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Dean & Elise Parker – The Complete Renovation System (Re-rip)

Dean and Elise Parker – The Complete Renovation System [Re-rip]
[(8 PDF) + (6 DVD) + (5 CDs (MP3)]

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This is the re-rip of the existing product here:

I have re-rip the DVDs. The PDF, CD etc remain the same.
Following is the description taken from the previous product:


Arguably the most comprehensive reno course on the market.

The 216 page step-by-step manual is broken into 8 logical steps covering the following topics:

Step One: Understanding the Basics
This section provides the basics you need to understand before starting the renovation process. It covers the most common mistakes made and how to avoid them, and describes in detail the two different types of renovations. It also introduces some fundamental formulas for renovation calculations that are used throughout the manual. You will learn that what you do before the renovation is more important than what you do during the renovation. It covers preliminary work you have to do to ensure your renovation can happen, as well as exit strategies available, permits and legalities.

Step Two: Deal and Self Preparation
Once you understand the basics of renovating residential property, this step takes you through the requirements to ensure you are ready and prepared personally. It helps clarify your goals and looks at the practical issues of your time and cash availability. It covers what you need to do to obtain finance and discusses accounting structures. By the end of this step you should have an understanding of both what you want personally from renovating and the scale of renovation you are able to begin with.

Step Three: Finding an area
This step takes you through the processes of identifying areas where you can make money through your renovations and determining if a particular area will meet your goals. We describe the tools we use and show the level of detail you should look at to be thorough in your area due diligence. This step introduces many free online tools that you can use for assistance in identifying the best area for renovating. After completing this step you should know how to find the best area for you and your renovation goals.

Step Four: Finding a property
Once you’ve found an area, this step guides you in finding a property to renovate in that area. Great renovation deals can be found by implementing a range of strategies involving more than just inspecting houses. This step shows the importance of forming good relationships with local real estate agents, as well as how to get maximum value out of property inspections. You will learn more about the property due diligence process and about areas where you can add value to a property.

Step Five: Buying a property
Once you’ve found a property, Step 5 ensures the purchasing process is as smooth and easy as possible. You need to keep your emotions out of the deal and stay focused on making a profit out of this property. The most important concept here is the Renovation Costing Tool, the key to detailed and comprehensive budgeting, which will guide you comfortably through the costing and monitoring processes. Other topics are structuring your offer, the settlement period and the importance of identifying your target market. You will learn the value of the Buying a Property Checklist to help you with this step.

Step Six: Renovating a Property
Step 6 outlines the renovation process after you’ve found a property, budgeted your renovation, made an offer, and are ready to go. It introduces the many members of your renovation team and looks at materials and suppliers, and how to get the best value for your renovation dollars. There are plenty of renovation ideas and tips from our years of experience, supported by images of various internal and external renovations. The renovation process has an order comprising a series of logical steps that involves managing your team to ensure everything occurs at the right time, and this step provides the tools to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Step Seven: Completing a property
Completing a property is as important as any other step in the process because it involves some very important decisions that will directly impact on the profitability of your project. This step takes you through revaluing the property to get some instant cash back, and explores the options of holding for rental or selling for profit. Whichever path you choose, this step shows you how to withdraw the equity you have created in order to minimise the amount of cash you have invested in the property.

Step Eight: Becoming a renovator with little or no cash
This section completes the cycle and encourages you to look at your own circumstances. It identifies the investment of time required to undertake a renovation, whether as DIY or as a project manager, and reinforces some of the information from earlier steps. Finance options are discussed, including creative ways to start with little cash such as joint ventures.
Case Studies:

To help you share in Dean’s and Elise’s extensive real-world experience and to reinforce the decisions and process followed, the Complete Renovation System includes a series of successful real-life property renovations. See walk throughs on site, and hear Dean and Elise talk through the renovation. It’s the next best thing to actually being at the renovation to enhance your experience, and to make your next renovation property that much more familiar. You’ll see a cross section of renovation types from very cosmetic through to advanced, with profits ranging from a $12,000 part time renovation to a $150,000 project managed renovation!

Dean and Elise have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars in creating these checklists in order to streamline and enhance their renovation business. Over several years, every learning outcome has been incorporated into the checklists to help you avoid costly mistakes. The checklists are the perfect tool whether you’re just starting out, or if you’re looking to manage multiple projects, so you can keep track of exactly where each project is at. The following 16 checklists are included:

Step Three: Finding an Area
Area Due Diligence Checklist (5 pages)
Step Four: Finding a Property
Agent-Specific Questions (1 page)
Property Inspection Checklist (4 pages)
Adding Value Checklist (2 pages)
Property Due Diligence Checklist (3 pages)
Step Five: Buying a Property
Buying a Property Checklist (3 pages)
Renovation Costing Tool (27 pages)
Final Inspection Checklist (2 pages)
Step Six: Renovating a Property
Renovation Process Checklist (10 pages)
Contractor Task List (Excel spreadsheet)
Quality Control Checklist (4 pages)
Step Seven: Completing a Property
Completing a Property Checklist (1 page)
Selling a Property Checklist (2 pages)
Selling Agent Interview Checklist (2 pages)
Property Marketing Details (2 pages)
Deal Analysis (2 pages)


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