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David Allen – Getting Things Done(GTD) Live

GTD Live

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David Allen’s Getting Thing Done
GTD Live

GTD> Live

Discover how to take control of your workflow, projects and priorities while maintaining a clear head and relaxed focus. Join David Allen as he presents his complete, two-day groundbreaking Getting Things Done seminar which became the springboard for his international best-selling book of the same name.

Recorded live in front of an audience of students and faculty at a California university, this remarkable 10-CD box set also contains a complete set of laminated templates describing the models referenced in the seminar.
GTD Live enables you to walk away with a wealth of practical and immediately useable techniques, along with a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles of personal productivity.

CD 01

1. Introduction
2. Overview: Workflow
3. Overview: Priorities & project focus

CD 02

1. Outcome focus
2. Success self image
3. The productive experience
4. The fundamental thought process
5. Introduction to a trusted system
6. Applying the thought process
7. The transformation of “stuff”

CD 03

1. Workflow: Collect
2. Managing internal agreements
3. Implementing the collection phase
4. Renegotiating incompletions

CD 04

1. Collection success factors
2. Overview: Processing & organizing
3. Workflow: Processing
4. The power of the next-action question

CD 05

1. Processing into GTD lists
2. Do, delegate, defer
3. Successful processing
4. Workflow: Organizing
5. Expanded organizing techniques
6. Dealing with email
7. Dealing with paper
8. Managing support material

CD 06

1. General reference filing
2. Using incubation
3. Midstream Q&A
4. Workflow: Review

CD 07

1. Procrastination
2. Workflow: Doing
3. Defining your work
4. Areas of focus
5. Areas of focus (continued)
6. Areas of focus (continued)
7. Upper horizons
8. Upper horizons & priorities

CD 08

1. Introduction – Project focus
2. Brainstorming
3. Brainstorming (continued)
4. Using a brainstorming style
5. The Natural Planning Model

CD 09

1. Unnatural & reactive planning
2. Using natural planning
3. Purpose & principles

CD 10

1. Vision
2. Project brainstorming
3. Project organizing
4. Project next actions
5. Project focus and conclusion
6. GTD: Conclusion
7. Contact information

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