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Daryl Rosser – Immersion by Lion Zeal

Daryl Rosser – Immersion by Lion Zeal
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Daryl Rosser – Immersion by Lionzeal

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Price: $997

Week 1 – The Foundation
In the first week, we’re going to start with the basics, how to setup and position your agency. This should not take more than a week to setup, then you can move onto the work that’ll get you results.

Week 2 – Prospecting
Now the foundation is down, you need to build prospect lists you can contact. This deserves an entire training on it’s own and is the most underrated part of building an agency.

Week 3 – Outreach
Once you’ve built a qualified prospect list, this is how to get yourself in front of them and turn them into leads you can sell to.

Week 4 – Closing
Once you’ve got leads from your outreach, this weeks webinar will show you how to turn them into a paying client.

Week 5 – Delivering Your Services
After you’ve got your first client, you need to know how to rank them.

Week 6 – Managing Your Clients
As well as delivering services, you’ve got to deliver reports to the client, invoice them, and manage the relationship with this.

Week 7 – Multiply Your Clients
This is what I believe to be the easiest way to scale from 4 figures to 5 figures, multiplying what you’re getting from each of your clients.

Week 8 – Outsourcing
To continue growing the business though, you can’t waste your time doing all of the work, you need a team.

Week 9 – Affiliate SEO
If you get sick of clients, or just want to diversify your type of income, I’m a big fan of affiliate SEO and breakdown how I do that in week 9’s training.

Bonus: PBN Mastery
(How to dominate rankings with PBNs)


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