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Dan Sullivan – The Procrastination Priority

The Procrastination Priority
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Dan Sullivan – The Procrastination Priority


Procrastination Priority
Dan Sullivan shows how to transform a frequent source of stress — procrastination — into your greatest asset for moving forward with your goals.

This little book will enable you to perform a mindset miracle in the 60 minutes it takes to read it. This remarkable shift will come from seeing every kind of procrastination in your life — past, present, and future — as a uniquely transformative growth opportunity. Instead of feeling embarrassed, guilty, paralyzed, or isolated by procrastination, you’ll now realize that something extraordinary is possible.

Not only is procrastination not a negative part of your life, it’s the guaranteed trigger for your most creative and productive achievements. You’ll discover from this very fast read that procrastination can permanently become your best way each night to know with confident certainty what your three most important priorities for achievement will be for tomorrow — for the rest of your life.


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