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Eben Pagan – Irresistible Egg

Eben Pagan – Irresistable Egg [1 Video(TS) + 3 Workbooks[PDF]]
[1 Video(TS) + 3 Workbooks (PDF)]

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Irresistable Egg—The Secret to Making Your Product Irresistible
Eben offered this training as an upsell for his Christmas bonus 2017.


We tend to focus on one aspect of a product or service as the “trigger” that causes us to want to have it – and that influences us to buy it. Use this exercise to identify the aspect, attribute, or element of your product or service (or promise) that triggers the strong emotion of desire in your customers. Remember that your customer isn’t buying a product or service, they’re buying a means to getting the result that they want!


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    Irresistable Egg
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