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Dan Kennedy – Influential Writing Workshop – 2007 –

Dan Kennedy – Influential Writing Workshop – 2007
[13 CDs (MP3s) – 3 Manuals (PDF)]

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                                           WILL GET YOU BANNED.

Dan Kennedy’s – Influential Writing Workshop- 2007
13 CDs (MP3s) + 3 Manuals (PDF)

[Excerpt, from: transcript manual]
“There are two, essentially, that you’re going to get, so you will see in your notebook, we’re going to go through 31 principles, or strategies, whatever you wish to call them, that all ultimately comprise a checklist of sorts, because everything that you do in print, the more of the 31 that it is, the better.

Then tomorrow, sometime, I’ll give you my newsletter checklist. Not that it should be necessarily your newsletter checklist, but I’ll take you through mine so you see the foundation on which I try and build mine, and ultimately you will want to keep some of those items. You’ll want to create you own, but although there are a couple people who are very closely, of course, following ours by observation only, and that’s okay too.

You will leave with two actual, detailed checklists that can be used every time you write, and can be stuck up on the bulletin board, and so forth, because I know that obviously is really what everybody wants.

I’m going to talk you through the 31 principles, some of which I have a lot to say about, some of which I don’t have a lot to say about. They’re sort of pretty much self-explanatory. As we go. I did warn everybody this was workshop, not lecture, so there are a crap-load of exercises, most of which you will do by moving to the little round tables, and doing as groups. Only a couple are sort of traditional writing exercises. The rest are actually build-a-bear kind of exercises, meaning that the outcome of them is something you can take with you and use when you get home, and so you will be building resources, not just having experiences to learn from, but you’ll actually be working on your stuff, and working on your businesses, and building resources that you will lake with you that will have value after you’ve left the room.”

This event… is NOT about writing newsletters (there is nothing about newsletters – other than Dan’s own checklist), it is MUCH, MUCH more.

NOTE: This EXCLUSIVE workshop (that you had to qualify for, up-front – just to attend) was offered for sale (1) time at the: April, 2008 – Summit [$3,000.00]

THIS EXCLUSIVE 2007 EVENT, WAS ($12, 700.00) TO ATTEND :wink:

                                                   —  ENJOY —  :smile:


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