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Dan Kennedy – Marketing To The Mass-Affluent – July – Sept 07

July – Sept. Marketing To The Affluent Newsletter
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This is the Marketing to the Affluent Newsletter that comes Every Other Month.  July – Sept. 2007 Issues enclosed.

he No B.S. Marketing-To-The-Mass-Affluent Letter,

published 6 times per year.

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Gold and Gold+ Members may subscribe at 50% off to 60% off the non-member rate, if you do so immediately. And, during the Introductory Enrollment Period, you will also receive my exclusive Special Report: How Do The Rich Think About ‘Bargains’?  The information in this Report will probably surprise you!

Dear Member,

There’s a very good reason we’ve launched this Letter right now.

We are in the midst of a demographic revolution, with the peak of the baby boomer population, the emerging mass-affluent and other trends and changes — all converging to produce a new “Spending Class” of consumers that need to be understood and targeted – by you!

Opportunities to “trade up”….to “upgrade” your clientele, to re-arrange your business, its presentation of products, services and prices to attract upscale, more freely spending consumers have never been better. The retailers’ antidote to big box stores, the professional’s antidote to cheap price competitors, the service companies’ antidote to cheap discounters and bait ‘n switchers is —- the customer for whom price is NOT the issue.  You need to understand them……..realize how abundant and plentiful they are (possibly contrary to your own limited perception)…..and learn to target and attract them. Now.

Text Box:     Personally, I invest over $15,000.00 a year on specialized business and marketing newsletters, research reports, and otherwise acquiring current information just about marketing to the rich and the new, emerging, fast-growing ‘mass affluent’ markets. I wrote about this a bit in the June NO B.S. MARKETING LETTER, and it was one of the eight major subjects we dealt with in-depth at the recent Renegade Millionaire Retreat. I have decided, on my own behalf, and for a cadre of my private clients, to focus on this with even greater zeal in the near future. Rather than keep the net result of all my sifting, sorting, assembling and analyzing of information to myself and a few private clients, I’ve decided to share a synthesis every other month via this new Letter.

The subscription fee for the Letter may seem a bit stiff at first glance.  It will be offered separately to non-members at $600.00 per year, $50.00 per issue.

Keep in mind, this is really about acquiring the ideal customer, client or patient. Ideal because they are not price or fee resistant. Price matters, but never as determining factor. And, because birds of a feather do flock together, and because the higher up the ladder of affluence you go, the more they tend to require referrals or peer endorsement to choose a seller, one of these customers is worth a high multiple over your median or average customer. In most businesses, the LCV (Lifetime or Long-Term Customer Value) for one such ideal customer must exceed $600.00, probably more like $3,000.00+. So just one customer gained as result of the specialized information and instruction in this Letter can reimburse for the entire subscription for a full year, three years, five years, maybe even ten years. Isn’t it impossible to hear from me and my hand-picked experts and luxury marketing ‘winners’ six times during the year and fail to have it produce one great customer????

And you need not pay the $600.00 fee.

A Gold Member may add this to their Membership at just $29.97 per month. A Gold+ Member may add it at just $19.97 per month. Simply FAX back the Enrollment Form. (This is an introductory rate guaranteed to increase, but you are “locked in” and guaranteed against any increase for at least 2 years.)

Of course, one “big spender customer” gained for just about any business repays this  small investment. But the value consideration here goes far beyond break-even. You have to look at it as hiring me and my team to gather, sift, sort and share relevant information with you, not just as paying for pages of paper and ink. If you do, then you’ll obviously agree that to have me advise you on marketing to the mass-affluent and affluent for about six hours a year, for this small fee is indeed a bargain. (If consulting, that would cost you over $4,800.00. So think of it as approximately a  $4,500.00 discount.)

A sample Issue is enclosed. Future issues will include a lot from me but also material from other contributors, from our own members/subscribers who are successfully marketing to these target groups in interesting ways, to recognized, leading experts and authorities on ‘luxury marketing’ in a wide variety of fields. Each 8-Page Issue will contain news, commentary, resources, how-to strategies, examples, and one ‘Big Lesson’ and/or case history and/or a ‘Field Trip Of The Month.’  Almost all of what is included in this publication will NOT be in any of the other newsletters or inserts.

(Incidentally, I am usually opposed to selling by sample, but in this instance, I do think the obvious high value of the content speaks for itself – and I trust our own Members to have the good sense to recognize it.)

Who MUST subscribe?  Anyone with strong, serious interest in reaching more affluent, less price conscious customers or clients, with more precise target marketing, more appropriate and welcomed messages. Certainly this includes….

Financial advisors and investment professionals

Dentists, chiropractors, other health care professionals


Real Estate Agents

Artists and Photographers


Luxury Goods Retailers

Home Service Businesses

Those marketing to Parents

Kitchen and Home Remodelers


        Why wouldn’t you subscribe?  A legitimate reason would be complete, utter and total incongruency with your business. If you own $1.00 stores, for example. Otherwise, the reasons to say ‘no’ are, frankly, probably mistakes. Some fear trying to sell to the affluent. Some insist there are none in their area. Some are too lazy to do anything with the information. Some are too disorganized to capitalize on information. Some too cheap. Only you can decide into which group you fit.  I can, of course, tell you in advance, by name, who the first 100 or so subscribers will be – racing to their FAX machines. I know them by name because they are our “superstars”….Gold and mostly Gold+ Members who really “get It”, who are vociferous acquirers and users of information, who make more money with greater ease each and every time they pay attention to me….many, the Members you read about again and again in The No B.S. Marketing Letter, who never miss a Gold+ call, never miss an event….and keep getting smarter, faster, more adept, and richer month after month, year after year. They will grab this, they will make the time to use it, they will act on the ideas, and you’ll wind up reading about them in this Letter too. Their behaviors neither coincidental or accidental, but causative of their success. Again, you get to decide which group you prefer being part of.

        A quick personal aside: you might think the launch of this additional Letter in conflict with my talk of retirement. It is not. You will learn a lot just by carefully observing me. But to clarify, I am retiring to something, to do certain things, not just to retire, period. The first huge shift in my business life was to replace frequent and constant travel with other activities permitting me to travel little, stay home a lot, and race my horses. I’ve made that change successfully. The next major shifts are to focus on researching and writing, and make writing my main occupation, and to be of greater value to fewer people, to be of greatest value to the people at the top of our pyramid, those who want, value and use information.

        Anyway, this is an opportunity to be with me as I turn more of my attention and focus to a particular type of customer or client.

        Those who have really been with me while I’ve been focusing on a particular type of marketing have prospered enormously.

        In more recent years, those who’ve been with me while I’ve focused more on a particular set of entrepreneurial skills and behaviors have prospered even more.

        Now you can be with me as I focus on  a particular type of customer or client, on a market segment.

        Also, in this context, we will naturally be looking at the entire subject of ‘price’ and ‘presentation of price.’  Those of you who have paid attention to what I’ve preached and shown and even invented regarding price, presentation, raising prices have already fattened your bank accounts. Many are charging 200% to 1,000% more for their services and goods than they imagined possible.  Believe it or not at the moment, I am confident, no, certain there’s still opportunity to increase your profit margins  even more, as we focus on more precise target marketing to affluent and mass-affluent buyers.

        You won’t want to miss an Issue of this Letter.

        Subscribe now: FAX the Enrollment Form   to: 410-825-3301.  Hurry, to qualify for a free copy of my exclusive, eye-opening Special Report:  How Do The Rich Think About ‘Bargains’? – and to get the introductory rate, locked in against increase for at least two years.


        Dan Kennedy

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PS: Don’t miss my offer to pay you $250.00 CASH, in the enclosed Sample Issue.

PPS: If you haven’t heard my riff on choosing to rob convenience stores or mansions, it’s in this Issue too.

PPSS: I don’t NEED  the extra work or more money, so this offer is conditional, and your subscription is conditionally accepted. If, to my shock, we begin with fewer than 300 subscribers, I will NOT go forward with this extra Letter.  You will NOT be charged, of course, unless and until we green-light the publication. Your first month’s charge will coincide with Issue#2 — enclosed is Issue #1.  If we do NOT green-light, you’ll be notified.


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