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DAN KENNEDY – Having The Confidence And Power To Achieve Maximum Dollars And Wealth

DAN KENNEDY – Having The Confidence And Power To Achieve Maximum Dollars And Wealth
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Dan Kennedy Seminar entitled “Having the Confidence and Power to Achieve Maximum Dollars and Wealth”


This is a full-day seminar that I presented in Phoenix, attended by over 220 of my Inner Circle Members, who traveled from as far away as Australia to be there.

I routinely charge upwards of $3,500 for people to attend my events, which typically sell out weeks in advance and the value is so evident that people come thousands of miles to be there.

Now I have to tell you, this particular seminar was a VERY unusual seminar.

While I did talk about the specialty I’m best known for — breakthrough marketing strategies — that’s not all I talked about.

For the first time ever in a seminar, I discussed my PERSONAL philosophies and business practices, responsible for my achieving extraordinary entrepreneurial and financial success.

I even included what I call my “Brass Balls Factors” — the sort of “harsh reality” success information nobody ever talks about publicly… what it REALLY takes to go from scratch to wealth, fast, against all resistance and all obstacles.

But don’t mistake any of this for “self-help pabulum.” This was hard-hitting, “Adults Only” how-to information.

Here is what I said, in my original letter, inviting my Members to the Seminar:

   “This day might be the single most important day of your life, because I’m going to share with you my philosophy, my personal success principles, my entrepreneurial, deal- making, money-making and marketing strategies . . .

   EVERYTHING that has enabled me to be successfully self-employed for 25 years, to rise to the very top of not one but two professions, to create huge incomes and personal wealth.”

How Experiencing This Record Seminar Can Supercharge Your Skills, Skyrocket Your Income And Secure Your Financial Freedom:
You’ll be taken “inside” my personal modus operandi.
You’ll “travel” from A to Z with me, through experiences, as no other audience has done before or will do in the future. Get the synthesis of 25 years of expensive experience and use it as your personal shortcut to your goals.
You will hear a “list” of TEN WEALTH-BUILDING TOOLS for you to apply and use.
You will hear actual examples and case histories of my most prized strategies at work.
You will even hear from a number of my “students” about how they are using my methods in their businesses

Bonus CD’s: 1 – Accomplishing More In 12 Months Than In The Previous 12 Years

                    2 – ACTION! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves

                    3 – Buffy & The Baker

                    4 – How Any Business Can Effectively Use The Internet

                    5 – One Of America’s Most Unusual CEO’s


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