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Duncan Bannatyne – Anyone Can Do It

Duncan Bannatyne – Anyone Can Do It
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This is the autobiography written by Duncan Bannatyne on audio.

The book was written by Duncan Bannatyne, but the audio is read by David Rintoul.

Duncan is a self-made UK entrepreneur who has appeared on the popular BizLearning show “Dragons Den”.

Here’s the product description:


At 30, Duncan Bannatyne had no money and was enjoying life on the beaches of Jersey. He saw a story of someone who had made himself a millionaire, and decided to do the same. Five years later he had done it, and now he is worth 168 million. In this remarkable book, Bannatyne relives his colourful path to riches, from ice cream salesman to multi-millionaire, explaining how anyone could take the same route as he did – if they really want to. Hugely articulate, and with numerous fascinating and revealing stories to tell, this is an autobiography and a business book unlike any other – but then Bannatyne isn’t like any other businessman, either.

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