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Dan Lok – Long Lost Sales Letters w/ All Bonuses

Long Lost Sales Letters
[eBook (PDF) Audio (MP3)]

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Full Package with all eBooks and Bonuses. I went for the $99 Option. I hope everyone likes this one.


Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, it’s now easier than ever to simply plug your sales message into a proven, red-hot professionally-written sales letter and get it delivered in a hurry to your customers and prospects…

…without paying one red cent to an expensive copywriter!

Imagine that in the period of time that it takes you to write out your monthly bills; you could instead whip out a powerful sales letter that will generate hundreds or thousands of dollars for your business.

Just think – no more cold-calling grunt work.

No more placing the future of your business in the shaky hands of a bumbling and expensive sales force…

Instead you’ll be sitting back, relaxed – savoring the thrill of having qualified, interested prospects contacting you – ready to give you money… instead of your competitors.

A powerful, proven sales letter will do all of this:

It will find hot prospects, overcome their objections, sell them on doing business with you, and lead them to your door like a trusty dog bringing a newspaper to his master’s feet.

And best of all, a winning sales letter will bring money to your bank account day-in-day-out, with NO complaining, NO vacations and NO asking for a raise!


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