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Dylan Loh – The Clickbank Profit Machine

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   Dear Clickbank Affiliate Marketer,

   Does it frustrate you that your Clickbank account doesn’t have a sale or  commission made despite your very best efforts?

   Don’t you just get crazy, pulling your hair out, trying to figure out exactly how to choose and find the most profitable product to promote?

   Are you finding it very tough to grasp the whole “affiliate thing” and how to make money through it? Or do you feel absolutely hopeless because you don’t have a clue on promoting Clickbank products…

   It’s very discouraging. I know – I’ve been there many times before. Just like you, I was absolutely struggling.

   The 4 Main Reasons Why Clickbank Affiliates Fail

   It wasn’t until several years and thousands of dollars spent later that I found a fool-proof Clickbank affiliate success system. You can try an discover the “system” the hard way (like I did) but can you afford the years and thousands of dollars wasted?

   Reason # 1: Many affiliates, just like you, don’t have a set of criteria to follow when choosing products to promote. They randomly choose a few “hot” products to promote and they promote more then one product at any one time.

   Reason # 2: Most affiliates are simply not making enough sales to cover their advertising expenses. They don’t have knowledge and access to alternative free advertising methods.

   Reason # 3: Affiliates make the mistake of trying learn too much before they actually get started. No amount of of learning and reading is going to make you money if you don’t take action now!

   Reason # 4: Fear is preventing many affiliates from succeeding. They’re afraid of trying new methods, they’re afraid of losing money and the ‘killer’ – they’re afraid of failing.

   Humor me for a second, let me ask you this…

   Could you think of, in the back of your mind, the top 3 problems that are stopping you from generating more affiliate income?

   Next, list the top 2 things you’d love to do when you’ve an unlimited stream of affiliate income…

   Now, would you say “Yes” if I told you I’ve an unique, guaranteed 6-step approach that takes care of your 3 problems and allows you to do 2 things you’d love to do?

   How’d your life change? Hold that picture tightly in your mind…

   Ask yourself…

   …Do You Want Clickbank Be Your Very Own, Well Oiled, Cash-Spewing Machine?

   As you keep reading this letter and you’ll see your top 3 problems slowly crumble till they disappear when you reach the end of this letter.

   Before I go further, let me share with you how I really choose and pick products to promote on Clickbank :

   Clickbank Profit Tip #1 : First, I do a “look” around Clickbank Marketplace. I look from the first page (best sellers) onwards slowly to the back. You’d notice that most are around the same niche but I need something different, something that’s a niche and doesn’t have many similar products in the Clickbank marketplace…

   (Page 8 of “Clickbank Profit Machine” of “Finding The Right Product To Promote)

   What if you could pick “winners” in Clickbank every single time with my fool-proof selection procedure? What if you had access to free alternative promotion methods? (that can be more effective than Adwords)

   What if you can get those big fat pay checks month after month after month? Imagine what will life be like!

   You’ll be able to do whatever you want, buy whatever you wanted, spend more time at home with your family or treat them a long over due vacation on the Caribbean beach…Imagine the possibilities!

   How’ll you be spending the extra few thousand dollars you’ll be getting next month?


   “…the information can get you started making money online in a matter of minutes! “

   After reading “Clickbank Profit Machine” I was amazed at the amount of ‘to-the-point’ lucrative information supplied in this publication. In fact I actually printed out the ebook and read it twice offline!

   Dylan has done an incredible job with this online moneymaking guide. It contains no fillers and the information can get you started making money online in a matter of minutes! “Clickbank Profit Machine” is inline and in most aspects much better than several other overpriced online moneymaking publications out there.

   So if you’re serious about owning a profitable online business…starting now…then get hold of “Clickbank Profit Machine” right away!


   Basically, I’m Handing You The PIN Number To Your
   Personal – Spanking New – ATM Machine!

   This ATM machine is a little special though, it doesn’t place any daily withdrawal limit and best of all, it doesn’t seem to run out of cash…

   …no matter how hard you try to use it all up!

   Remember I told you earlier, not taking action was one of the biggest reasons for affiliates not succeeding? She has a sister and her name is “wishing and hoping”.

   Too many people “wish” and “hope” for something they want.

   “I wish I could make more Clickbank sales” or ” I hope that my Adwords campaign will give me good returns”.

   You’ve got to WANT it and NEED it and not just wish and hope. If you’re a wisher or a hoper – this isn’t for you.

   This’ll only work for serious affiliates – affiliates who believe in succeeding, who badly wants to succeed and will take action to succeed.


   “Clickbank Profit Machine”

   This simple-to-apply and easy-to-follow 6 step action plan will do exactly what the description says – Flood Your Clickbank Account!

   This ebook will walk with you, step-by-step, through the process of creating your affiliate fortune online – it’s like having your personal mentor and tutor showing you how to make money online

   It’ll also shorten the whole affiliate learning curve, enabling you to instantly find out the top affiliate marketing strategies that’d otherwise take you at least a few months to grasp…                                                                    

   …freeing you to do what matters most – creating those big fat juicy paychecks!

   Most importantly, it points to you (down to a single click!) what you need to do to generate an avalanche of sales, where the unbeatable affiliate resources are and how you can “short cut” your affiliate promotion process.

   I urge you to to spend another 55 seconds reading through this page in its entirety.

   Please don’t skim through – I won’t want you to miss a single word, because when I continue to unlock the secrets of affiliate marketing for you, you simply cannot fail to create the sales and profits you want on the web.

   Joseph had this to say about my product:

       “…thousands of dollars to to be made monthly with Clickbank and other affiliate programs just using that one tip…”

   I just got done with my copy of Clickbank Profit Machine and I must say that you did an excellent job!

   However, I feel that you are really letting the cat out of the bag with the “Super Tip” on Page 14. (Dylan: It’s in page 26 now) I have been using this method of driving traffic to Clickbank products since August of last year, and I’m sure you know that it works flawlessly without even spending any up front cash.

   I hope that your customers read that tip over and over again so it gets stuck in their mind. There is thousands of dollars to to be made monthly with Clickbank and other affiliate programs just using that one tip.

   Here is an image from my Clickbank account to show you that I am not full of it:

   Joseph Tierney
   Satellite Beach, FL

   Irrefutable Prove That My Strategies Work: Customers’ Affiliate Case Studies

   Case Study # 1: Customer turned affiliate (‘CHEAPINK’) consistently generated sales every month selling “Clickbank Profit Machine”. All he did was set “it” up once and forget about it.

   The best part was that he didn’t even spend a single penny. I’ll show you screenshots of his exact method. (Hint: Check out Profit Tip #3)

   These are just a few of the sales he made  – all generated without him lifting a single finger! (he was probably sleeping)

   Case Study # 2: Another customer, another success. ‘LXCOZA’ drove giant traffic and sales to my site with a single focused page. He employs the “super tip” to perfection here.

   He cleverly weaves in a few other tactics that even caught me off guard!

   It’s not a lot, just over $170 made doing virtually nothing. This isn’t counting sales from other products from that single page he created. (I’ll show you what it is inside “Clickbank Profit Machine”)

       You’ll finally discover where you can get fresh, perpetual and laser targeted traffic – for free! This means you never have to spend another dime on advertising…again

       You’ll save clock-loads of time applying the killer “pick and select” method to pick out profit pulling products every single time!

       You must know what single mistake 95% of other affiliates are doing – Not knowing this would certainly doom you!

       You’ll see for yourself the 3 elite Adwords writing techniques used that create ads so compelling, searchers will be forced to click on them! I’m swearing you to secrecy on these.

         You can now access two highly advanced and closely guarded affiliate techniques. Fortunes have been made solely on the application of these 2 techniques alone and I’m in no way exaggerating. These 2 secrets, alone, are worth more then triple the price of the book.

       You can now have your affiliate income eclipse your job’s earnings. A fair warning here: You’ll reach a point where you’ll keep checking your Clickbank account even when your boss is watching because you couldn’t care less!

       You’ll be forced to wake up early in the morning to check your Clickbank sales. Not that it’s a bad thing


       Clickbank Profit Tip # 2 :The trick is to simply create specific ads for specific keywords. So if your site sells Chelsea jerseys too and you bid on the word “Chelsea FC jerseys” you simple create another ad like Ad #3 replacing the main text to Chelsea.

       Now that you’ve created an extremely relevant ad, you’re going to get higher click through rates. And this is a good thing, not only because you’ll get more sales but because a higher click through rate reduces costs and increases your ad position!

       (Page 16 of “Clickbank Profit Machine” under “Adwords – Your Personal Power Promoter!”)

       I do realize you need solid proof…(One of my 3 accounts promoting other people’s products)

   $2809.28 and $1637.61 just from promoting 3 products. Not too shabby I’d say

   So What Makes This Product Stand Out From The Rest?

   # 1. No hype, no fluff, no wading through the junk before you get to the meat. Evidently, from the testimonials you’ve seen here, I cut straight to the point, handing over the techniques, tricks and cheats right now.

   This is unlike other ebooks, that forces you to read a bunch of crap about promoting their product before getting into the topic.

   # 2. These are tactics that I’ve personally tested and refined. And have proven to work consistently time and time again. How many can be said for other products?

   I literally document the whole affiliate process for you. I show you the exact steps I take with full explanation and screenshots whenever possible.

   # 3. I’m not a guru. I’m really not. You can always approach me with your emails with any questions you’d like to ask without fearing it’ll go unanswered or ridiculed. I’m one of the friendliest guys around

   # 4. You can expect to get the latest and newest copy every time. You see, I’m quite the perfectionist. Any latest trends or changes will be reflected in the book, I’d like the materials to be as up to date as possible.

   Not to sound too “guru-bashing” but I don’t extort money from my customers like some of them do by releasing an updated version once a year and charging for it. Either that or they don’t update at all.

   A customer’s experience:

       “I was astounded by my own results..”

   Dear Dylan,

   You really have to put my testimonial on your site. I can tell you honestly, I wasn’t even surfing for anything remotely related to clickbank or adwords. I was just surfing and clicking around when I landed on your site.

   For me, I have never ever thought of making money online and didn’t really think it was possible. I am computer literate although I didn’t receive much of an education.

   I was really convinced by what you said and the very pleasant thought of having an additional income stream made me buy. My wife said I was gullible. I didn’t worry as I knew it was risk free with the money back thing.

   I couldn’t really afford using Adwords as my advertising tool so I resorted to using one of your immediate traffic generators which required no capital. It worked wonderfully! I was astounded by my own results, I know there are people out there who earn 100 or even 1000 times more then me but for me it really was a very good amount.

   Perhaps you would laugh at the small amount but I know in my heart, this is a very sizeable income. Because I only used one of your traffic generators and it was one of the free methods so basically it meant I got the sales for free!

   I really can’t thank you enough. I will start trying to use adwords next month. I have attached a screenshot of my earnings.

   Thank you so much Dylan!

   David Rogers
   Middlesbrough, England

   You know, it’s true what he said about people earning 100 or even 1000 more then him.

   I’ve had 2 affiliate having so much success promoting this very site using the free methods taught in the book that I’ll be show casing their exact methods and steps used – complete with screenshots!

   Here’s a look again at what I’m offering to you:

   Yes, you’ll find out one simple “trick” I that I use to check if the vendor is concerned about my success or he’s all about himself

   Yes, you’ll be shown – down to the exact website – where there’s a hidden keyword tool that beats Overture’s keyword research tool (or any other tool for that matter) pants down. It’s so obvious yet most don’t use it

   Yes, you’ll be able to instantly summon an unstoppable product of traffic to your affiliate sites whenever you desire! What’s more, you’ll be able to do it freely and easily

   Yes, you’ll hear from me what’s the single most important thing you must do that could save you thousands of dollars in affiliate sales! This is what most affiliates DON’T DO so they fail!

   Yes you’ll see how I got $235.2 in sales within 3 weeks without forking out a single cent. (And it continues to bring in the sales even as you read this!)

   Yes, you’ll do exactly what I did – create a totally free website that sucks in traffic to promote my affiliate products and got me swarms of hungry frenzied prospects – just like bees to honey!

   Yes, you’ll finally learn how to get commissions from your traffic even when they buy only on the 2nd, 3rd or the 4th time! All this done while preventing “affiliate theft”…

   Yes, you’ll uncover what you can do to stop a flurry of refunds. Not doing this could land you a negative Clickbank balance! You didn’t know? It’s a fact – anyone could end up with a “minus” balance on Clickbank

   Yes – You’ll unearth the truth about submitting articles to article directories. What you must do before, during and after you submitted them.

   Plus many more…

   Clickbank Profit Tip #3 : After you submitted your articles to the directories, you’d have a website showing your article. SUBMIT this link to search engines and treat it as your own website. This’ll generate even MORE traffic to your article, to your site and eventually lead to more sales.

   Remember this is a totally free medium to get high quality traffic. There’re many software out there that instantly submit your articles to hundreds of directories saving you the hassle of doing it yourself if you find it too tedious.

   (Page 27 of “Clickbank Profit Machine” in “Immediate Traffic Generators”
   NEW: Case study of how one affiliate used this method to create passive recurring income from selling my ebook.)

   You’ve seen examples of real people making real money. Don’t be surprised when it happens to you happens to you because it can…

   …Clearly, you’ve in your hands an unrivalled opportunity – in the form of “Clickbank Profit Machine” – that can propel your affiliate profits and income to new heights and you’ve got to take action.

   The more you understand the power of these cutting-edge affiliate tactics, the more you’ll realize you need to act on my advice and get access to the materials in “Clickbank Profit Machine” to start becoming an affiliate superstar!


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