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Dennis Becker – 5 Bucks a Day … the key to success!

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Are you spending countless hours trying to make a success with Internet Marketing? Do you wonder if the “gurus” who show you their bank account statements are really pulling in those numbers, or are the photos doctored? Have you bought the e-Books, the CD/DVD courses, the reports, and spent more than you’re earned? … You’re not alone, but you CAN break away.

Learn techniques that took my Internet Marketing income from $30 a day to $700 a day in less than a year!

What kind of income are you looking for? What have you tried already? How frustrated have you become? What are you willing to do to break away from your J.O.B., or maybe to just get some extra income so that you can pay down your debts, get a nicer home or car, or give your family what they deserve and you so desperately want to provide for them?

How much time are you spending now chasing success? If you’re like millions of men and women with dreams of using their computers to generate full time or part time income, you’re ending up earning less per hour than the U.S. minimum wage. And some (like I was for almost three years) are actually losing money.

What if I told you that I believe that I can start you on the path to internet marketing success today? Would you be interested? Would you be willing to read my story? Would you believe that in October 2005, I was most likely even more frustrated than you are now, about this whole Internet Marketing business. Let me tell you:

Where did I come from, and where am I now?

My journey to internet marketing success started in early November, 2005. Up until then I had dabbled in internet marketing for years, trying various things, but hadn’t yet figured it out. My main income for many years had come from retail sales in a brick and mortar storefront, as well as mail order sales generated by eBay auctions and a web site. After 13 years, I was totally burned out and needing (desperately needing), and wanting (desperately wanting), to succeed online from my computer, like so many others claimed to have done before me. Others without the experience, others without the education, others far younger than myself.

Like many other wannabe internet marketers, I had bought the e-Books, visited the forums, subscribed to the ezines, and tried dozens of the schemes and techniques which the gurus promised would lead me to riches. I wasn’t looking for a get rich quick method, I was willing to work hard and do whatever it took.

What did I try (does this sound familiar)?

Along the way, I had tried:

*acquiring resell rights to e-Books and software products, and selling them online and on eBay
*joining affiliate programs and buying pay per click ads to send traffic to the merchants
*building a mailing list by giving away free e-Books, then trying to sell to the people on the list
*building web sites, and doing the proper SEO things to get traffic to them
*buying and using the software products that would mass generate thousands of web pages in minutes
*setting up blogs, and pinging the directories
*writing articles and distributing them to dozens of article directories
*writing and submitting press releases
*hiring writers on eLance to write articles for me, then building web sites around those articles
*purchasing private label rights (PLR) for thousands of other articles
*finding public domain works and using them for other sites
*buying high price DVD/CD courses to learn how to drive trafic to my sites
*joining paid membership sites that provided niche products and niche product ideas
*joining another paid membership site where it was promised that I would learn how to finally put it all together, under the tutelage of a “niche master” who would spill his secrets
… and much, much, more.

Between the cost of the paid membership sites, and the cost of the e-Books and courses I was purchasing, I was spending between $200 to $500 a month, sometimes more. And getting nowhere.

And then the most crushing blow of all!

Probably the most frustrating project of all, and the one that almost did me in mentally, was when I outsourced the writing of over a hundred articles, added some of my own, then took several weeks and hundreds of hours editing them, organized them into an e-Book, placed it on Clickbank, and saw it fail to sell. That was a killer.

You name it, if someone said it worked, I bought it, I bought into it, and I tried it. Every new scheme I tried started out with high promise, and was recommended by someone who supposedly had made a fortune using those same techniques. But not me.

How did I break the failure cycle? Better yet, how can YOU break yours?

Does that sound like you? Have you bought the books and courses, spent so much time online your family forgot what you looked like? Are you tired of all the hype and lack of success?

If so, there’s good news. If you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance that you can somehow relate to my earlier struggles and frustration, which lasted more than three long years, and ended in November 2005. That was the month that I made a realization and had an “ah-ha moment” that turned it around for me. Today might be the day that turns it around for you.


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