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David Krueger – Your New Money Story

David Krueger – Your New Money Story
[5 Audio (MP3) + 2 Docs (PDF)]

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Your New Money Story ®
Roadmap for Money Mastery

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Your New Money Story® – A Seminar Series on 5 CDs with Workbook applies the proven system of New Life Story® Coaching and its seven scientific steps of transformation to The Secret Language of Money (McGraw Hill).

your-new-money-storyIntroducing Emotional Economics®: The study of the interactions of mind and brain impacting money behavior and financial decisions.

This Seminar Series on 5 CDs with Workbook will present a systematic way to recognize and assess a money story, and to master the art and science of financial empowerment.

Your New Money Story

Decipher the secret language encrypted in money
Move from fear of money to mastery
Identify the self-statements made with money behaviors
Recognize money behaviors ghostwritten by your mind’s hidden assumptions
Overcome your brain’s patterned responses that lead to bad decisions
Develop the art and science of money strategies
Identify and remedy 27 emotionally based financial fallacies

Five CDs recorded by David Krueger MD to mentor your journey of transformation:

Seminar 1. Your Money Story
Seminar 2. Translate Money Meanings
Seminar 3. Inscribe New Code
Seminar 4. Write New Software
Seminar 5. Rewire for Wealth

Your New Money Story Workbook® of annotated exercises includes the ROADMAP® Program to inform your choices, map new possibilities, and guide strategic changes.

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