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Dan O’Day – Hypnotic Advertising (Radio Copywriting)

Dan O’Day – Hypnotic Advertising
[4 CDs (30 x MP3)]

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Dan O’Day – Hypnotic Advertising (Radio Copywriting)

In this extraordinary, groundbreaking, four-hour audio seminar — recorded in-studio, for maximum clarity — Dan O’Day takes you deep into the minds of consumers and demonstrates simple yet powerful methods of communicating your sales message on both a conscious and an unconscious level.

(The title is no joke; O’Day’s post-graduate studies were in hypnosis, and he was the first “radio person” ever certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner!)

Here’s just a brief sampling of what you’ll learn….

Associations vs. Facts
Synaptic Invasion Techniques
Hebbian Connections
Widening the Base of Neurological Contact
Hypnotic Techniques
The Roger Bannister Effect
Altered Perceptions = Altered Reactions
The Closure Principle
What “Recovered Memory Phenomenon” means to your advertising
Eidetic vs. Constructed Images
Involvement Techniques
Secret Power of Sound Effects
Kinesthetic Involvement
Auditory Reinforcement
Visual Coding
Empathetic Identification
Emotional Triggers
Anticipatory Surprise
Emotional Memory Markers
Micromuscular Rehearsal Effects
Polarity Response
Audio Image Generators
Learning via metaphors
Pacing & Leading
Conversational Postulates
Age Regression
Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic Language
Preferred Sense Modalities
Verbal Clues: Visual
Verbal Clues: Auditory
Verbal Clues: Kinesthetic
How to Identify Your Client’s Preferred Sense Modality…Before You Ever Meet!
As usual, Dan O’Day illustrates the principles he teaches with powerful audio examples — more than 100 actual commercials to make sure you understand the principles and hear how easily (and powerfully) you can apply them to your work.

And as always, O’Day focuses only on advertising techniques that deliver measurable results for advertisers.

You won’t be learning hypothetical “theories;” you’ll learn real-world, actionable techniques you can begin using immediately to double and triple the effectiveness of your advertising.…

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