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Summaries from

I downloaded these 1 by 1 during a free 2 day membership at the site.

What’s a book Summary?

Executive Book Summaries are 5,000-word eight-page distillations of business books. A Summary covers the book’s main points and highlights and gives you a working knowledge of its contents.

A Summary isn’t merely a digest or excerpts strung together. It’s a seamless document that reads (and holds your interest) like a magazine article. And you retain more of the content when you read a Summary than when you read a book. A major university study proved that a few years back.

Finally, Summaries not only save you time and money. They keep you abreast of the latest ideas and techniques, and they help you decide whether a book is worth reading in its entirety.

*edited to remove ‘soundview’… Thes are from bizsum, but the description of a summary is the same no matter were it’s from. *


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