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Ellis Clifton Davis – NOR method for Baccarat

Ellis Clifton Davis – NOR manual for Baccarat
[eBook (PDF)]

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This is the manual for Ellis Clifton Davis’ baccarat method called NOR.
Their website is:

I manage to get a hold of the Manual which cost $600. The problem is there is a private forum that has a lot of additional tips and tricks from expert players that compliments the manual. To get access to the forum you need to buy the book. Obviously I didn’t buy it otherwise I would be in.
For you baccarat players out there, please check out the manual and PM me how you feel about it. From the reviews I’ve read online, this old fart is legit. He also has a few videos on youtube where he discusses the NOR method.

If you guys are interested, I would love to get a groupbuy together for the private forum. Hopefully we
can siterip the forum.



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