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David Knox – How to Negotiate in Tough Situations

David Knox – Negotiate in Tough Situations
[3 CDs (MP3) + 1 outline (PDF)]

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How To Negotiate in Tough Situations

Some of the most difficult situations in real estate occur when you are asked to cut your fee, overprice the home, compete against another agent, write low offers or provide other forms of concession. You must have a strategy for minimizing the occurrence of these barriers, then overcoming them when they do arise. The ability to negotiate on behalf of your client and yourself will be a most critical skill in growing your business. This seminar will provide enough negotiation tools that you may actually welcome the next objection! Complete with outline in PDF format.

139 minutes

Originally bought these about 10-12 years ago, was re-listening to them recently, and noticed we didn’t have them here.

There’s definitely valuable evergreen information in these older, out-of-print David Knox programs, so I decided to share!

If you’re not familiar with Knox, he’s an articulate and entertaining speaker who’s well-known in the industry and who’s developed very sharp scripts and dialogues over the years.  Well worth listening to.

Enjoy! :-)


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