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A perfect email drip campaign needs inspiration

EmailDrips is the worlds first gallery with the best email drip campaign examples from the experts in your industry. Get inspired by examples of email sequences like webinars, product launches, free trials, onboarding, live events and more! Want more cool email strategies and email drip campaign examples in your inbox? Let us know where to send them…

Free Trial Emails
Onboarding Emails
Webinar Email Examples
Product Launch Emails
Cart Abandonment Emails
Welcome Emails
Lead Magnet Emails
Live Event Emails
Virtual Summit Emails
Tripwire Emails
Upsell Emails
Sales Follow Up Emails
Flash Sale Emails

Tags from site:
Type of product
 Information Product (33)
 Software Product (26)
 Services (1)

 Marketing (44)
 Fitness and Health (5)
 Other (10)

Email Sequence
 Webinar (10)
 Product Launch (16)
 Free Download / Lead Magnet (7)
 Free Trial (16)
 Live Event (3)
 Virtual Summit / Event (1)
 Onboarding (15)
 Welcome (12)
 Flash Sale (5)
 Tripwire / Entry-level Offer (5)
 Sales Follow Up (4)
 Upsell (4)
 Cart Abandonment (2)

Affiliate Emails
 Yes (4)

Type of customers
 B2C (14)
 B2B (47)

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