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Dan Kennedy – Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box

Dan Kennedy – Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box [Bonus DVD Audio Rips]
[Bonus DVD Audio Rips]

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These are audio rips of the Bonus DVD rips provided in the original product. Description from the original product follows below.

Original product:

Bonus taken from the package: 4 videos ripped from DVD (350Mo each)

Dan recently spoke at T.J. and Eileen Rohleder’s 10th Anniversary Marketing & Moneymaking Convention. This event was restricted to 100 of their best clients, each paying $5,000.00 to be there. It featured nationally respected experts on mail-order, direct mail, Internet opportunities, and other entrepreneurial and direct marketing subjects. Each of the speakers has been granted the Rights from the Rohleders to sell the tapes of this unique Convention. But I have decided to give you the tapes FREE! If you are among the first to order the “Deluxe” Seminar Box, you will get virtually the entire 3-day Rohleder Convention on audio tape at no charge. T.J. informed me that he and some of the other speakers are selling this Seminar package for over $1,000.00! But order now and you’ll get it all FREE! You’ll get to eavesdrop on this incredible ½-million dollar event that was restricted to just 100 people, who each paid $5,000.00 to be there!

You’ll see and hear T.J. & Eileen Rohleder, who are VERY savvy copywriters and direct marketers. In their presentation, they discuss the direct mail principles they’ve used to earn over $30 MILLION dollars during the last 10 ten years!

You’ll even see and hear from Michael Kimble who will present his “Successful Mail Order Models”.

You will get Dan’s 3-hour presentation which is titled, “What It Takes To Make $100,000.00 In 100 Days With Information Products”. (Dan’s presentation was great!) You’ll see and hear him talk about successful direct marketing strategies and models I use everyday for my businesses. And more.


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