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Eugene Schwartz – Breakthrough Advertising

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Eugene Schwartz – Breakthrough Advertising: How To Write Ads That Shatter Traditions and Sales Records
119 (two pages per scan…so really 238 pages)

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WARNING: This book is crack for people who love learning about human nature, psychology and persuasion/selling. It’s addicting…because it’s extremely thorough in understanding persuasion and human nature. Just read the table of contents below.

This book is so potent, I was not sure I even wanted to share it.

Eugene Schwartz sold $50 million dollars worth of a book with an ad using the information in this book. It works.

If you want to learn persuasion for real – this is the book for you. It’s applied to copywriting, but you can apply it to ANYTHING where you want the other person to agree with you or hand you over money.

Plus, this book contains 4 of Eugene Schwartzs’ best ads, where he shows you the ad, breaks it apart, reconstructs it, and explains every step of the way.

If you don’t thoroughly understand human nature a hell of alot better after reading this book, you simply didn’t read the book.

This is the real deal, not some fluffy ebook crap.

Endorsed by Jay Abraham, Michael Fortin, Clayton Makepeace, Gary Bencivenga, John Carlton, Harlan Kilstein, Gary Halbert…and just about every other top marketer and copywriter.

If you want to learn copywriting this book is one of the top 3 books. I’d say it’s second only to Claude Hopkins’ books.

It goes DEEP into the psychology and exactly what you need to do to write copy that pulls in money and persuade people to see your point of view as yours.

Again, take a look at the table of contents below.

DOUBLE WARNING: This book is NOT easy to read. It is for serious copywriters and marketers only. You will NOT understand this book after your first reading. There is too much information to understand. And if you think you ‘get it’ on first reading, you probably don’t.
I’ve read this book 4 times now, and it still requires you to go through it with a fine toothed comb. This is a copywriters manual more than it is a ‘book’.
This ain’t a book for the everyday ebook reader or ‘Mark Joyner’/’Gary Halbert’ reader. This is for the actual copywriter who wants to command $5, $10, even $25K fees. This book is for the person who desires to master persuasion and selling.

Here’s the Table of Contents:

– Creativity can be made to order if you follow this simple rule
– Basic facts of life for copy writers

Part I: The Basic Strategy of Persuasion

How To Write A Winning Headline That No One Else Has Ever Written Before

1 –> Mass Desire: The Force That Makes Advertising Work – and How To Focus It Onto Your Product
– What is this mass desire – and how is it created?
– 1. Permanen Forces
– 2. The Forces of Change
– How to channel mass desire onto your particular product
– The analysis of your product: what it is-and what it does

2 –> Your Prospect’s State of Awareness: How To Capitalize on It When You Write Your Headline
– Your headline’s real job
– what your prospect’s state of awareness demands from your headline
– 1. The most aware
– 2. The customer knows of the product but doesn’t want it yet
– 3. how to introduce new products
– 4. how to introduce products that solve needs
– 5. how to open up a completely unaware market
– Giving words to hidden dreams
– Exploiting a hidden fear
– Leading into an unacceptable problem by starting with a universally accepted image
– To project a hidden desire which cannot be put bluntly into words
– Using a common resentment or unvoiced protest to capture a far greater market than the direct statement of the solution of that resentment would produce
– Projecting an ultimate triumph that the prospect will indentify with
– Projecting the result of a problem in such a way that it will be identified with by people who would reject a direct statement of the problem itself
– Projecting the result of an accomplishment to attract people who would be frightened away by the work implied to achieve it
– The list never ends
– A final word on style in advertising copy

3 –> The Sophistication of Your Market: How Many Products Have Been There Before You?
– If you are the first in your market
– If you’re second, do this
– The third stage of sophistication
– The fourth stage
– How to revive a “dead” product
– Let’s look at an industry that went through all five stages of sophistication
– A personal note

4 –> 38 Ways To Strengthen Your Headline Once You Have Your Basic Idea

5 –> Summary: The Art of Creative Planning – How to Make An Idea Grow
– The three levels of creativity
– On motivation research and its relation to the copy writer
– On expressing the personality of a product in your headline
– On the only type of prevention headline that will sell
– In summary

Part II: The Seven Basic Techniques of Breakthrough Advertising

How To Write Body Copy As Strong As Your Headline

6 –> Inside Your Prospect’s Mind: What Makes People Read, Want, Believe
– 1. Desires
– 2. Identifications
– 3. Beliefs

7 –>  The First Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Intensification
– Thirteen ways to strengthen desires
– Your first presentation of your claims
– Put the claims in action
– Bring in the reader
– Show him how to test your claims
– Stretch out your benefits in time
– Bring in an audience
– Show experts approving
– Compare, contrast, prove superiority
– Picture the black side, too
– Show how easy it is to get these benefits
– Use metaphor, analogy, imagination
– Before you’re done, summarize
– Put your guarantee to work
– How to apply these principles of intensification to the campaign

8 –> The Second Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Indentification
– How to build a saleable personality into your product
– A personal note
– The roles your prospect desires
– 1. Character roles
– 2. Achievement roles
– How to put these longings for indentification to work for your product
– The primary image of your product
– How to build new images into your product
– On the limits to the images your prospect will indentify with
– On saleable indentifications springing from the physical product itself

9 –> The Third Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Gradualization
– How to make your prospect believe your claims before you state them
– What exactly is belief?
– The architecture of belief
– A new definition of awareness
– A detailed example
– How belief was built into the opening
– Goal conclusions
– The ultimate objective
– A restatement of our basic theory
– 1. The inclusion question
– 2. Detailed identification
– 3. Contridiction of present (false) beliefs
– 4. The language of logic
– 5. Syllogistic thinking
– 6. Other belief forms

10 –> The Fourth Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Redefinition
– How to remove objections to your product
– 1. Simplification
– 2. Escalation
– 3. Price reduction

11 –> The Fifth Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Mechanization
– How to verbally prove that your product does what you claim
– Verbal proof
– Stage one: Name the mechanism
– Stage two: Describe the mechanism
– Stage three: Feature the mechanism
– On the importance of mechanism when you want to convince your reader that you’re giving him a bargain

12 –> The Sixth Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Concentration
– How to destroy alternate ways for your prospect to satisfy his desire
– What concentration is
– Let’s see how he does it
– A second strategy
– One final word on concentration

13 –> The Seventh Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Camouflage
– How to borrow conviction for your copy
– Let’s look at a few examples
– The second way to borrow believability
– Believability-borrowing strategy #3

14 –> The Final Touches
– Verification: How to offer authorities and proof
– Reinforcement: How to make two claims do the work of four
– Interweaving: How to blend emotion, image and logic into the same sentence
– Sensitivity: How to give your reader what he demands step by step throughout the copy
– Sample ad #1
– Sample ad #2
– Sample ad #3
– Sample ad #4
– See how the structure differs
– Momentum: How to draw your reader deeper and deeper into your copy
– Mood: How to pack your copy with drama, excitement, sincerity or any other emotion you wish

Epilogue – A Copy Writer’s Library (10 books)


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