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Dennis Becker – 5 Bucks a Day – Dec 2006 Version

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5 Bucks a Day … the key to success!

From: Dennis Becker

Are you spending countless hours trying to make a success with Internet Marketing? Do you wonder if the “gurus” who show you their bank account statements are really pulling in those numbers, or are the photos doctored? Have you bought the e-Books, the CD/DVD courses, the reports, and spent more than you’ve earned? … You’re not alone, but you CAN break away.

Learn techniques that took my Internet Marketing income from $30 a day to $700 a day in less than a year!

What kind of income are you looking for? What have you tried already? How frustrated have you become? What are you willing to do to break away from your J.O.B., or maybe to just get some extra income so that you can pay down your debts, get a nicer home or car, or give your family what they deserve and you so desperately want to provide for them?

How much time are you spending now chasing success? If you’re like millions of men and women with dreams of using their computers to generate full time or part time income, you’re ending up earning less per hour than the U.S. minimum wage. And some (like I was for almost three years) are actually losing money.

What if I told you that I believe that I can start you on the path to internet marketing success today? Would you be interested? Would you be willing to read my story? Would you believe that in October 2005, I was most likely even more frustrated than you are now, about this whole Internet Marketing business. Let me tell you:

Where did I come from, and where am I now?

My journey to internet marketing success started in early November, 2005. Up until then I had dabbled in internet marketing for years, trying various things, but hadn’t yet figured it out. My main income for many years had come from retail sales in a brick and mortar storefront, as well as mail order sales generated by eBay auctions and a web site. After 13 years, I was totally burned out and needing (desperately needing), and wanting (desperately wanting), to succeed online from my computer, like so many others claimed to have done before me. Others without the experience, others without the education, others far younger than myself.

Like many other wannabe internet marketers, I had bought the e-Books, visited the forums, subscribed to the ezines, and tried dozens of the schemes and techniques which the gurus promised would lead me to riches. I wasn’t looking for a get rich quick method, I was willing to work hard and do whatever it took.

What did I try (does this sound familiar)?

Along the way, I had tried:

   * acquiring resell rights to e-Books and software products, and selling them online and on eBay
   * joining affiliate programs and buying pay per click ads to send traffic to the merchants
   * building a mailing list by giving away free e-Books, then trying to sell to the people on the list
   * building web sites, and doing the proper SEO things to get traffic to them
   * buying and using the software products that would mass generate thousands of web pages in minutes
   * setting up blogs, and pinging the directories
   * writing articles and distributing them to dozens of article directories
   * writing and submitting press releases
   * hiring writers on eLance to write articles for me, then building web sites around those articles
   * purchasing private label rights (PLR) for thousands of other articles
   * finding public domain works and using them for other sites
   * buying high price DVD/CD courses to learn how to drive trafic to my sites
   * joining paid membership sites that provided niche products and niche product ideas
   * joining another paid membership site where it was promised that I would learn how to finally put it all together, under the tutelage of a “niche master” who would spill his secrets
   * … and much, much, more.

Between the cost of the paid membership sites, and the cost of the e-Books and courses I was purchasing, I was spending between $200 to $500 a month, sometimes more. And getting nowhere.

And then the most crushing blow of all!

Probably the most frustrating project of all, and the one that almost did me in mentally, was when I outsourced the writing of over a hundred articles, added some of my own, then took several weeks and hundreds of hours editing them, organized them into an e-Book, placed it on Clickbank, and saw it fail to sell. That was a killer.

You name it, if someone said it worked, I bought it, I bought into it, and I tried it. Every new scheme I tried started out with high promise, and was recommended by someone who supposedly had made a fortune using those same techniques. But not me.

How did I break the failure cycle? Better yet, how can YOU break yours?

Does that sound like you? Have you bought the books and courses, spent so much time online your family forgot what you looked like? Are you tired of all the hype and lack of success?

If so, there’s good news. If you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance that you can somehow relate to my earlier struggles and frustration, which lasted more than three long years, and ended in November 2005. That was the month that I made a realization and had an “ah-ha moment” that turned it around for me. Today might be the day that turns it around for you.

Early in the year 2005, I had determined that 2005 would be the year that I would finally succeed. My wife kept asking me when we’d be able to pay down our debts. I said “next year”, and knew the problem was I had been saying “next year” for years.

Setting a goal … why didn’t it work?

Postit on printer
But I stayed in a positive state of mind. I was so convinced that 2005 was the year, I wrote “200” on a small yellow post it note and stuck it to my printer, which sat on my table beside my monitor, so that I would see it every moment I was working on my computer (constantly, in other words).

What 200 signified to me was my burning goal to reach an income of $200 per day from internet marketing activities. That level was well above my then current level, a real stretch, but I desperately needed to reach that mark in order to fulfill the promise I made my wife. I was hoping the constant image on that post it note would burn into my very core.

By November, unfortunately, I had made little progress towards the goal, and the post it note was fading. This was shortly after my last big hope, my e-Book, failed. I was frustrated, devastated, crushed. Something had to change. Fortunately, it did, and fast!

The journey. From 30 to 200, to 500, to 700 and beyond. This could be your journey too, once you learn the “5 Bucks a Day’ strategy!

5 Bucks a Day is the story of how I finally realized not only my “200” goal, but more. It isn’t about a new scheme or skill, so much as it is about a mental approach. 5 Bucks a Day is best described as a strategy. The strategy will cost you nothing. Once you understand the strategy (the same day you read 5 Bucks a Day for the first time), your life might change the same way mine changed when I envisioned this strategy for the first time.

What isn’t the “5 Bucks a Day” strategy?

The strategy is not “black hat”, “gray hat”, or “white hat”. The strategy is not something that will get you banned by the search engines. The strategy is not software or hardware. The strategy is not difficult or complicated. The strategy is not something that will require you to upgrade your computer, or your operating system. Best of all, the strategy is not expensive to learn or to implement, either in terms of time or of money.

The strategy is something that can work regardless of whether you intend to earn your income through affiliate marketing, merchandise sales, setting up AdSense sites, running eBay auctions, writing and distributing articles or press releases, or whatever other methods you use to market yourself or your sites. The strategy could be used for offline income generation as easily as online (though my background and the examples contained in the report are all online projects).

In fact, the strategy is something so simple that you’ll be frustrated that you didn’t think of it yourself. Or maybe you did, and just didn’t do anything about it!

Learn how I earned a $38,000 profit in just 2 months, just days after FIRST developing the “5 Bucks a Day” strategy!

Although I would guess that every reader of “5 Bucks a Day” will implement the strategy in a different way, I’m going to prime the pump by divulging my first project. Just days after the ah-ha moment that defined the strategy in my mind, I had implemented a project that made not just $5 a day, but over $38,000 profit in a 2-month period of time. Granted, that was unusual, lucky, can seldom be recreated, but it happened because of some specific easy to learn skills, and a mental strategy that caused me to be in the right place at the right time. How long did it take me to implement that particular project? About 2 hours.

Can you do the same thing? I can’t guarantee anything specifc (see the disclaimer below), but I can put into your hands, 5 minutes from now, a strategy that worked for me, and I’m fairly confident that it can work for you if you have the dedication and passion for success that I had.

You have a decision to make … fish or cut bait?

Are you curious yet? I’m not going to tell you any more about the strategy, you’ll have to read the report for yourself. There is very little fluff in 5 Bucks a Day, you’ll be able to read it in a single sitting. It’s short enough to encourage you to read it multiple times. Simple as the strategy is, there are some nuances that you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss, so multiple readings is recommended. If you want a large number of pages, sorry, go buy the latest and greatest $497 course on DVD.

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What are others saying about “5 Bucks a Day”?

Let’s see what some of the early readers have to say about the e-Book and the strategy. My goal in releasing it was to get people to take action, and reach for higher goals. Realize that it was only released in October, 2006, so only early returns are in, but hopefully we’ll soon be able to add your results to the ones below also:

I belong to a forum that Dennis is a member of. A few months ago Dennis had a thread going about making $5 a day. I was so inspired I copied the thread into a document and took action – step by step. 3 months later I am making $100 a day! Before I followed this method I was like Dennis: no focus, jumping from project to project. Now that I have this idea-packed book my goal is to take my income to $600 a day! I am living proof that this method works! — Gita Iyer,, New Zealand

I have to comment on the above quote. Yes, I did post a few ideas in a forum earlier this year (2006). At that point the strategy was a bit “half-baked”, but working for me. I had no idea that Gita had quietly followed that advice until now. She was one of the first to receive the full report. With her already proven success after only reading the half-baked strategy, I have real confidence that she can improve upon that now!

Here’s more happy comments:

Dennis Becker’s 5 Bucks a Day strategy is brilliant in its simplicity. This is something that ANYBODY can (and should) put into practice IMMEDIATELY. I am dead serious when I say that you don’t need any additional skills to start making money with this method NOW. Whatever you already know how to do, no matter how insignificant you think that knowledge is, is enough to start TODAY. This information can be effectively put to use with absolutely any skill set, and no matter what your experience level, this information put into action can create incredible financial returns. — John Rogers,, Washington, USA

Your timing for the release of “5 Bucks a Day” could not have been better. I’ll be honest – the last few months I’ve been letting things float – lazily settling for a “decent” online income, while seemingly forgetting about my long-term goals. You’ve made me truly realize that I’m selling myself short. The incredible results you shared were inspirational, and your solid advice hit home. Within the first 10 pages of the report you had me completely fired up and ready to focus on taking my income to the next level! Rest assured, there is now a very important new sticky note posted where I can see it every day! — Bentley C., Canada

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “5 Bucks a Day”. It was direct, straight to the point, had common sense in it, examples. No hype, thank you very much … The strategies you lay out inside should make readers have several “ah ha” moments. Even with my limited time right now, I put the first step of your strategy into practice today during my lunch break. Great book, Dennis, and one that I truly believe if your readers “put your strategies into action” it will help increase their bottom line and take them to higher profits. — Mary Dee V., Mississippi, USA,

I’m just starting out in online marketing and I’ve felt so swamped with everything that is available. Before reading this e-Book I didn’t really think I could do anything online – I thought it would take me forever to learn everything. But your system is so easy to understand, easy to follow. Thanks for giving me the self-confidence to start today to make an income online.– Lisa H.,Tours, France

Dennis, congrats for finding the level of success you have and a tremendous e-Book! It’s frustrating to see so many people struggle to find success. The sound thinking and simple methods you’ve outlined here are going to impact more than a few lives in a BIG way. Thanks for sharing your story. You are an inspiration to us all.– Matt Levenhagen, Wisconsin, USA,

I’m in the same boat you were – this method of thinking is REALLY going to help me break through to the next level. The problem is that so many people “learn” the wrong way to do things from the start (me included), and build on that bad foundation (which I did). Honestly, I’m printing this off and going to read it ONCE A WEEK to make certain I change my methods and ways of thinking about my business. Thank you for this!! My advice – if you are thinking about purchasing this: Do it, print it, and sit down and read it. Put it under your pillow at night and absorb it through ESP. Don’t let it sit on your hard drive for all eternity! — Dave Gammage, Kansas, USA,

Dennis, I bought and read your eBook last night and almost could not sleep all nigh thinking about it. It hit my sweet spot on the head. I am sure many of us are in the same predicament and I am grateful that you took the time to write about your experiences and how you got out of the slimy pit of “lack of success” many of us have dug for ourselves. All I have to say is: Awesome and Thanks! — Mike R., Springfield, Virginia, USA,

Is “5 Bucks a Day” right for you?

If you’ve already tired of the hype that fills your email inbox every day, tired of spending money on new courses every week or month, tired of failing to make any progress, all I can say is maybe, just maybe, 5 Bucks a Day is for you. It worked for me, in fact it worked spectacularly for me. That’s all I can say on this side of the order form.


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