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The Money Programme – The Big Poker Gamble

Broadcast 9th December 2005

The business of online poker is booming, giving players the chance to win a fortune from the comfort of their own front room.

More than $1m (575,000) are staked every minute by enthusiasts like Jane Foster, or Ms Fortune, as she’s known online.

“It’s grown and grown, and it’s done very well for me,” says Ms Foster, a single mother of three from Manchester who is studying for a degree in IT.

“That $30 that I put in two-and-a-half years ago has grown into thousands over the last couple of years.”

And because she can play at home, and more importantly at night when her children are asleep, she gets to spend more time with them during the day.

“It helps me with all the extras I could never afford.

I couldn’t afford to redecorate the house. I couldn’t afford to take the children away on holiday on a student’s income. I couldn’t afford to have a car. So it’s given me the opportunity that I couldn’t have otherwise.

Jane agreed to put $100 into a new poker account for the Money Programme to see how much she could make in a month.

Place your bets on how well she did.


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