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Eugene Schwartz – Copywriting Seminar (3MP3s)

eugene schwartz

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I’m surprised there was not more of Eugene Schwartz on here. This is a recording of a seminar with Eugene that was made available by Michael Sennoff

Eugene Reveals his secrets to copywriting success.

Be sure to write down his 8 rules from the first audio.  Michael Sennoff interjects some additional commentary at the ends of the recordings

Here’s a blurb I found online:


Eugene M. Schwartz started in mail order as a delivery boy in 1949,becamea junior copywriter before the end of that year, a copy chief in 1951,and president of his own million-dollar mail order firm in 1954.He has since sold tens of millions of dollars worth of almost every conceivable product in mail order, both in his own firms and as one of the world’s highest-paid consultants (Rodale Press once paid him a commission of $54,000 for four hours work). His previous book, Breakthrough Advertising, is considered a mail order classic, and the most stolen book from public libraries. He has lectured and taught extensively, has built one of the most famous collections of modern American art in the world. This is an exclusive interview from Michael Senoff’s


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