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Danny Warner – The Blogging Cash Machine

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This eBook is like a more substantial version of Blogging to the Bank. Definitely a good resource to the technically challenged, as Danny Warner shows you exactly how to add Adsense in different areas of the Blogger page and that sort of thing. Also contains SEO information, keyword research etc. Best ebook on blogging for my money.


“Danny is one of my top Affiliates.

Last month Danny earned over $8,900 in commissions promoting my Google Cash ebook through his Blogs.

I recently read The Blogging Cash Machine.. Wow! What an incredible way to make money online using Blogs.

Danny, did an excellent job explaining step by step how you do it, and more importantly how others can easily duplicate his results.

I recently applied his techniques and have already been getting excellent results. Thanks for this great resource!

Chris Carpenter – author “Google Cash”

From: Danny Warner
April 8. 2006

Dear Internet Friend,

The Blogging Cash Machine system you are about to learn can be used to start making money right away even without owning a website or a product. If you already own a website and want to increase traffic to your site this program is also for you. My system can be used from anywhere in the world and if you follow my step by step instructions you can start making a substantial income in a very short time.

The instructions are not difficult to follow, and even if you are new to the Internet I will show you how to start making money immediately. I’ve used these methods for two years to change my life, and my families’ life, and I want to share them with you so you can also change your life.

Due to the high amount of scams on the Internet I don’t blame you for wondering if this is another “one of those scams”. People are getting scammed everyday by get rich schemes and people should be afraid of being scammed. Let me assure you this is not a scam like a lot of the products on the web. This is a tested and proven method for making money online and increasing internet traffic that anyone can do.

I stand behind this book and system and I welcome the opportunity to prove to you its validity. I also offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this book. What more insurance could you want? So if you are ready to learn how to make money online through a proven system read on. If you aren’t serious about making money from home or changing your life, don’t waist my time! I only want to work with people that are ready to change their lives.

Let Me Share My Story With You …

Up until 2 years ago I worked in an office putting in at least 50 hour work weeks. I dealt with never ending deadlines, meetings and bosses that blamed everyone but themselves. I couldn’t wait for each and every weekend to come so I could leave work and the office behind for a couple of days.

One thing I did do at my office job was I used the Internet for everything. I started studying different ways to make money using the Internet and became passionate about blogging. I would get ideas and not sleep for days because I would be so excited about testing the new ideas. Eventually I started earning money by using different techniques and I was able to quit my sterile corporate job. After working for myself I came up with several techniques to earn money on the Internet that changed my life forever.

I realized anybody can do this (even if you don’t know the definition of a blog, and even if you hate to write) and I decided I wanted to show people how they can make large amounts of money from home so they too can change their lives. I’m very passionate about helping others get out of the 9-5 rat race and change their lives to more fulfilling lives. I’ve helped hundreds of people change their lives thus far and I’m only just beginning.

In one month I now earn over $30,000 dollars due to the system I created. I won’t lie and say you don’t have to do anything to make this money. You do have to work at least an hour a day, but if you use my system an hour or two a day continually I guarantee you too will be working out of your home making a good living and spending more time with your loved ones.

Anyone Can Do This!
You’ll never need to build or maintain a website!
You’ll never need to talk to customers or email them!
You’ll never need to carry any inventory or create your own products!
You’ll never need to send Spam to anyone.
You’ll never need to do any selling!
You’ll never have to work a set schedule!
You’ll never have to work for a boss!

What is your dream?

If you are like me you dream of being with your family, playing, camping, relaxing and traveling, all with a bank account that is constantly growing.

My program allows you to do all of the above. The beauty of my program is that it allows you to work for a couple of days, “turn the cash switch on” and then do something else while money flows into your bank account.

You can do this program from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Right now I know people using my program from Asia to Australia.

The Blogging Cash Machine gives you the tools and the steps to turn the Internet into a cash machine! Even if you’ve tried other programs and haven’t made any money online, you will succeed with The Blogging Cash Machine.

“Last Month I Made More Money Following Your Steps Than I Did From My Day Job”

Dear Danny,

Your Book is amazing. Thank you!

I hadn’t made any money off the internet until I started using the principles taught in your book.

Last month I made more money from the Internet following the steps in your book than I did from my day job.

Thank you so much for sharing your secrets and writing a book that even an Internet newbie like myself can understand and follow.

Tina Neilson
Houston, TX

So What is The Blogging Cash Machine and How Can it Earn You a Full Time Income From A Part-Time Effort?

The Blogging Cash Machine ebook is a step by step guide which details the exact roadmap I use to create a massive income online using free blogs to generate heaps of free traffic to affiliate sites, earning me over $30,000 per month.

Here’s some of the exciting information covered in
The Blogging Cash Machine:

Known FACT: There is a lot of money to be made on the Internet. There are over 50,000 companies that pay people to promote their products. These companies are very generous with paying people who help them sell their products.

You can sell these products by using Blogs. The great thing about Internet blogs is that the most popular blogs are created by people like you and me. The blogging community doesn’t care if you are a good writer or well versed. In fact, people like you and me enjoy reading blogs from people like you or me. It’s more personable, friendlier and more profitable.

Chose the right products to sell? I will show you proven simple techniques for choosing lucrative products. These techniques are fail proof and will guarantee money in the bank.

What if you don’t like to write (like myself)? If you don’t like to write you don’t need to, other people write for you. You can use their writing for free and they actually want you to use their writings. Let the writers write, while you set up blogs that make huge profits.

I will show you how to set up blogs (easy for anyone, just ask my nephiew Max 8 years old), get free content and turn those blogs into money making sales pages.

So you have a blog up but no traffic. No problem! I will show you step by step how to have thousands of visitors to your blogs. My techniques for getting traffic to blogs are unique and comprehensive. I’ve purchased every book out on blogging and have intensively studied them for the last two years.

Through my studies I’ve tested and kept the best methods for blog traffic and created my own. I encourage anybody to buy a competitors book. Why? Because you will read their book and come back to my book and realize that it was a waist of money and you will never buy any other book on blogging but mine.
Keyword for Blogs. I am going to share with you why this is the best kept secret of blogging. People making money from blogs are already mad at me for sharing these secrets. I say the Internet is so large and growing everyday, why not share the secrets, it will only help my readers and the purpose of this book is to help my readers change their lives forever.
Let Google Pay for your Blogs. That’s right I’m going to show you how to use Google to pay for your blogs. They will pay you every two weeks. I show you several different techniques on this and it’s the safest way to make money on the Internet. I’ll even show you how to use Google to pay for the marketing of your Blog…They want to help you out. When they help you, you are helping them.

Protect yourself from Google: Even though Google will pay for your blogs and help you market them, they can also shut down your blog.

I will show you how to protect yourself from this happening.

Let me make one thing clear right now. This ebook is not full of fluff! Most ebooks tell you one or two good points but you have to read through hundreds of pages and sort through the fluff. I don’t have any fluff in my book. Like I said I wrote this book to help you change your life.

Everything in the book does that. It teaches you how to make money and gets right to the point. I don’t want to write fluff and you don’t want to read it.

A Note for Successful Bloggers! If you are making good money from blogging right now and think I’m crazy for sharing this information let me say this, “I’m not crazy but I am revolutionary. I’ve already made my money on blogs and will continue to do so. I no longer am worried about competition or my bank account.

What I want to do is help people change their lives. I want to help people get away from their systematic boring 9-5 jobs and change there lives to something better and more fulfilling. The Internet allows people to do this and I’m showing people how to do it!”

The Internet is huge and growing, everyday new people, products and ideas poor onto the Internet. Telling everyone my secrets will not create too much competition. It’s impossible.

OK enough of that, let’s get back to you and this book. Are you ready to change your life forever? If you are, buy this book and do it. I want to work as a team to help you become successful. If you have any questions with the program or book after you buy it I will always answer your questions. I won’t give up on you! I want to help you!

Let me show you a copy of my earnings so you can see the proof for yourself. How would you feel if this was your pay check?

The Facts
There is no other system on the Internet that teaches you how to make this much money without having to spend a dime to make it.
The The Blogging Cash Machine is by far the easiest way to make money online.
You set it up once and then you let it run making money on Autopilot.


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