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Dan Kennedy – SuperConference 2019 Presentations

Dan Kennedy – Super Conference 2019
[2 Audios (MP3)]

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Dan Kennedy – SuperConference 2019 Presentations [2 Audios (MP3)]

This product contains Dan’s 2019 Superconference Sessions. These include:
Session 1: 5 Things No One Else Will Tell You About Money
Session 2: Would Warren Buffett Buy Your Business


Wealth by Entrepreneurship and by Marketing
March 21-23 in Dallas, TX


Getting It Done
How We Plan To 5X Your Investment

This is the 16th Annual Marketing and Money-Making SuperConference℠ and First-EVER Wealth by Entrepreneurship and by Marketing SuperConference. This will be different from anything ever done before. While we always strive to create the best event and deliver breakthrough business concepts that will change your life and business, this year we tasked our team with a specific goal: to AT LEAST 5X’s your SuperConference investment. At this year’s SuperConference, you will receive very detailed, paint-by-number formulas and templates delivered in a hands-on way you can implement immediately to make money. You’ll also discover how to remove obstacles and hurdles standing in your way. Important because — Eliminating obstacles standing between money and you can be more powerful than adding any new strategies, products, or work.

How do we plan to do that?

We are doing things that have never been done before.

At our first-ever Wealth by Entrepreneurship and by Marketing focused SuperConference, we are bringing in not one, not two, but an unprecedented FOUR celebrity speakers who will be there to tell you how they did it and how you can too. Steve Forbes needs no introduction. He will share how he’s built his authority, becoming one of the most respected economic forecasters leading the world’s most influential business websites and publications. Self-made billionaire, Ken Fisher founded and runs the largest independent and founder-run money management firm which he started with only $250 and grew it by building a MARKETING “MACHINE”. Now one of the richest men in the world, Ken has had an illustrious career witnessing everything from the stock market crash of 1987 to the bull markets of the 1980s and 1990s to the tech bubble of 2000 and the global market meltdown in 2008. Alan Mulally, also self-made, was not only the CEO at Boeing when 9/11 happened where 50% of their orders were wiped out in one day, but was the CEO of Ford doing something no one, not even Bill Ford, the great-grandson of company founder Henry Ford, could do. From a $17 billion loss when he started to a $20 Billion net profit and the most profitable automobile company in the world when he left 8 years’ later, he got 400,000 employees working together. He’ll also be handing the keys over to a 2019 Ford Mustang. Will it be you?  And then there’s Cordia Harrington. Growing up dirt poor, she made one brilliant move after another, starting as a single entrepreneur quickly evolving into a team and building a $100 million dollar a year company from her personal investment of $578.

As marketers, we expect you to upsell and we wouldn’t be setting a good example to you if we didn’t try to upsell you on occasion. But here’s the thing, our focus at the Marketing & Money-Making SuperConference will be on powerful training about money and wealth. Step-by-step formulas you can instantly implement to make more money. None of the speakers we are bringing in will sell anything. There will be optional, sponsored meal functions and an expert and resource marketplace. While there will be offers, you will NOT need to purchase anything additional to 5X your investment.

You’ll be blown away with what we have in store for you—inspiring speakers combined with actionable, step-by-step formulas, hands-on intensives with take-home, how-to workbooks that include the steps and templates you need to succeed. Plus, we have a few surprises in store you won’t want to miss! So, read on and see if you can find all the wealth tips we’ve hidden inside this special SuperConference page.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,
Dan Kennedy, No B.S. Inner Circle Founder


5 Things
NO ONE ELSE Will Tell You

People who follow Dan Kennedy already know a lot, have read a lot and have heard a lot about his “special relationship” with Money. It is a core, central and foundational aspect of his own success and the successes he has in work with clients, regularly and routinely raising them from 6-figure to 7-figure incomes, from million dollar to centi-million dollar all the way to a half billion dollar net worth. While his marketing acumen and methods get most of the credit, he asserts it is deep study of and understanding of the mind and behavior of Money that underlies it all.

IN THE WEALTH ZONE @ SuperConference, Dan will present multiple presentations including an entirely new collection of facts, principles, and strategies for entrepreneurs: 5 Things NO ONE ELSE Will Tell You About MONEY, That You Desperately Need To Know.

As you probably know, Kennedy does not mince words, deal in lofty and vague concepts or academic theory, or worry about offending, and will not do so here in The Wealth Zone. Instead, you can count on him being confrontational, challenging you to re-think how you relate to money, and tasking you with specific actions to take to expand and accelerate your wealth attraction and accumulation. There will be no pie charts, bar graphs or mathematical formulas to numb your mind and glaze your eyes. Nothing you would EVER hear or get in a university classroom or from your CPA, financial advisor or tax lawyer. His “system” has come from direct, personal experience of initiating, building and growing a fortune from scratch, leveraging made from scratch skills; being broke and dumb about money before getting smart about it and rich. His concrete recommendations have also evolved from and been validated by 45+ years’ working in the trenches with from scratch millionaire and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs in the most diverse and eclectic range of businesses and professions imaginable. Because he has traveled these paths, you can trust his navigational directions.

The mythology of money perpetrated and promoted by a number of interest groups, Machiavellian charlatans, incompetents, and idiots irritates Kennedy to no end. This presentation rips the mythology to shreds. You will never again think about money as you did when you entered his room!


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