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Dantalion Jones – How to Make a Subliminal Web Site Using WordPress

How to Make a Subliminal Web Site Using WordPress – YouTube.mp4
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What is a subliminal message?
A subliminal message is a message that appears so quickly that it is not consciously registered. It is however seen by the subconscious mind, so while it is consciously ignored it increases the likelihood that the message will unconsciously be acted upon. Perhaps you’ve heard the stories of the words “Drink Pepsi” being flashed quickly across the screen of a movie. The goal is to cause people to want to drink more Pepsi without knowing why.
That is a subliminal message.

So wouldn’t you like to have that power when someone goes to your web page?
If you look at most of my web sites you’ll notice that I have an on going interest in the topic of mind control. Subliminal messages are an aspect of mind control that I’ve wanted to be able to exploit on web sites. This ebook will describe the simplest way to create a subliminal web page in the shortest amount of time.

What You’ll Need To Create A Subliminal Web Page
Web site
FTP software
Text editor
A basic knowledge of html code
HTML editor (optional)
Photo editor (optional)
The benefits of this type of subliminal web page are:
Send a “Buy Now” message to the unconscious mind.
Hides affiliate links so that your affiliate link cannot be stolen.
Makes your link more “returnable” when someone thinks they see the subliminal message.
People are  more likely to share the link because they sometimes notice something “strange”.


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