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Edwin Locke, ‎Gary Latham – New Developments in Goal Setting and Task Performance

New Developments in Goal Setting and Task
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New Developments in Goal Setting and Task Performance – Edwin Locke, ‎Gary Latham, Eds. (2013) [eBook (MOBI)]…

Book Description

Note: This is a large compendium that outlines the actual “state of the art” thinking on this subject from the academic community. The book’s intended audience is academics, researchers, and graduate students, and it focuses on information drawn from original social science research, so it may well be difficult reading for most.

Publication Date: January 3, 2013

This book concentrates on the last twenty years of research in the area of goal setting and performance at work. The editors and contributors believe goals affect action, and this volume will have a lineup of international contributors who look at the recent theories and implications in this area for IO psychologists and human resource management academics and graduate students.


“Locke and Latham have enlarged the context of goal-setting theory, offering readers a deeper, richer understanding of new discoveries in many different areas since 1990. Contributions from more than 70 authors and co-authors offer convincing evidence that goal setting is one of the best established findings in behavioral science.” – Wayne F. Cascio, Robert H. Reynolds Distinguished Chair in Global Leadership, University of Colorado; Senior Editor, Journal of World Business

“This hugely important book brings together the wisdom of the leading researchers in goal setting. Goal setting is key to effective performance in work and organizations yet is neglected both by researchers and practitioners. This new volume is both hugely exciting and invaluable in advancing understanding of one of the (if not the) most important breakthroughs in the psychology of workplace behaviour – and it is edited by the scholars who made that breakthrough. This is truly a ‘must read.’” – Michael West, Lancaster University Management School, Lancaster University, UK

“Goal setting theory has been one of the most applied theories in guiding management practice. Its effectiveness is largely due to the fact that it is an inductively based theory for which new discoveries have been and will continue to be made, leading to qualifications and additions to the theory. In this volume, Locke and Latham assemble the discoveries relevant to goal setting theory since 1990, and show how they have enlarged the context of the theory. This volume is of eminent importance for all who are interested in understanding and studying motivation and self-regulation. It also caters to an international readership from scholars to practitioners from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds.” – Mo Wang, Co-Director of Human Resource Research Center, Warrington College of Business Administration, University of Florida

“Drawing upon 50 years of goal setting research and practice, this indispensable volume assimilates fresh discoveries and applications across an exceptionally broad range of disciplines. This remarkable work significantly advances goal setting theory and is essential reading for practitioners, researchers, students and anyone who is concerned with effective goal setting. The coverage is broad, deep and highly accessible.” – John C. Scott, Co-founder and COO, APTMetrics, Inc.

“Professors Edwin Locke and Gary Latham are individually and collectively the two most important scientists to contribute to the Western literature about, and our understanding of, work motivation. Along with their seminal and recent reviews of goal setting research and theory, this compendium comprises original papers by international scholars who explore the most micro as well as the most macro aspects of work motivation. They take goal setting broad-band, over many levels of natural systems. It will be a classic.” – Craig C. Pinder, Ph.D., FCHRP, Distinguished Professor of Organization Behavior, Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria, Canada

About the Author

Edwin A. Locke is Dean’s Professor of Leadership and Motivation (Emeritus) at the R.H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park. He received his BA from Harvard in 1960 and his Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology from Cornell University in 1964

Gary P. Latham is the Secretary of State Professor of Organizational Effectiveness in the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto where he has cross appointments in Industrial Relations, School of Nursing and the Department of Psychology. His previous positions include staff psychologist at the American Pulpwood Association and the Weyerhaeuser Company and Ford Motor Professor in and Chair of the Management and Organization Department of the University of Washington.


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