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Ezra Wyckoff – Tipping Machine

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Tipping Machine is a tips and tricks ebook for selling on Teespring. It does not cover basics of Teespring or Facebook and is intended for someone who is already familiar with running campaigns and looking for an edge to help tip more campaigns.

Here is the sales page:

Here are a few comment responses from the sales page:

Ed Crabtree · Follow ·  Top Commenter · Works at Entrepreneur
I bought Ezra’s course last night and I’m just starting to apply what I’ve learned…

There are at least 10-20 golden nuggets in this guide that aren’t discussed anywhere else in other Teespring courses I’ve bought or in the Facebook groups related to those courses. Not to give it all away, but these gems include:

* exactly what your Teespring sales copy, FB ad copy and ad image should look like to get the best conversions possible (arrived at through the months and months of meticulous split-testing Ezra has done using dozens of different combinations)

* several different websites and apps to explore to find t-shirt design ideas that will sell – not mentioned in other Teespring courses

* how to cut way down on money wasted running ads that aren’t performing well (hint: you don’t need to spend $30 to test each ad, not even $10)

* reinventing vs. not reinventing the t-shirt design wheel and the advantages of each approach

…and that barely scratches the surface of what’s included in the course, which is both incredibly information-packed and extremely easy to read and absorb.

This guide will help anyone and everyone, regardless of how many Teespring courses you’ve bought, webinars you’ve watched, or groups you’ve participated in.
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Hey Letitia, this guide is different because it contains more information, better information and more advanced information. You need to stay on the cutting edge of market research, copywriting and advanced ad techniques. Tipping Machine covers ALL of that based on my actual results. I am sure you will love it just like everyone else who picked it up!


Mark Bonner · Follow · CEO & Founder at Conservative Social Media Alliances
Ezra, I have noted your work, and trust you implicitly. I am one of those who has been churning through ad dollars because of that emotional attachment element in believing so strongly in my art, graphic, and messaging. The costly mistakes most definitely are the most beneficial if we can stay the course long enough to stay in the game. The one thing that most catches my attention in you ad here is that one should be able to determine the success or failure of a campaign within 10 dollars of ad spend. If this course specifically lays out the exact process as to how this can be done, and allow you to walk away without wandering if maybe I should have spent just a little more, then count me in as a buyer. Does this course in fact detail specially as to what way you allocate your ad dollars, select your test audience, all techniques you use to test whether a project is worth sticking with? Again, if you can give me that assurance I will hit the buy button.
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Ezra Wyckoff · Savannah, Georgia
Hello Mark. I am definitely against long tests, and I rarely, very rarely go passed $10 without a sale or very promising engagement. I make my first quality check around $5, where some ads get killed if they are not performing to the standard covered in the course. The way I test presents a much lower risk of losing lots of cash and helps you move faster, getting more campaigns up more often. I definitely put my all into this course Mark and I am confident you will see this as one of the best Teespring/FB courses out there.
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