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Financial Modeling for Algorithmic Trading using Python –

Financial Modeling for Algorithmic Trading using Python
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Financial Modeling for Algorithmic Trading using Python

A practical guide to implementing financial analysis strategies using Python

Author: Neha Gajakos

Time to complete: 12h 35m

Published by Packt Publishing

Created March 2019

Description: This well thought out Learning Path takes a step by step approach to teach you how to use Python for performing financial analysis and modeling on a day-to-day basis. Beginning with an introduction to Python and its third party libraries, you will learn how to apply basics of Finance such as Time Value of Money and time series in Python. You will also perform valuations, linear regressions, and Monte Carlo simulation for analyzing some basic models.

Further info: This course is ideal for aspiring data scientists, Python developers and anyone who wants to start performing quantitative finance using Python. You can also make this beginner-level guide your first choice if you’re looking to pursue a career as a financial analyst or a data analyst.

What will you learn

  • How to use Numpy, Pandas, and matplotlib to manipulate, analyze, and visualize financial data
  • Understand the Time Value of Money applications and project selection
  • Make use of Monte Carlo method to simulate portfolio ending values, value options, and calculate Value at Risk
  • Understand complex financial terminology and methodology in simple ways
  • Featuring a premiere on Ensemble Learning with Bagging & Boosting
  • How to apply your skills to real world cryptocurrency trading such as Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Building high-frequency trading robots
  • Implementing backtesting econometrics for trading strategies evaluation
  • Get hands-on with financial forecasting using machine learning with Python, Keras, scikit-learn, and pandas

    Hands-on Python for Finance (5h 25m)

    Chapter 1  Python Programming Primer
    Chapter 2  The Python Data Environment
    Chapter 3  Time Value of Money
    Chapter 4  Time Series Evaluation and Forecasting
    Chapter 5  Linear Models, Correlation, and Valuation
    Chapter 6  Build a Monte Carlo Simulation App

    Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading Bots with Python (4h 50m)

    Chapter 1  Building Your First Trading Bot
    Chapter 2  Design a Machine Learning Model
    Chapter 3  Build a Trading Algorithm
    Chapter 4  Design Advanced Machine Learning Model
    Chapter 5  Build Advanced Trading Algorithm
    Chapter 6  Model and Strategy Evaluation

    AI for Finance (2h 19m)

    Chapter 1  Introduction to Financial Forecasting
    Chapter 2  Predicting Currency Exchange Rates with Multi-Layer Perceptron
    Chapter 3  Loan Approval Prediction with GradientBoostingClassifier
    Chapter 4  Detecting Fraud in Financial Services Using Extreme GradientBoostingClassifier
    Chapter 5  Forecasting Stock Prices Using Long-Short Term Memory Network

    Financial Modeling for Algorithmic Trading using Python Website

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