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Dave Kaminski – YouTube Video Ads For Regular People

Dave Kaminski – YouTube Video Ads For Regular People
[41 videos (MP4) 4 Documents (PDF)]

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What’s The Fastest, Easiest and Cheapest Way To Get Traffic To Your Website?

The fastest and easiest way to get traffic to any website…traffic that actually converts into leads and customers…is to use paid advertising.

And the cheapest paid advertising available, without question, is YouTube video ads.


YouTube Video Ads For Regular People
Big surprise, I’m selling a course on how to run video ads on YouTube.  You couldn’t see that coming, could you?

Actually, I’ve been asked countless times “when are you coming out with a course on paid advertising”? And I always said it wasn’t on my roadmap.

So why am I doing this course now? First, because the cost difference between YouTube ads vs. all of the other guys has become beyond glaring.

And not enough people know about this.

And second because “other” training out there on YouTube videos ads is insanely over-priced (think $1,000+ courses). I’ve always told it like it is and I’ll do it again here; if you’re spending that much on a YouTube course, you’re getting screwed by slick marketers.

So I finally decided to publish my own YouTube ads course. And I decided to make it for the regular person…the person who is tired of hearing all of the big-money-for-nothing-promises, doesn’t have time or money to burn and just wants someone to show them what to do without any B.S.

If that sounds like you, then this course is for you.

No Experience Necessary
No Fancy Video Stuff Needed
And Yes, YouTube Ads Will Work For “Your Business”
  • Everything About Video Ad Setup
  • Everything About Making Video Ads
  • Everything About Ad Targeting
  • Everything About Troubleshooting

    Everything You Need To Know For Creating and Running
    Profitable YouTube Video Ads Is Included

    For just $349 you can learn step by step how to generate as much traffic as you want…on-demand…the fastest and cheapest way possible. It’s a small investment that can pay for itself hundreds (if not thousands) of times over.

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