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Dan Sullivan / Strategic Coach – The 4 Cs

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I have so appreciated all of the Dan Sullivan content here – and when I saw that this eBook hadn’t yet been added, I thought I would upload it for y’all. It adds a great filter for looking at how progress is made – where/why/how breakthroughs happen. It’s a quick read, with some useful insight.

Taken from the Strategic Coach Website:

Use the 4 Cs formula to continually make bigger and bigger entrepreneurial breakthroughs.

In The 4 C’s Formula, Dan Sullivan shares his simple and universal process for achieving bigger and better goals and always making your future bigger than your past.

Through the 4 C’s—Commitment, Courage, Capability, and Confidence—you can create 10x breakthroughs and avoid the traps of complacency and courage-avoidance that many successful entrepreneurs fall into. Take your business and life to the next level with this model for consistent entrepreneurial growth.


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