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DigitalMarketer, Justin Rondeau – Analytics and Data Mastery Course

Digital Marketer – Analytics and Data Mastery (Justin Rondeau)
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Analytics and Data Mastery – DigitalMarketer (Digital Marketer)

Are your business decisions driven by data or hunches? Logic or are you throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks? In this course, you’ll learn data collection strategies you can use to set up an analytics plan that will help you build a proactive (and not reactive), data-driven business. You’ll determining the key metrics your brand needs to track on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and how to set up simple dashboards that alert your brand to potential problems and opportunities.

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Justin Rondeau is the General Manager at DigitalMarketer, and leads a growing team of marketers, content creators, and product developers. Rondeau is a top-rated domestic and international speaker who has spent his entire career working on optimization campaigns and helped train some of the leading optimization teams at Fortune 500 companies. He’s run hundreds of tests for both B2B and eCommerce brands and has analyzed 3,000+ tests across virtually every industry.


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