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Dennis Becker – One Problem Product Creation

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“Here’s The #1 Easiest And Fastest Way To Write Profitable Mini-Ebooks That Sell Like Crazy”

Dear Friend,

If you’re like most who want to earn money online, you’ve been told that creating your own products is the best way to do it. It seems great– you dream of writing the book, having a swarm of affiliates promoting for you, and earning money in your sleep.

That’s not just a dream… in fact, it’s reality for a lot of people.

But there’s something those other “make money selling products” people don’t tell you. They don’t tell you the process is going to absolutely terrify you. Why can’t you just get it done? It’s not fair, especially when they make it look so easy.

You wonder…

Is Writing Information Products REALLY Scary And Hard?

You may have bought courses on how to write your own information products. Maybe you’ve even spent days staring at a blank screen, willing yourself to get started.

But it’s just so darn scary. Not to mention the blood, sweat, and tears that comes along with trying to get words down on the page.

There’s a reason many people aren’t successful even though a select few “magic” marketers are. There’s a reason everyone’s not typing away at their computers producing ebooks faster than an ATM machine could spit money out. It’s scary, hard, and who knows if your book will ever be profitable.

You know all of that, but you still hope and dream.

I have to tell you…

You’re Making A BIG Mistake

Unfortunately, even at the height of your dream, you think it will take weeks, months, or years to finish your book, much less find success with it.

You make yourself believe it’s harder than it is. You turn it into a monster. It’s much more comfortable to stick with the status quo, right?

That’s a huge mistake and you’re leaving a lot of money and a great feeling of accomplishment on the table. It’s actually not hard to write your own ebook… heck, you could get it done in 1 day with the right mindset and method. That’s a promise.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was overcomplicating writing ebooks, too. I had the mindset that if it wasn’t hard, draining, and time consuming, then it probably wasn’t worth doing.

I was very wrong.

I came to realize that…

“I’d Completely Missed The Easiest And Often Most Profitable Type Of Information Product”

I started to pay attention to other product creators who were producing left and right. Here I was promoting more things for them as an affiliate than I was producing myself.

I had my own profitable products out that I was really proud of, sure, but like my membership site, they tended to be very in depth and time consuming. The payoffs were great, but I was missing out on an entire easier business model.

I asked myself, “Is there a way to write and earn faster, helping even more people?”

I took a look at the information products I was buying– the ones that stood out to me the most. They tended to solve one sticky problem I had. They tended to be relatively short, to the point, and immensely helpful.

I was buying them like crazy because they had a low price tag. I was picking them up on a whim and they were more than worth it.

I started to seek out products like this for every problem I had– in life and business.

These product creators were on to something.

There’s absolutely a place for mega products that serve a variety of needs, but there’s an ENDLESS market for easy, quick, products that solve just one problem each.

So, I started to do the same thing. I created simple information products (sometimes in as little as a day) that sell amazingly well. If I calculated my earnings per hour on these things, you’d hardly believe the number.

Writing quick little ebooks (or videos or audio recordings) that are high in demand is insanely profitable.

You have an inkling that it can happen better, faster. You know there has to be something to it…a secret… there’s something there, because:

This Product Creation Method Is Really Easy And Fun

You’ve seen people make it happen, too. Maybe you’ve even watched me do it for a while. They write a quick little report or ebook, put it up for sale, and the income starts pouring in. What’s their secret? Why is it so easy for them?

There’s a big part of you that knows you can have that lifestyle too, if only you knew the secret… you feel it instinctively.

I completely know where you’re coming from, which is why I’ve decided to hand you all the answers. I’ve made it really easy and fun, too.

People say there’s a book inside all of us, but that doesn’t mean we’re all writers. Can we really produce something worthy of publishing?

That’s the first secret right there– it’s time to step away from the “am I worthy?” question. You are absolutely worthy, capable, and it CAN happen for you… if you have the right steps.

Is there a topic you know more than someone else about? I’m not asking if you know more than EVERYONE else, I’m asking if you know more than SOMEONE else. I’ll answer that for you… there are many topics you know a ton about and can make money with.

Have you ever written an email to a friend to help them out or tell them how to do something?

That’s really all it takes to write a great ebook.

Your goal isn’t to end up in Literary Digest magazine, your goal is to help someone do something.

You can do that, right?

If You Have The Skills To Send A Helpful Email To A Friend, You Can Easily Make a Fortune Selling Information Products

You think writing your own information product is hard, but that’s just a mindset problem.

It’s time for an easier, better way to write them. You shouldn’t have to sit and stare at your computer for hours without a clue of your next steps. You should be able to sit down at your computer and write and sell an information product in a week… or even a day.

There are people out there who need and want your expertise. There are people who have a problem they can’t seem to find the solution to– so you can find the solution for them.

If someone told you that you could have a high paying business and all you had to do was type helpful emails, you’d do it, right?

You’d think, “that’s easy!”

That’s the mindset I want you to have as I teach you this drop-dead simple method of writing and selling highly profitable ebooks.

Here Are The Steps, So You Can Do It Too…

I know you’re starting to get really excited about the idea of writing hot-selling ebooks, very quickly. If you know that just one book is going to give you an amazing return on your time, can you imagine how profitable having 5 on the market will be? What if you had 10 out there, earning for you all the time in these hot little markets?

You’re anxious to get started right away– you can feel it in your bones that this is going to be life changing.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

   Find a hot market that’s desperate to hand their cash to you to solve their problem (I tell you exactly how to find a killer market)
   Find a killer and unique solution to their problem (My method shows you the BEST way to solve their problem)
   Quickly write a high quality little book to solve that problem… in as little as a day (You’ll never get writer’s block when you have this method by your side…)
   Sell it to that desperate market for fast sales (I tell you exactly how to get lots of targeted sales… even if you’re brand new)
   Do three things to grow your empire and send wads of cash flowing into your bank account (I tell you which three simple steps you need to take to get to the next level…very fast)

Does that seem like a dream?

I can guarantee you that this formula works.

But, can you really write your own ebook? How do you find that hot market in the first place? How do you write quickly and well? How do you know you won’t be back at square one, staring at a blank screen again?

I completely know where you’re coming from, as I said, and I’m ready to help you.

You Can Happily And Quickly Write And Profit From Your Own Ebooks

I’ve put together an amazing guide of my own that’s going to take you from point A to point B with no sweat or tears– it’s going to be fun! Best of all, it’s going to be profitable.

I call my book:

One Problem Product Creation

You’re going to discover:

   How to choose the best, easiest topic for you to profit from… and help people at the same time
   How to find and use unique, groundbreaking information for your info-products, instantly putting your products in the same league with bestsellers
   The easiest way to write your book… in as little as a day
   My quick and simple method to writing a killer sales letter that will just about guarantee amazing conversions and happy customers
   How to make sales almost more quickly than you can insert the “Buy” button
   Exactly what to do to skyrocket your income, put buyers in your pocket, and build a profitable info-product business that will have customers begging you to release even more

Grab this guide at its insanely low price, and you could have your product finished and selling like crazy before the week is out… even if you’ve never written an ebook before.

It’s time to start your own information product empire.


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