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Dan Kennedy – Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Boot Camp

Dan Kennedy – Copywriting Mastery and Sales Thinking Bootcamp
[3 Transcripts (PDF) + Presentation Notes (PDF)]

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Dan Kennedy – Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Boot Camp

This is the transcripts and presentation notes for the product uploaded here:

Session 1 Transcript: Fundamentals of Great Copy
Session 2 Transcript: Advanced Copywriting Secrets and Copywriting  for the Internet
Session 3 Transcript: Checklists and More Copywriting Mastery Secrets
Presentation Notes: 30 Keys to Copywriting Mastery


Techniques that Will Open Your Mind up to What Writing Great Copy is All About

Become a master at writing persuasive copy by using Dan’s techniques and strategies such as how to use fear, anxiety and guilt to encourage action and how to write a compelling story (a skill that separates journeyman copywriters from the masters). Learn how to effectively use a procedure Dan calls the most powerful sales technique ever invented, how to bond with your reader by using “the enemy in common” technique, how to establish authority with your reader and much, much, much more.

Five Formulas for Creating Great Openings

Instantly capture your reader’s attention by mastering Dan’s five formulas for grabbing the reader by the lapels and not letting go.

How to Preemptively Eliminate the Competition

Use Dan’s Advanced Strategy for methodically undercutting and invalidating every other option your reader might be considering. When done just right, it can skyrocket the conversion power of your copy.

12 Ways to Add Impact to Every Bullet You Write

Writing great bullets is a copywriting art form. Make all your bullets winners by using Dan’s bullet writing tips and techniques.

13 Output Boosting Techniques to get Copy Written Faster

Generate more and better copy in less time and watch your income go through the roof.

Dan’s entire “Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Boot Camp” Presentation

Listen at home or on the go to the nine audio CDs of Dan’s entire Direct Marketing Copywriting and Sales-Thinking Boot Camp. Follow along with both a transcription manual and a manual packed full of Dan’s real-world examples and presentation materials.


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