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DigitalMarketer, Jeanna Pool – How to Sign Up a Years’ Worth of Clients in ONE Single Weekend Training

Digital Marketer Training – How To Sign Up A Years Worth Of Clients In ONE Single Weekend
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If you feel stuck on the “hamster wheel” of never-ending marketing activities just to get a few clients here and there—only to have to start the process all over again…there IS a MUCH better and easier way!

Jeanna Pool, DigitalMarketer Certified Partner and Founder of Clients in Bulk and, will be joining us this Thursday to reveal her “clients in bulk” strategy.

She’ll teach you exactly how to sign up an entire years’ worth of clients (at ONE TIME!) so you can focus on working with your clients, rather than devoting all of your time and energy to acquire new business. With Jeanna’s proven method, you’ll make a bigger impact on your clients’ businesses, which means driving a flood of referrals your way… instead of focusing on where the next client is coming from.

Her methods will be a game-changer for your business!


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