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Dan Lok – Dan on Demand

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Dan Lok – Dan on Demand

Dan Lok is a Chinese-Canadian business magnate and global educator best known for being the founder and chairman of – the world’s #1 SaaS platform which connects companies to closers. Beyond, Mr. Lok has led several global movements to redefine modern education where Mr. Lok has taught men and women from 130+ countries to develop high income skills, unlock true financial confidence and master their financial destinies.

Beyond his success in business, Mr. Lok was also a two times TEDx opening speaker. An international best-selling author of over a dozen books. A member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO) – a private group of global chief executives who’s companies employ 16 million people and generate 6-trillion USD in annual revenues. And he is also the host of The Dan Lok Show – a series featuring billionaire tycoons and millionaire entrepreneurs.

Today, Mr. Lok continues to be featured in thousands of media channels and publications every year and is widely seen as one of the top business leaders by millions around the world.

Dan Lok makes it super simple for aspiring entrepreneurs and veteran entrepreneurs alike to find more success and fulfillment in less time without the usual frustration & stress.

What Can Dan Lok Help You With?
Over 24+ hours of training dedicated to giving you the tools to create a better business and life are waiting for you!

3 Steps To A Better Business & Life
Dan On Demand™ has all the resources to completely transform your life & business and put you on the fast track. Over the next 12 months Mr. Lok takes you through these 3 easy steps to find the success you want.

It all starts with the mindset. Once you get the mindset right you can do anything.

Once you get the right mindset, you’ll discover the skills you need to find more success and fulfillment in life and in your business

Work smarter. Not harder. You can take your mindset and skillset and turn it into a scalable and profitable business.

Dan On Demand™ FAQ
What is Dan On Demand™?
Dan On Demand™ is a virtual training program where every month you receive Mr. Lok’s best lessons in the form of LIVE online events. From time to time he features guest speakers to give you the most rounded and fun approach to learning.
How much does it cost?
An annual membership of Dan On Demand™ is $1,995.
What’s included in Dan On Demand™?
– Every month for the next 12 months you receive a virtual ticket to each LIVE online event with Dan Lok – each going in-depth into different topics and sometimes featuring guest trainers and speakers.

– You receive the official recordings of six of Mr. Lok’s most powerful LIVE online events.

– You receive access to the official Dan On Demand™ Facebook community where you can meet, network, and connect with like-minded people across the globe.

– And much, much more.
Do I have to attend in person?
No! You can attend the LIVE online events from the comfort of your own home.
Do I receive recordings for each LIVE online event?
Yes! You receive the recordings for each LIVE online event.


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