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Ed Leake – ANALYTICS SECRETS that Get Every Sale from AdWords

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Ed Leake – ANALYTICS SECRETS that Get Every Sale from AdWords

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This course is perfect for you if:

You’re Founder / Director

You’re a business owner who demands more sales and return on investment from your marketing investment.

An online store owner who is looking to drive more sales to their online store, without having to constantly increase their marketing budget.

This course will seed new ideas for your business and show you where you can extract more from your current marketing efforts.

You’re Marketing / Management

You’re a team lead or marketing professional whose job it is to manage advertising and analytics, to drive more sales to your online store.

A professional who needs to show skill and produce value from their efforts. This course brings new tactics to the table so you become the boss’s go-to marketing person.

This training will help you do better work, stand out from your peers and become the smartest marketer in the room.

Designed to be a fast-pass for your success, this course enables you to skip the mundane and avoid being held back by the basics.

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This course is probably not for you if:

You don’t or aren’t looking to do any paid advertising, as a good portion of the course revolves around Google AdWords and Shopping.

You don’t or aren’t looking to sell physical or digital products, via an online store.

You don’t or aren’t interesting in using Analytics to repeatedly grow your sales.

Maybe next time?

Warning: the Internet Guru Bullshit Meter™ is nearing critical mass.

I’m Ed Leake , and I was one of the first 0.00001% of the world’s population to own a domain name and build a website.

I don’t say this to brag , I say this because you’re probably thinking … “what am I going to learn from you!?”

Thankfully, I’m no internet ‘guru’.

Sure, I built my first website back in 1996…
That means I have 20 years’ experience in internet stuff.
I’m a business owner, investor and mentor.
I’ve run my agency Midas Media for over 6 years.

None of that makes me a guru. It makes me a nerd.

Nerds know stuff.

I help clients grow their businesses from little to large using PPC (online advertising) and Analytics. With a big dollop of conversion optimisation thrown in for good measure – pun intended.

That’s nerd (not guru) power!

The stuff I show you in this course is what drives my agency’s strategies and client wins.

I’m a devout workaholic, coffeeholic and motorsportholic; I refuse to admit my addictions. :-)

So, why am I doing this course?

I get approached nearly every day by people all over the world, asking for guidance.

I don’t say that to sound like some ego on a great pair of legs (they really are), I say that because it highlights that many people are struggling with growing their businesses.

Therefore, I’m selling this course because like you I’m no fool, I understand not everyone can afford premium agency services like ours. But I know you can afford and profit from my experience and expertise.

The way I see it – we both make money, we both win.

This is the stuff the team and I use at our agency and is what drives our internal processes.

But I would say that, so…

Here’s the full course outline:

This isn’t the boring basics, I won’t be showing you every screen and report within Google Analytics, because that would be wasting your time.

Clean Data is Digital Life (or Death)

1. Good Housekeeping is Critical

2. Fault Finding Common Problems

3. Critical Conversion Tracking

Conversions & Segments

4. Conversion Solutions

5. How to: Use Advanced Segments

6.1 Let’s Build Advanced Segments

6.2 Let’s Build Advanced Segments Part 2

Hands-on with Advanced Segments

7.1 Search Query Goldmine

7.2 Search Query Goldmine Part 2

7.3 Search Query & ROAS Opportunties (with heatmaps)

7.4 Big Fish Hunting

7.5 Avoiding Cold Feet

7.6 Big Fish, Bigger Fish, Whales

Deploy Quick-fire Custom Reports

8.1 How to: Find & Fix Dead Ends

8.2 How to: Pivot Quantity & Quality

8.3 Opportunity vs Reward

8.4 Product Performance “V2”

Join Your Digital Dots with Attribution

9.1 Attribution, It’s a Trap!

9.2 How to: UTM Tracking Templates to improve your data

9.3 AdWords & Analytics Disagree + Quick Fix

9.4 Ask These Questions of Your Customer Journey

9.5 Multi-channel Trend Spotting

9.6 Go Deeper with Conversion Path, Lag and Assists

Attribution Models, Pros & Cons

10.1 Default, First, Last and AdWords Last Click Models

10.2 Linear, Positional and Time Decay Models

10.3 Building Your Custom Attribution Model

Easy Remarketing Tactics

1.1 Let’s Talk Retargeting Tactics

11.2 Low Hanaging Fruit, Layered Bids & Distracted Buyers

11.3 Time Based Segments Convert Like Wildfire

11.4 Ditch the Discounts, do this Instead

11.5 Riding Competitor Coat-tails

11.6 RLSA + DSA, the Lazy Switch

11.7 Close Your Eyes & Think of ROI

Advanced Retargeting Tactics

11.8 Reinforce Your Email Opens

11.9 Exit Page Superpowers

12.1 Supercharge Sales with Site Search Retargeting

12.2 The Double-tap Re-engagement

12.3 Burn Baby Burn

This is the best Google Analytics course not by width, but by depth – this is the 80/20 you need to succeed.

Stop using analytics to merely report the past, use your data to guide your strategy and apply these actionable tactics in your business – today.

Get Started

My Guarantee to you:

If you implement just a portion of what you learn here, then this course will pay for itself many times over.

In fact, real-world professional expertise built this course, and I know just one video alone could – for example – double your advertising ROI.

Even so, if you implement what you learn and still have no success – email me within 30-days of purchase and I will refund every penny of your investment .

My team and I are here to answer your questions and help you with any problems, once you enrol we’re just an email away.

I can’t wait to get you started…


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