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Erin Flynn – Streamline. Design. Profit

Erin Flynn – Streamline. Design. Profit
[56 Videos(MP4) + 78 Documents(PDF)]

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The accelerated step-by-step framework to creating a profitable web design business

(without making more complicated websites!)


Does this sound like your life currently?

You’re making way less $$$ than you need to be for the amount of work you’re doing and you feel like you might be better off playing guitar on a street corner–and you’ve never even held a guitar. (Don’t stop believin’.)

You’re not sure when you last wrapped up work before 2am, what a weekend is, or if you have children. (Who ARE these small people with sticky fingers in your house?!)

Projects are disorganized and you’re responding to clients in your email, on Facebook, via text message, and they’re even hitting you up on Instagram. (OMG, STOP!)

Scope creep is out of control and that “simple” website is now an ecommerce site with membership and soon you’ll be turning it into the next social media platform. (Too bad you’re not getting paid like Zuckerberg!)

It does not have to be that way.

You can make more money in your web design business without adding more work to your schedule, turn that side-hustle or hobby into a real business, or crank up your income on what you’re already doing–even if you can only work part-time!

I teach you how in Streamline Design Profit.

Streamline Design Profit

Streamline Design Profit is a step-by-step course designed to help YOU raise your rates by streamlining the admin work, and selling the value you provide your clients. Everything from attracting the right clients, to closing sales, to managing the project, to handing the completed website off to your ecstatic clients is included.

What you won’t learn? Generic BS that kind-of-applies-but-not-really that they teach in other programs.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

You’re making more $$$ and spending far less time managing your projects. (Hold on to that feeeeeeliiiin’!)

You don’t work nights or weekends, and you have a real relationship with everyone who lives in your house–and even some people who don’t! (You even LEAVE the house sometimes wearing real pants! …Actually I’m not sure that’s a positive.)

Projects are organized with all their files in one place, along with client communication so both you and your clients always know where everything is and the proper way to talk to each other. (Systematized AF.)

Scope creep? No way! But if your client wants to add a feature it will cost $XXX… and be scheduled at your next available opening. (BOOM.)

Sound freakin’ amazing? You should join.


You don’t have to make more complex websites in order to command premium prices.

You don’t need better design skills.

You don’t need better (or any!) coding skills.

You don’t need to learn fancy new software or switch platforms.

You can sell the same websites you’re currently making for a lot more, if you simply learn how to deliver results and a great experience for your clients.

Which is what you’ll learn in Streamline Design Profit.

Streamline Design Profit is designed specifically to help you raise your rates and become a high-end designer (because most web designers are under-charging!)

It’s time to stop playing small. Make more money this year.

How Streamline Design Profit helped Shaina…

Shaina Longstreet Headshot

“I had some parts systematized previously, But I knew that I was dropping the ball in other areas leaving my clients hanging and bringing down the level of service I was providing.

After taking Streamline Design Profit I now have every step of my entire website design package outlined, systematized, and set up in an easy to use fashion for my clients.

I loved the Google Docs provided in the class and have customized them to fit my branding and packages and can’t believe the time I was able to save by copy/pasting instead of writing from scratch. Having that starting point was what pushed me to actually get them done and be able to start using them with my very next design client.

I wanted to get my processes and systems in place to make 2019 the year I increase my prices with confidence and start attracting a higher paying client. I knew that I was offering a less valuable product previously because things in my process was scattered and unorganized.

Now it’s all simple, easy to understand and replicate, and I can spend more time doing the things I love (branding and design) and less time worried about how to best guide my client through the whole process and keep communication flowing freely.

I loved the ability and instruction to copy and paste the templates and forms and scripts provided. It was so liberating to have an instructor say: “Take what I’ve created and copy/paste it into your own system.”

I also really enjoyed how the course was laid out. It was organized and broken down into easy to digest chunks and I loved the “stop and take action” instruction throughout the videos. I tend to just binge-watch and not actually follow through, so that was powerful and a total game-changer for me to implement what I was learning.

I also really loved the lesson on knowing your numbers. It helped me get real clarity on what my numbers are now, project what I’ll need for 2019, and see a clear path forward on how I can make it happen.

Erin rocks and is an inviting, warm, and inspiring teacher!

If you’re looking to simplify and streamline your website design process and system in order to feel like you’re in complete control of every step and can offer a service that is a cut-above for your ideal clients, this is the class for you!”

Make more money.

Stop competing on price.

Get more (and better) clients.

Spend less time doing admin work.

Stand out in a highly-saturated market.

Provide their clients with an amazing experience.

Spend more time doing what you love with the people you love.

Are you ready?


Who am I and why am I the person to help you raise your rates?
I’m Erin Flynn, and I’ve been running my own web design business since 2012 (and making websites since 1999!). And to be honest, the first few years of my business, sucked.

In my first year, I worked really hard and made a lot of websites, but by the end of the year, I only had $12,000 to show for it. I knew I couldn’t sustain what I was doing–slashing prices to land jobs and putting up with endless revision cycles from ngihtmare clients–so I started to raise my rates.

My next year was better, but I was still doing it wrong. I was focusing on selling the wrong things, to everyone. Then I finally figured it out. And I started attracting clients I loved, who were willing to pay my rates with no hesitation.

Here’s what happened: My clients weren’t hiring me to make them a website, they were hiring me to solve their problems, and because I was giving them a MUCH better experience during the project than anyone else.

My processes allowed me go from charging $500 per website, to my rates today–which start at $10,500. And no, the websites I make today aren’t any more complicated technically than the ones I was making at $500. In fact, many of them are less complex! But the value and experience that I’m giving my clients makes them happy to pay.

I provide real value and results, and I love my clients.

And you can do it too. Let me show you how.


You can.

Make this the year that you DO.

Join us in Streamline Design Profit.


computer mockup of Streamline Desifn Profit

Inside Streamline Design Profit, I take you step-by-step through my entire process, from potential client inquiry to website launch. Each module includes worksheets, scripts, and/or templates to make it easy for you to make REAL progress and complete the course.

MODULE ONE: Pricing + Targeting

Discover why YOU need to charge premium prices for your services
Learn how to determine exactly how much money you need to make to create your highly-profitable web design business.
Then, find a niche you adore working with and that has money to pay you.
Next, narrow down to your ideal clients (who can afford you) and learn how to attract them.
MODULE TWO: Packaging + Selling

You’re selling the wrong thing. Learn what you need to focus on selling that will have your ideal clients practically throwing their money at you.
Streamline all of your services so that you’re selling only what you enjoy and what your ideal clients want to buy.
Sell the value of working with you, so that you’re no longer competing against others, but become the clear no-brainer choice to your ideal clients.
Package and sell your services in a way that has clients saying “YES!” before they even contact you.
Wrap up the module by outlining your payment schedules so you get cash coming in regularly.

Now that you know what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to, it’s time to market your business!
Learn the BEST ways to market your web design business–and why most marketing tactics you see online are DEAD WRONG.
Utilize your existing network to minimize your time spent marketing, while getting clients consistently.
Grow your network with easy to follow tactics that will increase your referrals.
To blog or not to blog? Discover if blogging is right for you and your business.
Tap into email lists to nurture your clients, without having to attract thousands of people.
Decide on a social media platform to engage your ideal customers.
Wrap up the module by creating a marketing plan that works for YOUR business.
MODULE FOUR: Client Screening & Sales

Who wants to work with bad clients? Not you. And you don’t have to anymore. Learn how to automatically screen out bad clients before you waste any time on them.
Set up your inquiry forms so that potential clients give you the information you need to know if they’re the right fit for you or if you should pass on the project.
Create an intro packet that will weed out bad clients and get great ones excited to work with you.
Then hop on a discovery call to truly understand your client’s needs (and I promise this isn’t as scary as it seems!).
Create a proposal template that will cut down your proposal time to just minutes–but will convert clients like a dream.
MODULE FIVE: Client Onboarding

You’ve got a client, now what?! Welcome your client aboard with a welcome packet that will outline everything they need to know during the project, and keep things running smoothly.
Set up your project in a project management system to keep your projects on-time and on-track.
Assign your clients homework to get what you need from them–including login info, a strategy questionnaire, and a website content guide, so you never have to wait on your clients again!
MODULE SIX: Website Build

It’s time to make a website! Learn how to design strategically so that your website designs do more than just look pretty, they solve problems for your clients (which means you can charge more for them!).
Host a successful strategy call with your client to make sure you’re both on the same page.
Dive into the mockup and learn a faster way to create websites.
Present your work to your client like a professional, and cut down on revision cycles.
Learn how to extract feedback from your client that you can actually use to make changes–but be prepared for a lot fewer revision requests!
Finally, test the website to make sure it’s all working perfectly.
MODULE SEVEN: Website Launch

3…2…1…LAUNCH! Launch your excited client’s website into the world!
Hand off the project smoothly with your goodbye packet that will cut down on support after the website is live.
Collect feedback from your client that you can use to make improvements to your processes, as well as turn into testimonials and case studies that will attract more amazing clients your way.
Pop the champagne and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!
How Streamline Design Profit helped Karissa…

Karissa Skirmont Headshot

“For several years I’ve struggled with knowing which were the system pieces I was missing or needed to be work on. After taking Streamline Design Profit my struggle was greatly reduced because I had a map to guide me through the process to get my systems in place.

I’ve always had trouble finding time to work ON my own business while juggling client work at the same time. But my goal at the beginning of the year was to finally take my business to the next level. This course was TOTALLY the next step!

I loved all the templates that were ready for me to personalize. Staring a blank page gets me nowhere fast, but when there is a base for me to start from (like in SDP!), it gets me going in a great direction with more momentum.

My favorite template was the “Website Content Workbook”. I use a very simple one now, but this takes it to a whole new level! Love it!

Just join Streamline Design Profit. Seriously. I’ve had a web design business for over 14 years and there were so many things that I had missing or that needed polishing. If you are brand new or even only a couple years in, this will save YOU time and help you get the systems in place so you can confidently run your business at a much higher level then trying to DIY it.”

YOU’LL also GET…
All the templates SDP students are raving about!

Want to make things as easy as copy+ paste? I’ve written everything for you. From your responses to initial inquiries, to your proposal, to your communication during the project, and your goodbye packet—it’s all ready to go. All you have to do is copy, paste, and tweak to fit your business!

Value: $1,000+

Facebook community
Student Community for Support + Collaboration

Stop competing and start collaborating!

Inside the student-only community, you’ll get access to the brains of hundreds of other designers who know what it’s like to run a web design business and can offer feedback and advice. We’ve got your back.

Value: $1,000+

How Streamline Design Profit helped Maleka…

Maleka Vrana Headshot

I already had streamlined parts of my process, but needed to fine-tune things. Streamline Design Profit really helped me streamline my entire onboarding process. My clients now feel like they are part of the process and that we are all part of a team.

I know the time commitment of a course is huge. It was for me. But I knew that after I invested the time to work through SDP I would be able work more efficiently and save valuable time in the long run.

I loved the examples in the course – they made it easy and clear for my own niche market (even though my niche is different then the examples).

Make the investment (both time and money) in Streamline Design Profit. You will book more clients and be able to charge more. Plus you will work less because your process is more streamlined!”

Streamline Design Profit is fluff-free and actionable. Watch a short video, implement. Move on with your day.

By committing to your business and taking 30-60 minutes a day for 7-8 weeks to improve it, you’ll save YEARS of time testing things on your own and coming up with your own systems, templates, and processes.

Everything inside is tested and made to be as easy and fast to implement as possible so you don’t waste time, and start seeing results quickly.

How much time will you waste by NOT using a done-for-you system?

Enough scrolling? Jump to sign up!


How Streamline Design Profit helped Allyssa…

Allyssa Barnes Headshot

“Before taking Streamline Design Profit I struggled with having a solid system/process in place for each project. But after taking SDP, I now know how to structure my projects from beginning to end, which makes my life easier and makes for a better experience for my clients.

I’ve signed up for many courses in the past that have left a lot to be desired, so signing up for SDP, I was hesitant whether or not this would actually be helpful for me. But Erin’s amazing track record convinced me to give it a shot! The information she provides is always spot on and she’s never let me down. I know that anything she creates is bound to be amazing. Streamline Design Profit was no exception.

I loved how SDP took me through the entire web design process, from onboarding all the way through launch. It’s an entire system you can use to create an amazing client experience in your web design business.

If you want to streamline your web design business and make more money, SDP is a must! “

When does the course start and finish?
You can get started right away! When you join you get access immediately.

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We want you to be happy but we know SDP isn’t for everyone. We offer full refunds for SDP within the first 30 days from your purchase. After 30 days no refunds are issued.

I don’t need ANOTHER course!
I know. The last thing you want is yet ANOTHER course collecting dust on your digital bookshelf. I don’t want that for you either. That’s why this course is instructor-led and includes group-calls. So that you stay motivated. If you make the time, and you implement what you learn, you’ll see results.

I can’t afford this!
Can you afford to keep doing what you’re doing? Look, if buying this course will prevent you from eating or paying your rent, obviously don’t buy it right now. But if you’re simply hesitant because it’s a big investment, then consider what it will cost you to NOT make the changes you know you need to make. And remember, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if SDP isn’t for you!

How will the content be delivered?
You’ll get immediate access to the entire course as soon as you sign up. The content is a mix of videos, PDFs, and Google docs. The community and calls are hosted via a Facebook group.

Is this course platform specific?
Nope! Whether you use WordPress, Squarespace, Showit, or something else, it doesn’t matter! Everything you learn you can apply to any platform.

Do you teach me how to design or code?
Nope! There are thousands of courses out there for tech skills. This course focuses on the business side of creating a profitable web design business, not the tech.

What if I’m already charging premium prices? Will this course help me charge more?
If you feel like you’re under-charging, SDP will help you boost the value you’re providing to your clients, no matter what price point you’re currently at.

Are there any prerequisites?
You should know how to build websites on the platform of your choice–I don’t teach you design or code. It’s recommended that you have some experience in running your own business and have worked with a few clients before.

SDP is for you if you…

Are a new or experienced self-employed (or side-hustling) web designer or website builder who wants to charge more for your services without creating more complex projects

Are a web design agency owner or project manager who wants to streamline their team’s web design processes (note that the price below is for access for one person!)

Want to make a real income with your web design business to replace a “normal” job, but still have free time and flexibility with your schedule

SDP is NOT for you if you…

Don’t make websites–this course is specific to website creation

Don’t have any experience creating websites–you don’t learn how to make websites in this course

Want to take the long way and spend years figuring this out on your own instead of taking the shortcut I’m offering

Are not willing to make the time to implement what you learn–you can’t improve if you don’t implement


To Recap…
Streamline Design Profit

Here’s what you’ll do in Streamline Design Profit:

You’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to raise your rates
You’ll finally be able to charge the prices you deserve for your work
You’ll create your own streamlined processes to create websites for your clients
You’ll have the confidence to keep on track!
I’ll be walking you through how to do this with step by step lessons, downloadable resources, checklists, and more. You get tons of templates to copy+paste so you actually get the work done and implemented!

When you buy Streamline Design Profit you’re getting:

Seven modules stuffed with fluff-free video lessons focused on creating a more profitable and streamlined business
Worksheets, templates, or checklists to accompany the lessons and help you get the most out of what you learned and save you years of work coming up with everything on your own
An amazing Facebook group full of your new best friends where you can get help and make connections
The confidence, skills, and processes to deliver an amazing experience to your clients, design more strategic websites, and charge MORE for your services

How Streamline Design Profit helped Cinthia…

Cinthia Pacheco Headshot

“Before taking Streamline Design Profit I had trouble knowing how to show the value of my work to my clients without getting all techy on them. Taking SDP allowed me to understand the communication and how to put myself in the client’s shoes when I talk to them about the work I do and the results they will get.

I loved the order that everything is laid out, the email scripts, and the strategy on what to focus on when it comes to profit.

This course helps you fast forward to a profitable and sustainable business without the struggle. Erin shares all of her secrets and helps you focus on the best clients for your business!”

It’s time to decide.
Will you spend another year, just getting by?

Will you keep up the never-ending hustle of desperately searching for new clients each month?

Will the late-nights, weekends, missed-social events, and working-vacations (or NO vacations) be how you run your business?

Or, will you make a change?

Will you choose to make enough money to not only cover your expenses, but create the life you want?

Will you choose to work with a few select clients and deliver incredible service to them, so that they start sending work your way?

Will you choose to log out and enjoy your life, while you’ve still got time to live it?

When you join us today, you’ll be taking the first step into creating a successful and sustainable web design business. Not only will you get that rush of excitement and motivation to make the changes you need to make to create your successful business, you’ll have everything you need to get where you want to be.



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