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Dan Kennedy – Extreme Productivity Blueprint

Dan Kennedy – Extreme Productivity Blueprint
[1 Audio (MP3) + 1 Transcript and Slides (PDF)]

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Dan Kennedy – Extreme Productivity Blueprint


   Renegade Millionaire: Produce More and Make More with Less Stress and Struggle – Get More Done in Less Time!
   What separates the average business person from the extraordinarily successful one? Dan Kennedy says that the most successful people make sure to squeeze everything they can out of every moment. So what’s stopping the rest of us from being extremely productive ? For most people, it’s the awareness of the common barriers to extreme productivity and the tested ways to overcome them. Recorded at the recent Super Conference, Dan’s Extreme Productivity Blueprint may be just the ticket you need to really soar in business.

       Blueprint topics include:

       The real reason people lack ambition
       The virtues of being an extremist
       Common productivity drain-holes
       Best extreme productivity rules

   The blueprint is delivered to you in three convenient forms, as a DVD, an audio CD, and a printed manual. This way you can watch, listen, or read Dan’s great guidance whenever or wherever you are!

   However you receive the information, by the end of this blueprint, you’ll be well on your way to better focuses yourself and your business, so that you can make the most of every moment toward your goal of super and enduring success.


What You’ll Learn?
   Upon completion of this blueprint, you will be able to:

       Discuss the real reason people lack ambition
       Describe how an extremist mindset is essential for extreme productivity
       Give examples of things that interfere with productivity
       Put in practice ways to assure your own extreme productivity

Who Is It For?
   This blueprint is for any business person who feels that each day slips away before he or she has accomplished much of anything to advance the business. It’s for anyone who finds it hard to say “no” or delegate, even when these are essential actions.
What You Get

       A transcription manual
       An audio CD

   This blueprint consists of 2 components. The following times are approximate.

       A transcription manual – 13 pages
       An audio CD – 20 minutes



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