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Eben Pagan – How To Be An Entrepreneur

Eben Pagan-How to Be an Entrepreneur
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Eben Pagan – How To Be An Entrepreneur

Discover the absolute essential mindsets, daily habits, and foundational business skills that you need to become a successful high performing entrepreneur in any business or industry. We’re going to ‘rewire’ your inner game so that you not only think, but also act like a highly successful entrepreneur.

Session #1 Introduction to How To Be An Entrepreneur
In this session you’ll get an introduction to the program – what will be covered and when. You’ll also learn my own personal definition of Entrepreneur and why it’s important, the 3 needs you must balance to succeed in business, and what I believe is the single most important skill you need to become a massively successful Entrepreneur.

Session #2 Entrepreneurial Creativity
These next few sessions of the program are about winning Entrepreneurial strategies. You’re going to learn about creativity, productivity and leadership, as applied to the Entrepreneurial space. In this session we’re going to focus on creativity, and we’re going to learn how to use our minds to connect ideas and things together in new combinations… so we can actualize and achieve success in business and in the world.

Session #3 Entrepreneurial Productivity
If the Inner Game of being an Entrepreneur is Creativity, the Outer Game is Productivity – getting a lot done. Steven Covey said “Time management is a misnomer. The challenge is to manage ourselves.” To become productive, we need to shift how we think about Productivity and get a better understanding of how us “human chimps” are wired… so we can take more control of our lives and our success. That’s what you’ll learn in this important session on Entrepreneurial Productivity.

Session #4 Entrepreneurial Leadership
Making the decision to become an Entrepreneur is at the leading edge of self responsibility. It requires you to take complete responsibility for your situation, yourself, your decisions, your actions, the results you product, and the value you produce for others. To me, Entrepreneurial Leadership is about the ability to take yourself and lead yourself to do new things – things that might be counter-intuitive and seem to fly in the face of what everything else thinks is right. So in this session we’re going to talk about leadership and self responsibility.

Session #5 Your Products
In this session we’re going to make a big shift. The first few sessions of this program were about the skills of the Entrepreneur, the mindsets and strategies. We learned about creativity, productivity, and leadership. Now we’re going to transition to another perspective – the money-making business tactics that have to do with meeting the needs of customers. We’re talking your products, marketing, and customer service. This session is focused specifically on your products.

Session #6 Entrepreneurial Marketing
What is marketing anyway? Is it advertising? Direct mail? The Internet? Marketing essentially is the way you communicate your product to your customer. How it solves problems… brings relief… and gives your customers outcomes they want. It’s about promising to fulfill the selfish need of the customer, and then building a reputation that can make good on that promise. In this session we’ll dive into approaching marketing in a way that makes maximum impact to your business’s bottom line.

Session #7 Entrepreneurial Customer Service
In this session you’re going to learn about Entrepreneurial Customer Service. You’ll learn what Customer Service really is, why it’s important to relate to your customers as human beings, and how to create raving fans that tell other people about your company…

Session #8 Innovation In Your Business
In this session we make another transition. The last few sessions we’ve been viewing Entrepreneurism through the needs of the customer. But Entrepreneurs needs to balance 3 needs – the needs of ourselves, the needs of our customer, and the needs of the business. It’s time for us to focus on this topic from the perspective of the business. We’ll be thinking of the business as an organism all by itself, and we’re going to learn what we need to do to make it healthy and help it get its needs met so it can grow and flourish.

Session #9 Entrepreneurial Execution
In this section we’re going to talk about the idea of Execution. And no, I’m not talking about executing people. I’m talking about Execution as it’s used in business. Peter Drucker said, “Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice.” Execution is a practice too. What does this mean? Find out in this critical session.

Session #10 Building Your Team & Next Steps
In this session we’re going to wrap up with some various ideas for growing and scaling your business once you reach proof of concept and have a product and marketing strategy that works. I’m going to share how to build a really great team, a few trends I see in business, and what to do next with the material you’ve learned in this program.


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