into trouble. How to “swipe” legally, efficiently and effectively. The two big mistakes “copy thieves” make.

14. Where to get the right “raw material” to mold into great copy.

15. Five trade secrets of pro copywriters who do “beat the control” work: how to make a winner better.

16. When a campaign is failing, where to look for answers.

17. The 15 most reliable “copy devices” – use as many as you can.

18. How to infuse even the dullest, most mundane product with mystery, romance and excitement. Ted Nicholas, Drew Kaplan, Ron Popeil, Joe Sugarman, J. Peterman, Richard Thalheimer, all masters at “romancing the stone.” Even if you are selling industrial geegaws, you need to SEX UP the pitch.

19. How copywriters use “faux science” to support virtually any health claim – and how this idea transfers to other categories.

20. Best ways to create urgency and inspire immediate response. This is “the red zone.” No value in moving the ball almost all the way down the field.

21. Enclosures, enclosures, enclosures…there are 24 different kinds of extra or loose enclosures to bump response when doing enveloped direct-mail. How to use each one.

22. What we’ve learned about postcards, oversize products, odd size postcards and other non-enveloped mail.

23. Examples of the entire process, from project or product, to the sales thinking that takes place, to the pieces laid out on the table, to final assembly of the sales copy. I’ll show you exactly how to do it. This is going “inside.” Backstage. Having the magician reveal how he does the trick, in slow motion.

24. How to broaden copy appeal without losing its impact. Maybe you have an ad or letter or offer that works only with a precisely matched, small core audience. Can you “tweak” it to work with bigger

numbers? Not always, but often.

25. “As you can see, I’ve sent you a roll of Osama Bin Laden toilet paper. Why have I done such a thing?…” yes, I have a Gold+ VIP Member who actually manufactured the imprinted toilet paper.

You’ll learn all about lumpy mail, object mail, grabbers, etc. You’ll listen to me talking about an

array of great examples.

26. PUT YOUR BUSINESS ON AUTO-PILOT AND PLAY MORE GOLF. Pamela Yellen and I made a discovery while conducting a very high-priced seminar for mukity-muck CEO’s, that is a great demonstration of one of the best copywriting strategies practiced repeatedly by Ted Nicholas. Subway recently reinvented its entire business using this same strategy. If you fully grasp it, it’ll change the way you look at your business and every product or service you offer.

27. LET ME GIVE YOU THE KEYS TO “UNLOCKING” #26. Knowing about #26 isn’t much good if you can’t USE #26. I’ll give you four keys to unlocking “#26” in any product, service or business, to uncovering what you can’t see that is more saleable than what is seen. Like a person trying one key after

another on a key ring to open a lock, you can try these four keys on each product, and one of them will open it up. (This little key ring alone could be more valuable to you than the entire fee for the CDs and Manuals of the Boot Camp.)

28. What’s in my ‘weapons bag’? I have hundreds of books, manuals and courses, dictionaries, etc., plus a wall-to-wall ‘swipe file.’ But there are only about a dozen resources on the bookshelf closest to my desk, that I refer to most frequently. I’ll tell you about the resources I rely on most. As well as the newest ones I’ve found. (Here’s a new one I’m using a little. It’s called “The Describer’s Dictionary” by David Grambs,

published by Norton. I think it’s about fifteen bucks.) I’ll also introduce you to some very obscure resources you’d never think of consulting on your own, that could make you a much more powerful persuasive force.

29. How to critically analyze ads or sales letters to find the flaws. Do your own critiques.

30. “THE BIG THREE” – the three things you must get right and devote the greatest percentage of time, words, space and emphasis to, to make an ad, letter, FAX, web site, etc. work. You can also write copy a lot faster if you do these three first.

31. RESPONSE DOUBLERS – the specific tactics most likely to increase response exponentially rather than incrementally.

32. DON’T STEP IN DOGMA. The “rules” you’ve heard about copy that are not true.

And there’s a whole lot more.
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”

You will also hear a top-notch team of guest speakers, panelists and “show-n-tell’ers”, including legendary copywriter John Carlton. However, you’ll be hearing directly from ME over 80% of the entire time. This was MY Boot Camp, MY methods for copywriting and sales-thinking that you’ll be getting to use as your own. I will attempt to equip you in every way possible to do what I do, as effectively as I do it. It’s impossible. But I will do my darndest to do it anyway.

When we ship you this money-making product it will arrive with a very hefty Manual, full of examples, models, resources and tools.

Brace Yourself,

This Was A Very “Expensive” Boot Camp.

Of course, expensive is always relative….isn’t it?

Sometimes people are wholly unreasonable about judging whether something is “expensive” or not. I frequently have a doctor tell me he’s cutting back the size of his yellow pages ad because it costs $2,000.00 a month and that’s “too expensive.” When confronted with rock solid evidence that the ad produces $6,000.00 a month in business, he still says it’s too expensive. Then he gets in his Jaguar, a $56,000.00 car made by Ford, and drives home. Sigh.

In this Boot Camp, I taught my most valuable skill. It simply had to be pricey. After much thought, I arrived at $3,995.00. (But don’t worry…since you were not there in person, I’m not going to ask you to invest $3,995.00)

But let me ask you a question. Just based on the list of 32 items that I listed above (plus I revealed so much more) what would the information that I shared at the Boot Camp be worth to you?

How about a small percentage of the $3,995.00 fee that I charged attendees… just $1397.00  $997 FOR A LIMITED TIME(Hurry before I change my mind).

You’re not REALLY thinking the fee is too high, are you?

Well if you are…you’re just cheating yourself. Unless you’re in the ten cent shoelace business, increasing results from your ads and sales letters even a little’ll recoup this. It’s only the postage for 2,500 sales letters. For a lot of you, just ONE customer, client or patient you wouldn’t get otherwise is enough. But, again, don’t think about just recouping the fee. Think multiplying it. Think getting it back 100 times over. Plan to discover a couple of major breakthroughs that will make you gobs and gobs and gobs of money.

Happens with my copy strategies ALL THE TIME!
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”

Guy running an industrial crane company, struggling, with sales reps, trade shows. He did his first mailing “my way” to 1,655 prospective accounts in 1997, and brought in over $250,000.00. In his letter to me, he attributed a 340% annual increase in sales to sending out his letters. Or the retailer who cut advertising expenses by $7,000.00 but increased sales by 21% – with better copy. These and many other letters and reports are in that little yellow book ‘A Lifetime Of Amazing Results.’ These are NORMAL RESULTS when somebody grabs onto my strategies. And these have been produced with far less assistance than you’re going to get in the CD’s of two intense, jam-packed days.

I doubt we have a “value problem.”

If anything stops you, if you’re honest, it’ll either be just not “wanting” to invest less than a thou, or an “I can’t afford it” reaction. And you probably know what I’m going to say about that before I say it: if you feel like you can’t afford this, that IS the mandate to do it, so you never again need to be financially embarrassed or agonize over a ten buck a day investment.

The millionaires amongst my Members were all there. They were among the first to register. The best copywriters were all there. Arguably, the folks who need to be there the least were there.

Most businesses are just one great ad or sales letter away from total transformation. Many individuals’ entire lives are transformed by acquiring the skill to put together such ads or sales letters.

If you’re “cash tight” and tempted not to invest in this information, bluntly, think again.
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”

Why I Flew All Night To Hear A 90-Minute Speech

I have an old cartoon stuck on the wall of my office. It’s yellowed and frayed. Been up there for years. It has three panels. First panel: two golfers watching a third golfer drive his ball into the lake. Second panel: the two golfers watching the third guy stalk into the lake, disappearing under the water. Third panel: The two golfers watching the third guy stalking out of the lake, sopping wet, ball in hand. One says to the other: “That’s why he’s the president and we’re vice-presidents.

Early in my career in direct marketing, Richard Thalheimer, the founder of ‘The Sharper Image’ catalog was speaking at a day-long seminar in San Francisco. I think it cost $1,000.00 or $1,500.00 to attend. I was speaking the night before in Chicago, getting done about 10:00 at night. I flew a ‘red eye’, landed in Oakland at 8:30AM, jumped on a helicopter to the basin, a cab up the hill, and got to The Fairmont with only minutes to spare, to listen to him speak for about 90 minutes. I took one ‘note.’ Not ‘notes’ plural. I wrote down just one thing. But that one thing was profoundly important and valuable to me. It led to one of the marketing principles I’ve taught for over 20 years. It has made me a great deal of money. But if you want some real blunt truth, it’s being the type of person willing to go to such extraordinary effort and pay whatever the price to get that next piece of the puzzle that was and is infinitely more valuable than the piece acquired itself. If you’re still curious about what really separates the wanna-be’s from the have’s, I just told you. Like it or not.

Once again the fee to invest in you is NOT the $3,995.00 I charged people to attend. No…you can invest just $1397.00 $997.00 FOR A LIMITED TIME.
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”

Why am I seriously offering such a generous discount off of the original registration fee? Because I truly believe the information I revealed at this Boot Camp is the most valuable of any that I’ve ever offered, I’m bending over backward to remove obstacles (excuses) for not investing.

Now, complete the Order Form and get it in!!!

Can You Afford NOT To Invest In This Information?

About eight weeks ago, responding to material sent in to me with a Critique Coupon, I suggested adding a nine sentence paragraph to an already profitable newspaper ad. In the first two weeks, the “new” ad produced 11% greater response, equating to $22,430.00 in added revenue. JUST ONE LITTLE THING. For another client last year I made one “tiny” change to his order form – so far, that’s provided over $160,000.00 of added profits. ONE THING. After listening and applying the information you will hear from this Boot Camp, you’ll be able to spot opportunities just like these, to change just one thing, and pull tens of thousands of dollars “out of that hat” by doing so.

If you invest much at all in advertising or direct-mail now or will in the future, you really can’t afford to miss this. The cost of investing pales in comparison to the cost of NOT investing.

You may be just ONE great sales letter or ad away

from your next big goal. From a fortune. And just one

skill away from financial freedom.

I got this FAX from Platinum Member Jeff Gardner, when he registered to attend:

“A few years before I joined Platinum, I attended your previous copywriting boot camp, and the information revealed was priceless.

Since that boot camp, I’ve generated hundreds of thousands of dollars using your copy tricks and strategies. Just recently I wrote my very first ‘million dollar sales letter.’ It has brought in one million dollars!!! – thanks to some of your unique techniques.

So count me in. I’d be foolish not to be there for this one.”

So would you be foolish not to hear what I shared.


Dan Kennedy

Dan S. Kennedy
“Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp”

PS: The last time I was getting my hair cut, my stylist, who has been cutting hair for more than 20 years, was jabbering on about the pair of scissors she was agonizing over buying. These scissors are fit to each stylist’s grip. Have a swivel thumb. A coated finger-grip to prevent calluses. Made of titanium and blue cobalt, so they never dull. And they cost – $375.00 !!!!

Actually, Sharon tells me run-of-the-mill “ordinary” hair stylists’ scissors cost at least $150.00. These much superior scissors cost $375.00. To get fully equipped, with the best tools, the scissors, the clippers, the dryer, the other gizmos and gadgets you need these days just to cut hair costs nearly as much as attending this Boot Camp did! Incredible.




JOHN CARLTON has been a top freelance copywriter for 21 years, and has worked with direct marketing “gurus” like Gary Halbert and Jay Abraham, huge direct response advertisers often running as many as four or five full-page ads in the same magazines, even “crossed over” to work behind the scenes for big name Madison Avenue ad agencies – sneaking in and out of the back doors to delivery copy that works, that the agency’s in-house writers were incapable of producing. John even became a “legend” in the ad agency world for being able to deliver entire direct-mail campaigns’ copy overnight….if you’ve screwed around and screwed around and have the client coming in at 10 AM tomorrow and you got nuthin’, who you gonna call? John Carlton. One of the things that has undoubtedly contributed to John’s high level of success in writing copy is his extraordinarily diverse life experience, including stints as lead guitarist in a rock and roll band, newspaper cartoonist, hitchhiking hippie, and deep sea salmon fisherman. Through it all, an inquisitive, astute observer and “cataloguer” of human behavior. John has traveled the world. Worked side by side with Halbert. Literally forced big companies to do marketing that actually works.

John’s successful ads and direct-mail campaigns have sold a very diverse range of goods and services, including “high end”, high priced financial advisory newsletters to sophisticated investors, how-to-fight videos by ex-Navy SEAL commandos to the “black belt” and “soldier of the fortune” crowd, diet and health products, even a “better sex guide” – and that sales letter for one of the biggest mailers in America ruled as the unbeatable ‘control’ for five years, an eternity in big time direct marketing.

John commands extremely high fees and is very selective about clients and projects. He is a recluse, and cannot even be reached by phone, period. He does not seek the spotlight, only occasionally accepts a speaking engagement, and agreed to this one – and to assist with the hands-on Workshop as well – somewhat under duress. John and I have known each other for years, dating back to both of us working at Gary Halbert’s $7,000.00 per-person seminars. I prodded him into this as a favor. It is very unlikely you will ever have comparable opportunity to hear John expound on his most powerful advertising and sales strategies, be quizzed by me, and answer questions.

A few comments –

“John has created millions in profit for us. We pitted his ads against big city ad agencies, writers with lots of awards – John slaughtered them all. He consistently hits home runs for us. 20-to-1 return in profit is not unusual.”

– R. Pierece, CEO, Tactical Response Solutions

“Easily the most exciting and effective copywriter I’ve ever dealt with. Utterly fearless in creating new ads.”

– Dr. Michael O’Leary, President, CHP Golf, Inc.

“This is a rare opportunity to hear powerful – and usually secret –

information from a brilliant recluse with a proven track record.”

– Joe Polish, Piranha Marketing Inc.

My own comment is that John is a copywriter that I would hire, and there are damn few of those. Further, I would pay to be in a room to learn from him, and there are even fewer people on that list.

JEFF PAUL is well-known to many of you, so I will give his story and credentials short-shrift. Here is the bottom line: Jeff has become a remarkably adept sales strategist and direct-response copywriter, and has relied largely on those skills to not only sell millions of dollars of goods and services but to engineer and support his utopian lifestyle. Whether selling golf clubs, financial services, information products, whatever, Jeff has mastered “emotional copy” to the nth degree. He has even translated his ability to craft winning pitches to one of the most difficult, challenging selling environments: “live” home shopping BizLearning, on QVC.

INTERNET MARKETERS. I know and acknowledge the high level of interest in making money with the internet. Although this is NOT an Internet seminar, I did devote some time to the do’s, don’ts and what works of transferring strong, effective direct response copy to


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