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David Riklan – The Top 101 Experts That Help Us Improve Our Lives

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460 pages

This book is kind of like a reference manual.

” If someone said to you “I’m going to invest the next 30 or 40 years of my life searching for the answers to life’s greatest secrets,” What would that be worth to you?  I’m guessing that you would have a challenge coming up with a reasonable price.

This book is quite simply The Best of the Best!  You will get the highest ranked experts in one resource.  For good reason this book is being called “The New Encyclopedia of Self Improvement”.

Each chapter exposes you to Expert after Expert and it is organized in a way that gives you the inside secrets of how these gurus became successful.  You’ll find their core beliefs for success. You’ll discover excerpts to help you grow and expand your present consciousness to create an abundant life.

The Top 101 Experts even recommends the absolute best way to get started quickly with each of these Experts and will guide you to know which programs are the best and most relevant to your personal needs.  And, there is so much more….

Here’s just a sampling of some of the Gurus you’ll find in The Top 101 Experts:

* Tony Robbins * Dr. Phil *  Zig Ziglar * Les Brown * * Norman Vincent Peale * John Gray * Harville Hendrix * Leo Buscaglia * * Barbara DeAngelis *  Laura Schlessinger * Deepak Chopra * Wayne Dyer * Marianne Williamson * Caroline Myss *  Louise Hay * Sylvia Browne * * Dalai Lama *  James Redfield *  Stephen Covey *  John Maxwell *  * Ken Blanchard * Tom Hopkins *  Tom Peters * Robert Allen * * Robert Kiyosaki * Napoleon Hill *  Bob Proctor *  Dale Carnegie * * Brian Tracy *  Og Mandino *  Po Bronson *

Plus 70 More of the Top Experts.”


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